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Ryan Reynolds Crashes Original 'X-Men' Cast's Virtual Reunion Featuring Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, & More - Watch!

Ryan Reynolds just loves messing with Hugh Jackman!

As part of the Global Citizen: Unite for Our Future benefit special, Hugh reunited with X-Men co-stars Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, and Famke Janssen on Zoom.

“Honestly it’s kind of surreal you guys, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the first X-Men movie,” Hugh said, just before Ryan popped up on the screen.

“Ryan, the cast and I were all just reminiscing about the movie that we’re in together,” Hugh said to Ryan, who does not appear in the original X-Men movie in 2000, but stars in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Hugh then tries to kick Ryan off the reunion, but Ryan revealed that he invited a few other X-Men actors into the call.

Sophie Turner and James McAvoy, both from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, then appear on screen for a brief moment before everyone starts signing off.

“Oh sorry, I actually thought this was a Game of Thrones reunion,” Sophie joked. “Bye!”

“I actually have a James Bond reunion Zoom now,” Famke said, to which Halle responded, “Oh God me too,” before they both signed off.

Split reunion,” James said, while Patrick added, “Star Trek.”

Then it was just Ryan and Hugh.

“Just you and me Logan, you know what that makes this a reunion for?” Ryan said to Hugh before, Liev Schreiber popped in for a second to yell, “X-Men Origins reunite!”

If you missed it, Ryan recently opened up about the future of Deadpool!

Broadway's 'Music Man' Opening Postponed Until May 2021

Broadway’s The Music Man, starring Hugh Jackman, has postponed their opening by several months due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The show, which will also star Sutton Foster, was supposed to open on October 22, 2020. Broadway has a tentative opening date of September 2020, but many believe that will be pushed back by months with hopes that a vaccine will offer immunity and allow everyone to gather once again.

Hugh said, “Performing on Broadway is a great honor for an actor; in fact, one of the greatest. No two shows are exactly alike, in large part due to the audience. Show One is filled with anticipation, fear and excitement. It’s like an opening night 8 times a week; the energy in the theater is palpable. It is those same feelings that happen every show thereafter – and you and I are going through it together. The change of dates will not take any of that away. What it will do, however, is help to ensure that The Music Man audiences, and our company, are in a completely safe environment. Can’t wait for that day!”

The show will now open on May 20, 2021, with a rehearsal start date of February, 2021.

This Broadway revival has now been planned for years, and we can’t wait to check it out!

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Hugh Jackman Speaks Out on Systemic Racism Following George Floyd's Death

Hugh Jackman is speaking up about racism in the wake of George Floyd‘s murder that sparked a worldwide outrage.

The 51-year-old actor, who is dad to two biracial kids, Oscar and Ava with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, took to his Instagram, and revealed he looks to his mentors for advice on when he’s unsure what to do in times like this.

“…I reach for the words of my mentors who’ve helped guide me through life. One of those mentors is Nelson Mandela. He said ‘Racism must be opposed by all means that it has at its disposal. No truer words have been spoken,” Hugh wrote.

He continues, “I was taught, and try to teach my kids: the balance between the head and the heart, between emotions and reason is very difficult. My instinct is always that when emotion is high, I try to call on reason. And when my brain is dominating, I try to open my heart.”

“My emotions tell me that we need to take this tragic loss (and all those that came before) to change systemic racism the world over. My reason tells me one size does not fit all. We need to listen and begin to try and understand.”

Hugh opened up about deliberately adopting biracial children in 2009 with Parade magazine.

“Mixed-race babies have such a hard time being adopted that Deb and I checked off that box specifically when we were filling out our forms,” he mentioned. “Our lawyer brought the form back to us and said, ‘This is not the time to be politically correct. Are you sure this is what you want? We were definite about it.”

He went on to say that it was “the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Hugh Jackman Said the Sweetest Things About Wife Deborra-Lee Furness in New Interview

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness wear masks while going for an early morning walk with their dogs on Thursday (May 28) in New York City.

In a new interview with Australian magazine Stellar, Hugh shared his thoughts on Deb‘s leadership skills.

