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The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph Files for Restraining Order Against Ex Colton Underwood

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwoood ended their relationship three months ago and now she has filed for a restraining order against him.

The former couple met on the 23rd season of The Bachelor, which aired in early 2019. They never got engaged, but decided to continue dating and exploring their relationship.

TMZ reported that Cassie filed for the restraining order on Friday (September 11) in Los Angeles, though it’s not immediately clear what her allegations are against him.

Back in July, Cassie called out Colton for trying to “monetize” their breakup by writing a new chapter for his book.

Colton later slammed the producers of The Bachelor for their “abuse” of Cassie. He says that they took advantage of her during her appearance on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever.

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Victoria Fuller Reveals She & Chris Soules Have Split Up

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules have called it quits.

Victoria, 26, confirmed that she and Chris, 38, had split during her interview on Nick Viall‘s The Viall Files podcast.

“I am just living my best life,” Victoria shared. “We went a separate direction, but I, like, respect him so much and I think he’s an amazing man. I just think that right now, I’m in such a different place than he is.”

Victoria and Chris first started dating in April after meeting through mutual friend and former The Bachelor contestant Kelsey Weier, who competed with Victoria on Peter Weber‘s season of the reality show.

Despite their long-distanced relationship – Chris lives in Iowa and Victoria lives in Virginia Beach – the two were able to make it work for four months.

“I’m not moving to Iowa anytime soon so I just want to focus on me,” Victoria continued. “It’s been so much about other people this year that I just really want to hone in on what I want to accomplish and what I want to get out of this year.”

Despite the breakup, Victoria and Chris are still in touch.

“I still talk to him all the time,” she explained. “I think he’s amazing. We are a lot alike, but I just want to focus on myself right now. I am not a farmer, but I know a lot about f–king corn now so there’s that.”

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'The Bachelor' Will Shoot in September Amid Pandemic

The Bachelor is moving forward!

The long-running series will begin production on Matt James‘ season of The Bachelor later this month, ABC confirmed Tuesday (September 8).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Matt James

The Bachelorette successfully just filmed, with an October 13 premiere date. The Bachelor is expected to air in January, like previous years, according to ABC, via Deadline.

Here’s what will change amid the pandemic: “While the show will run on a similar timeline to previous seasons – the last 12 seasons of the show began airing at the start of the new year, production will be in a pandemic-proof bubble, similar to The Bachelorette, to ensure that one of its biggest non-scripted series can get on the air,” the outlet reports.

“Right before we started, around July 4, as excited as everyone was to get it started, we’d heard about other productions that had had outbreaks even in a bubble and had to shut down. So, for us, starting was not the victory, it was the finish. The fact that it’s in the can and we have an entire season of The Bachelorette that will air is fantastic. It’s a big deal to have all of our signature shows on this fall,” ABC’s Rob Mills said.

One Bachelor star recently spoke out against producers and slammed them for their treatment of his ex.

matt james

Colton Underwood Slams 'Bachelor' Producers for 'Abuse' of Cassie Randolph

Colton Underwood is not happy with The Bachelor.

The former football player and star of the series revealed why in an episode of the Reality Steve podcast – and it had to do with his ex Cassie Randolph.

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During the appearance, Colton said that his ex was taken “advantage” of with her appearance on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever.

Cass stayed extremely professional and extremely quiet about our breakup .What bugged me was the fact that that show took advantage of her. I get very defensive over people I love and I know Cass is a big girl and she can fight her own battles, but I just know her heart and she doesn’t want to rock the boat and she loves people, even if they abuse her or even if they take advantage of her, which they did,” he said.

He went on to say producers convinced her to go on the show to “get to know her” and discuss her latest ventures.

“I was like, ‘That’s not what they’re going to do to you.’ I wasn’t here to tell her what she can and can’t do, that’s just not who I am. I was like, ‘Do it, but I’m just warning you, this is what’s going to happen. They are going to point questions in my direction. I don’t care how long you talk to them, they are only going to air the parts about us or me.’ Which is what they did,” he went on to say.

Host Chris Harrison pressed her for information about the breakup throughout the interview, despite her insistence on keeping it private.

