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Leah Remini Believes Tom Cruise Has a 'Master Plan' Involving Daughter Suri

Former Scientologist Leah Remini is commenting on Tom Cruise‘s relationship with his daughter with Katie Holmes, Suri, 14.

“Scientology considers Katie a suppressive person which is an enemy and therefore Tom believes, like all Scientologists, that he can’t be connected to Suri,” Leah told the New York Post. “I’m sure his master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so that he can lure her into Scientology and away from her mother.”

“I knew Katie when she was in (Scientology) and she seemed very indoctrinated into Tom’s world, but as time went on, and I understood why she did what she did to protect her daughter … I’m only assuming that there’s some type of agreement to protect her daughter.”

Leah said she is “really proud” of Katie “for getting her daughter out of something that would have been potentially very toxic and dangerous for not only Suri but for their relationship.”

If you don’t know, Leah was a member of Scientology until 2013. She has slammed Tom Cruise before over his association with the church.

Leah Remini Slams Tom Cruise, Claims He 'Manipulated His Image to Be the Good Guy'

Leah Remini is calling out Tom Cruise.

“I think it’s time for people to start waking up to the real facts here. Tom has for years manipulated his image to be the good guy,” Leah told Us Weekly. “Although I believe there was a time when Tom was a decent and kindhearted person, he has morphed himself into David Miscavige [leader of Scientology] and is completely dedicated to Scientology’s mission to ‘clear’ planet Earth — which means making 80 percent of the world’s population into Scientologists.”

If you don’t know, Leah was a Scientologist for most of her life until 2013 when she left the religion. Tom is one of Scientology’s biggest celebrity participants.

Leah also made claims about Tom‘s marriage to Nicole Kidman.

“[Senior Vice President at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, Tommy Davis] … used confidential Scientology counseling sessions to bring a wedge between Tom and his wife Nicole because Nicole didn’t want to do Scientology anymore,” Leah added. “And David Miscavige, through Marty Rathbun, got rid of Nicole to get Tom closer to Scientology.”

Tom has for years used his Church to torture his employees by sending them in for interrogations at their expense, causing a woman I know to go bankrupt simply because the hours she worked for Tom made it impossible for her to raise her family,” she added. “She was interrogated and punished by her church for years, causing her to lose her home. These are some of the things Tom has done that never get talked about, and I think it’s time to change that.”

This isn’t the first time Leah has called out Tom.

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Leah Remini Reacts to Thandie Newton's 'Nightmare' Experience Working With Tom Cruise

Leah Remini is reacting to Thandie Newton‘s candid story about working with Tom Cruise, and not exactly loving the experience.

The Scientology and the Aftermath host spoke to The Daily Beast about her dissatisfaction with Tom, as well as how she felt seeing Thandie speak her mind.

If you didn’t know, Thandie said she was “scared” of Tom on the set of Mission: Impossible 2 and said the experience was a “nightmare,” claiming he handed out Scientology recruiting material as gifts to cast and crew.

“That takes huge balls to do what she did, and if more people speak out in that way, and be brave enough to do so, I think we might get somewhere. Tom has gotten away with being this ‘nice guy,’ because that’s what Scientology policy says — to create good PR in the world and make those ‘good actions’ known. But if you actually look at his actions, they’re not consistent,” Leah said.

She also said she was reprimanded after asking why Tom was “the poster child” for the organization, “because Tom Cruise is considered a messiah in Scientology,” and says he’s not “this super-nice guy” like people believe.

One other very interesting star made headlines after following Thandie Newton on social media right after she made those comments about Tom Cruise. Find out who…

Leah Remini Set To Launch Scientology Podcast With Mike Rinder

Leah Remini is about to launch a brand new podcast with Mike Rinder, focusing on criticizing Scientology further.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the new podcast is called Scientology: Fair Game and will debut next Tuesday, July 21.

Mike shared that the podcast will go “further, deeper, harder and stronger” than docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath, which ran for three seasons on A&E.

“We’re going to go into detail about exactly what the [Fair Game] policy says, what it means, and how it’s implemented,” Mike says.

Leah adds that the move over to a podcast spurred off their frustration with A&E.

“[We found it difficult to] abide by certain [network] rules that dictate to us what we can and can’t say, or what we can and can’t do,” Leah shared.