“She is born to be a director. I’ve been directed by her for 25 years. She has an unbelievable eye, she’s always right and she’s incredibly decisive,” Hugh said. “Deb is so much tougher on me than any director I’ve worked with – there’s no audition I’ve ever gone to where I haven’t run it through with Deb first. I’m not sure she’d tell you this, but she was president of the Barbie Fan Club when she was a little girl. If something on your resume ever foretells you’re going to be a director on a set…”

Check out the funny joke that Hugh made about Ryan Reynolds in quarantine!

hugh jackman walks the dog with wife deborra lee furness 01
hugh jackman walks the dog with wife deborra lee furness 02
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Hugh Jackman Reveals His Secret Self-Isolation Project to Help Others

Hugh Jackman unloads his truck after doing some grocery shopping on Friday afternoon (May 22) in New York City.

The 51-year-old Australian actor kept things casual in a long-sleeved, gray shirt and navy trousers for his shopping trip with wife Deborra Lee-Furness.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hugh Jackman

During a recent interview, Hugh revealed he’s been staying busy during this quarantine by helping out people in need through the mental health organization Gotcha4Life, which was founded by his close pal Gus Worland.

“I’ve learned so much from being on the board and we are planning on more of those talks. Gus has been incredible,” Hugh shared with News Corp Australia. “It’s something we really need to pay attention to in the world and Australia, a lot.”

has been an ambassador for Gotcha4Life since 2017.

“Our need to look after each other, not just financially and physically, but mentally is a priority,” Hugh continued. “There’s a lot of loneliness out there and this only adds to that.”

If you missed it, Hugh and tons of other celebrities are giving up control of their social media accounts for this reason!

Also pictured inside: Hugh Jackman showing off his muscles in a vest while running errands with Deborra Lee Furness on Thursday (May 21) in NYC.

hugh jackman secret self isolation project 01
hugh jackman secret self isolation project 02
hugh jackman secret self isolation project 03
hugh jackman secret self isolation project 04
hugh jackman secret self isolation project 05

Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman, & More to Hand Over Social Media Accounts to COVID-19 Experts

Julia Roberts and Hugh Jackman are giving up control of their social media accounts!

Starting on Thursday (May 21), stars will be handing over their social accounts to COVID-19 experts as part of the #PassTheMic campaign.

Experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci will use the stars’ platforms to share facts and science-driven perspectives on the pandemic. The campaign will continue for several weeks and feature frontline workers as well as health, economic, and other experts.

Other stars that will be taking part in the campaign include Shailene Woodley, Danai Gurira, Millie Bobby Brown, Penelope Cruz, Rainn Wilson, Rita Wilson, David Oyelowo, Connie Britton, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Beating the virus means listening to the experts and following the science, data and facts to get ahead of it. This impressive group of talent and experts from around the world will put a spotlight on the need for a global response to this pandemic,” ONE Campaign President and CEO, Gayle Smith said in a statement. “We need global cooperation and action to fight this pandemic – especially for the people, communities, and countries that are least able to withstand the shock. Because none of us are safe until all of us are safe.”

You can head to Pass the Mic for a full list of celebrities and experts that will be participating in the campaign.

Hugh Jackman Has Been Dancing To 'Shipoopi' From 'The Music Man' To Pass Time in Quarantine

Hugh Jackman wears a mask while leaving his home in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (May 6).

The 51-year-old actor recently appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and revealed what he’d been doing in quarantine so far, revealing that doing nothing is challenging.

“Right now, I’m like you man, I’m a worker,” Hugh explained. “Like I’ve worked til I’m lucky enough to be out of work, so it’s a little challenging to be in a position where you’re just like [makes surprised face].”

He adds that just before quarantine, he participated in “a workshop for The Music Man, so I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been dancing a bunch on the steps to ‘Shipoopi’ and a few of the other numbers in the living room. Just trying to take a break is challenging.”

If you missed it, Hugh also recently called a truce to his feud with Ryan Reynolds. See why here…

hugh jackman shipoopi living room quote 01
hugh jackman shipoopi living room quote 02
hugh jackman shipoopi living room quote 03
hugh jackman shipoopi living room quote 04
hugh jackman shipoopi living room quote 05