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Chris Harrison Names the 1 'Bachelor' He Had a 'Hard Time Getting Along With'

Chris Harrison, the longtime host of The Bachelor, is revealing the one star of the show he didn’t get along with as well.

“Really, the only one I think I had a hard time getting along with was Charlie O’Connell back in the day,” Chris told Us Weekly. “He admitted he was going through some issues with himself at the time. We didn’t dislike each other at all. It just didn’t blend. That’s bound to happen after 18 [years] and dozens of people. You get along with some better than others.”

If you don’t know, Charlie is the brother of Jerry O’Connell and was featured in season 7 of the show. He ended up with Sarah Brice, but they split in 2010.

The Bachelor's Peter Weber Seemingly Has Sex Before Fantasy Suites

It looks like things get steamy on The Bachelor this season, as fans believe Peter Weber may have sex with one of the contestants before the fantasy suites.

If you don’t watch the show, the star will often have intimate nights once the fantasy suites episode happens.

Well, during a teaser for the rest of the season, it appears as if Peter may have sex on a group date, which would indicate this happens before the fantasy suites.

During a voiceover in the trailer, one of the women can be heard saying, “They literally were in the hot spring and they had sex.”

Peter can also be heard saying, “Sex is very important for a relationship. I don’t know why there’s a taboo, because it’s part of a relationship.”

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These 19 Women Remain on 'The Bachelor' 2020 After Week 2 (Spoilers)

It was an eventful night on the latest episode of The Bachelor and there are now 19 women remaining in Peter Weber‘s search for his wife.

This week’s episode picked up right where last week’s left off, which was in the middle of a group date. We posted a full recap of what went down during the evening, including the who Champagne-gate. Make sure to check that out!

A rose ceremony happened in the middle of the episode and then Peter went on one group date. Next week’s episode will have the next group date and a one-on-one, and hopefully there will be a rose ceremony at the end this time.

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'The Bachelor' 2020: Week 2 Recap; Who Went Home? Spoilers!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on The Bachelor!

Last week’s season premiere of The Bachelor ended on cliffhanger with the show’s new star Peter Weber reunited with his ex-girlfriend Hannah Brown, who was previously The Bachelorette.

The reunion happened during the second group date and we never got to see the rose ceremony, so that was going to happen during this week’s episode. Here’s a quick recap of what happened during the latest episode:

  • Peter and Hannah talked about whether they would try again with their relationship, but things were left unresolved and he decided to get back to his group date. He decided he wasn’t in the right mindset to continue the date, so he delayed it until the evening. All of the women seemed uneasy and Sydney ended up getting the rose on the date.
  • During the cocktail party, there was a lot of drama over a bottle of champagne that Kelsey had placed in the courtyard for a special moment with Peter. While Hannah Ann was having her one-on-one time with Peter, they ended up opening the bottle and Kelsey obviously was not happy. Kelsey later got to open a different bottle of champagne with Peter.
  • The rose ceremony happened and three women were sent home.

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January Jones Confirms She Briefly Dated The Bachelor's Nick Viall

January Jones is opening up on the rumors that she dated former The Bachelor star Nick Viall!

The 42-year-old Mad Men actress confirmed on Dax Shepard‘s Armchair Expert podcast that she indeed went on some dates with Nick after he “slid into my DMs.”

At the time, January, who is a big fan of the show, was blasting Nick while appearing on talk shows. “Nick slid into my DMs, and he’s like, ‘I’m so sorry that your perception of me is so negative, I’d love to take you out to coffee and see if I could change your mind,’” she said. “And I squealed.”

“I was like, ‘I hate that guy!’ but my sister was like, ‘If you don’t go you will forever regret it,’” January said. “So I agreed to go on a date with him — or to drinks, or whatever. As I met him I was rounding the corner and I saw him, and he has a very distinct walk, and I had this instinct to run up to him and wrap my legs around his waist, you know like they do? [But] I stopped myself.”

January says the date was “good,” but all she did “was grill him about the show.” She then added that they went on “a couple of dates,” but then cut herself off from saying more.

“The thing that attracted me to Nick was that he seemed — I mean, he was cast as the quote-unquote villain, but he had a bit of a brain, so there was something else there,” January said. “That’s all we were talking about, really. But I got a lot of juicy inside stuff.”

While January told Dax that Nick asked her to be on his podcast and she declined, she ended up agreeing as the episode was released last week!

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Jake Owen Pens Joke Diss Song About 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown & She Reacts

Jake Owen is reacting to Hannah Brown‘s return to The Bachelor.

The country singer premiered his new song on Thursday night (January 9) on social media, which was inspired by Hannah‘s appearance on the premiere of Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor earlier in the week.

Jake and Hannah previously met on The Bachelorette when he performed while she was on a date with Tyler Cameron on her season.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was Alabama Hannah, it was just Alabama Hannah everywhere,” he explained.

Lyrics include: “Alabama Hannah, what do you want? / If it’s love that you need, well then honey, it’s gone / You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone / Alabama Hannah, won’t you go on back home.”

Hannah saw the video, and in response, she wrote: “Well, this is one way to get a song written about you. This is some catchy shade @jakeowen.”

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Check out her response inside…