Scientology: Fair Game will highlight timely Scientology-related topics and premiere on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, and more platforms.

Just recently, Leah spoke out about Danny Masterson‘s rape charges after that subject was featured on the A&E series. See what she said here…

Leah Remini Reacts To Danny Masterson Being Charged With Rape

Danny Masterson was officially charged with rape by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office on Wednesday (June 17) and Leah Remini is opening up about how she feels about them.

In a tweet about the charges, the 50-year-old actress name checked Scientology in her reaction.

“This is just the beginning, Scientology,” Leah wrote. “Your days of getting away with it [are] coming to an end!”

During the final season of her A&E docu-series, Scientology and the Aftermath,” Leah, a former Scientologist, interviewed two of Danny‘s accusers.

Crissie Bixler, whose interview was recorded in 2017, described the alleged 2001 attack, which happened after the couple had been together for six years.

After having dinner together, Crissie claims that she blacked out and the next morning she was in pain and feeling as if she had been poisoned. When she asked Danny what had happened, he “started laughing and said, ‘I had sex with you.’ I said, ‘Was I unconscious?’ and he said, ‘Yes.’”

Crissie had joined the Church of Scientology when she started seeing Danny and reported the incident to an ethics officer, who told her that the incident wasn’t “rape if you’ve been in a consensual relationship.”

Find out about more of the charges Danny is facing and just how many years he’s facing to serve behind bars…

Jason Alexander, Kevin James & More Pay Tribute To Jerry Stiller After News of His Passing

Jerry Stiller‘s former co-stars are paying tribute to the comedian on social media, after learning of his passing.

Jason Alexander, Kevin James, Leah Remini, and many others shared their memories of the star.

“Such sad news that my beloved friend, Jerry Stiller, has passed,” Jason wrote on Twitter. “He was perhaps the kindest man I ever had the honor to work beside. He made me laugh when I was a child and every day I was with him. A great actor, a great man, a lovely friend. #RIPJerryStiller I Love you.”

Kevin and Leah, who starred with Jerry on King of Queens, also shared tributes to Jerry.

“One of the most kind, loving, and funny people to ever grace this earth. Thank you for so many incredible memories. I love you and miss you. Requiescat in pace.🙏” Kevin posted on Instagram with a photo of the two.

Jerry‘s son Ben Stiller shared the news of his father’s passing this morning.

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Leah Remini Reveals Her Dad Died Weeks Ago & She Just Found Out: 'Scientology Took My Dad'

Leah Remini is revealing that she just learned her father, George Anthony Remini, passed away weeks ago, and she’s putting the blame on Scientology.

“On Friday, I received a message from my sister Nicole, who had been contacted by a stranger passing on his condolences for the passing of our father, George Anthony Remini. We had no idea that he had died a month ago,” Leah posted on her Instagram account. “We weren’t aware that he had been sick leading up to his death. A funeral came and went and none of us knew anything about it. We were not able to say goodbye. He was not able to redeem himself, to ask for forgiveness for his failures and hurts, to become a better man to those of us who couldn’t help but love him.”

Leah added that, “If you read my book, you’ll know my father and I had a difficult relationship, but I always forgave him with a daughter’s painfully endless love and hope. Regardless of his neglect and abuse, I had hoped to one day have some closure. I hoped for him to acknowledge who he had been and what he had done to us as his children. That alone would have been healing in its own way. We never got that, yet I can’t help but grieve. I am angry at myself for crying for someone who didn’t ever cry for me. I am angry that I still wanted this man’s love,”

She continued, “I’m angry that the last chapter in our relationship was dictated by Scientology.”

“Scientology took my dad in as a pawn against me and likely robbed him of any last ounce of heart that might have been left in him. I’m angry that Scientology found his personal weak spots and got him on board not with their beliefs but with their smear campaign against me. That was his last presence in my life. Knowing my father, after taking the offer from Scientology to betray me, he wouldn’t have thought that he could ever come back from that in our relationship. If he thought that, though, he would have been wrong. I would have forgiven him as I always did. The little girls inside of my sisters and me will never forgive Scientology for taking away our last chance to have the one thing we always wanted from our father,” Leah added.

Leah Remini revealed why she decided to leave Scientology behind and totally break away.