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Barack Obama to Jon Stewart: I Love Your Show ... But!

President Barack Obama stops by The Daily Show on Wednesday (October 27) in Washington, D.C., to chat with Jon Stewart.

The sit-down interview was serious most of the time, with the economy and jobs the topics of discussion, but Jon tried his best to get a few laughs out of the Prez!

After Barack stated his administration has done things that “some folks don’t even know about,” Jon asked, “What have you done that we don’t know about? Are you planning a surprise party for us, filled with jobs and health care?”

When Jon called some of his legislation “timid,” Barack testily replied, “Jon, I love your show, but this is something where I have a profound disagreement with you.”

Oprah Surprises 'Daily Show' Audience

You’re going to D.C.! And you are! And you! And you! And you!

An audience member tells that Oprah surprised the entire Daily Show audience today (October 14) with a promise to fly the audience out to Washington, D.C. for the Rally to Restore Sanity and put them all up in hotels!

Oprah appeared before the live studio audience via satellite. will be at the rally at the end of the month – for more information on the event, visit!

Last month, Oprah showed support for the rally on her twitter. “I think Jon Stewart’s on to something. Rally to Restore Sanity,” she tweeted. “Would you consider going? Oct 30, 2010?”

Jon Stewart & George Lucas: Last Tour to Endor!

Star Wars creator George Lucas checks out “The Last Tour to Endor,” a Star Wars-fan event held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Saturday (August 14) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart was seen posing with Star Wars-inspired Disney characters Stormtrooper Donald Duck and Princess Leia Minnie Mouse.

Actors Seth Green and Jaime King donned the costumes for a surprise appearance in a hilarious one-night-only live show entitled Indiana Jones and the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom.

Also pictured: Jedi Mickey Mouse, Darth Goofy and Disney droid, R2-MK! 10+ pics inside… More Here! »

george lucas last tour to endor 01
george lucas last tour to endor 02
george lucas last tour to endor 03
george lucas last tour to endor 04
george lucas last tour to endor 05

Jon Stewart Jokes About Angelina Jolie

During one of his monologues, host Jon Stewart poked fun of pregnant Angelina Jolie.

He said, “Earlier, I mentioned there were two very famous quite pregnant actresses here tonight. Actually, I was incorrect. I’ve become aware that there’s a third. Jessica Alba is pregnant, Cate Blanchett is pregnant and Nicole Kidman is pregnant.” (Nic wasn’t in her seat, so they flashed a still image of her. She was there was on the merlot carpet, though.)

Continuing his joke, Jon gave out an imaginary Oscar: “The baby goes to…. (drumroll) Angelina Jolie. On my god, Angelina Jolie. I’m just stunned. It goes to Angelina Jolie. That’s terrific. Obviously Angelina couldn’t be with us tonight–it’s tough to get 17 babysitters on Oscars night. I’ll accept this baby on her behalf.”

Watch the video of Jon Stewart joking about Angelina Jolie here.

Colbert, Carell & Stewart Hug @ Emmys 2007

Funny men Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart share a hug together after pretending to accept the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award, which actually was won by ExtrasRicky Gervais at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Gervais was not present to accept the award, so Stewart said, “He couldn’t be here tonight, so we’re giving it to our friend Steve Carell.” Steve ran onstage and they all hugged and yelled.

To start off the segment, Colbert came out utilizing a leaf blower, Stewart said his gas-powered blower was not “green.” Colbert insisted it was green. “It’s powered by Al Gore‘s tears,” he said, adding that there were plenty to fuel his tank. “He’s a crybaby. We’re so lucky he’s not president.”

Watch the video below — it was the best part of last night’s Emmys!

Colbert, Carell and Stewart Hug it Out
Emmys 2007, 9/16

15+ pictures inside of Colbert, Carell and Stewart

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colbert carell stewart hug. 54
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colbert carell stewart hug. 56
colbert carell stewart hug. 57

Jake Gyllenhaal @ The Daily Show

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Stewart play off each other well on The Daily Show on Wednesday night.

Jon kids with Jake about looking alike. “I look like you if I had been taking Dioxin,” Jon quipped.

Another one of my favorite quotes from the interview: “This year, Oscars. No Jake Gyllenhaal, no Jon Stewart. It’s like they didn’t even have the Oscars this year.”

Jon closed the interview mentioning that Jake played the kid Danny Robbins in Billy Crystal‘s western movie City Slickers in 1991 (Jake was 11).

“Technically, Brokeback Mountain was not your first gay cowboy picture.”

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart below!

Below is Jake, 26, attending a special screening of Zodiac at the Tribeca Grand Hotel Screening Room on Wednesday night in New York City. For more pictures of Jake at the Zodiac premiere, CLICK HERE!

(Images via Getty)

Jake GyllenhaalThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 2/28

More Here! »

jake gyllenhaal zodiac premiere 01
jake gyllenhaal zodiac premiere 02
jake gyllenhaal zodiac premiere 03
jake gyllenhaal zodiac premiere 04
jake gyllenhaal zodiac premiere 05

Scarlett Johansson Loves Being Curvy

  • Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Rosie O’Donnell are just some of the celebrities Stephen Baldwin says he prays for. Baldwin claims “the spirit of God has put [Cruise] in my heart,” and that he prays Pitt, who he says comes from Christian roots, “will do the right thing and marry [Angelina Jolie].” About O’Donnell, he hopes that she will one day experience the “true loving spirit of Jesus Christ.” Lastly, Baldwin said: “On the Hollywood list of people I pray for often, Tom Cruise is probably number one. I’d love to break bread with him and pray with him, and I’d love for the Holy Spirit of God to reveal the truth to him.”
  • Justin Timberlake will host the European MTV Video Music Awards on November 2 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.
  • Bono shouted out a “Happy Birthday” to Lindsay Lohan‘s mom, Dina, the other night at the Hudson Hotel where he celebrated the launch of T-shirts to benefit the One campaign. Lindsay, who a day earlier had a screaming match with Dina, skipped the event.
  • No murder or homicide was apparently involved in the death of Anna Nicole Smith‘s son, Daniel. But he was on prescription anti-depression medication when he died Sept 10, pathologist Cyril Wecht said Monday. Wecht, who ordered drug and chemical analyses that could take weeks, said he learned about the prescription medication after the autopsy from Daniel‘s psychiatrist in the United States. The depression apparently “had to do with a girlfriend,” he said.
  • Nick Lachey has been ignored by Access Hollywood and ET because his dating ET‘s Vanessa Minnillo makes coverage tricky for both shows.

Little Richard makes President Bush‘s 9/11 anniversary
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