“I was more frustrated for her, because she just got completely taken advantage of and completely manipulated. You have Chris Harrison pointing questions saying, ‘I sense you don’t want to make Colton mad, or you’re afraid you’re going to upset Colton. It’s like, ‘No, Chris. I literally talked to her the morning of that interview. We’re good.’ Stop worrying about me or painting me to be this controlling or angry person. I’m not angry. If there’s anybody I’m upset about or upset with, it’s you guys.”

“The whole thing with the franchise and them interviewing her is what really bugged me and really upset me,” he added.

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Haley & Emily Ferguson Reflect on Their 'Bachelor' Season 20 Experience With Ben Higgins

Haley and Emily Ferguson – also known as The Ferguson Twins – are taking a look back.

The 27-year-old twins made an appearance on iHeartRadio’s Help! I Suck at Dating‘s spinoff show called What a Girl Wants, hosted by fellow Bachelor Nation alums Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jared Haibon

The new show promises to give a female point-of-view on all things dating and relationships, and the debut episode features former Bachelor contestants, The Ferguson Twins, who appeared on Season 20 with Ben Higgins and Seasons 3 and 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

They reflected on Ben’s season and being only 22 years old at the time in the episode, as well as past failed relationships and getting cheated on, as well as finally finding love. They are also joined by their mom in the episode.

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Molly Mesnick Reveals She Agreed to Be 'The Bachelorette' Before Now-Husband Jason Asked for Second Chance

Molly Mesnick is sharing some surprising The Bachelor news!

On Monday (August 10), ABC aired The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!, which looked back at Jason Mesnick‘s season of The Bachelor from 2009.

As fans can remember from finale, Jason, 44, proposed to Melissa Rycroft.

During After the Final Rose, Jason ended things with the 37-year-old Dancing with the Stars champ to pursue things with Molly, who was his runner-up.

While recalling the drama, Jason said that he had second thoughts nearly two months are getting engaged to Melissa.

“Melissa and I, we dated, I don’t know, six or eight weeks and I think both of us knew that things weren’t going the direction,” Jason recalled. “She called me up and she said, ‘How are things going?’ I said, ‘Things have changed.’ She had asked several times and I know why she really got mad, she had asked several times, ‘Does this have anything to do with Molly?’ and I never said anything about Molly and I mean that was chicken of me, there’s no doubt about that.”

Jason then called up The Bachelor producers to let them know things weren’t “working out” with Melissa.

“They said to me, ‘You can have this chance with Molly, but we’ve already asked her to be the Bachelorette,’” Jason said.

Molly then talked about the moment she was offered to be the franchise’s next leading lady.

“It was probably a week after I had gotten back from New Zealand that I got the phone call and they’re like, ‘We need you to be the Bachelorette‘ and I’m like, ‘I still am like crying, sad, upset,’” Molly said. “But when I took a flight out for After the Final Rose, I thought I was coming out there to film that real quick and then stay and do some like Bachelorette stuff. But boy did that change.”

Even though she agreed to be the next Bachelorette, Molly said it “was easy to let” go of it.

“Me agreeing to be the Bachelorette, it was a really big deal,” Molly shared. “I was hesitant, I didn’t think I was right for it, so it was easy to let that go. And for us to be able to be on our own, away from the show, take our time, date as a normal couple — we dated long distance for 10 months before I moved out to Seattle — it was perfect. It allowed us to just be regular.”

Molly and Jason got married in 2010 and welcomed daughter Riley, 7, in 2012. Jason also shares son Tyler, 15, with his ex-wife.

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'The Bachelor' Alum Vanessa Grimaldi is Engaged to Joshua Wolfe

Vanessa Grimaldi is getting married!

The 32-year-old The Bachelor alum announced on Monday (August 10) that she is engaged to boyfriend Joshua Wolfe.

“August 9th, 2020 will forever be my favourite DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! @jbrwolfe YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING AND I CANNOT WAIT TO BE FOREVER AND EVER WITH YOU!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#engaged,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram along with several photos from Josh‘s romantic proposal at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec, Canada.

Vanessa and Josh started dating in 2018 after he slid into her DMs.

Vanessa won Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor back in 2016. They got engaged during the season finale and were together until they split in August 2017.

After Vanessa announced her engagement, Nick took to the comments to congratulate her.

“Well thank god I followed you back a week ago to hear this news,” Nick jokingly wrote. “Congrats to you two! Lucky guy.”

Congrats Vanessa and Josh!