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When Will Pat Sajak & Vanna White Leave 'Wheel of Fortune'? Find Out Here!

Pat Sajak and Vanna White are getting candid about the future of Wheel of Fortune.

The pair have hosted the long-running game show for nearly four decades and in a new interview with ET, they revealed how much longer they were planning to appear on the series.

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Pat Sajak Jokes Doing 'Wheel of Fortune's Final Spin Was 'Just Too Hard'

Pat Sajak is opening up about not doing the final spin on Wheel of Fortune any longer.

If you missed the news, this was one of the big changes for the 39th season of the show in which the contestant in control of the Wheel would now be spinning to determine the value of each consonant during the speed up round.

In a new online interview with daughter, Maggie Sajak, Pat is revealing why this change is a good thing.

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Pat Sajak Will No Longer Do The Final Spin on 'Wheel of Fortune'!

Changes are coming to Wheel of Fortune for its’ upcoming 39th season!

Sony Pictures Television announced all the new things coming to the long running show, with hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White signing on until 2024.

Most of the show will stay the same, but there’s one major change that might throw fans for a loop!

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Pat Sajak Makes Rare Comment About Son Patrick Sajak on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Pat Sajak bragged a bit on his only son, Patrick Sajak, during an episode of Wheel of Fortune earlier this week.

During the end credits of the game show, the 74-year-old longtime host chatted with Vanna White about Patrick‘s recent accomplishment – he’s now a doctor!

“Do you mind if I do a little parental bragging here?” Pat said. “So you know my son, Patrick, you’ve known him all his life. Well he’s made it through medical school, and he is now officially Dr. Sajak, and we’re all thrilled.”

He went on, joking that since Patrick graduated, he’s insisting “that I call him Dr. Sajak.”

“Lesly and I couldn’t be prouder,” Pat added of him and his wife.

Pat and Lesly are also parents to Maggie, who co-hosted with Vanna while her dad underwent surgery at the end of last year.

If you didn’t see, a subtle mistake was made on Wheel of Fortune. See what it was here!

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Pat Sajak Accidentally Revealed One of the Answers to a 'Wheel of Fortune' Puzzle On-Air

Pat Sajak had a minor slip up during Wheel of Fortune!

The 74-year-old host accidentally revealed the answer to the bonus round during a broadcast of the long-time game show on Thursday (April 15).

There were only a few letters remaining in the puzzle when Pat inadvertently said the answer while speaking with a contestant.

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Pat Sajak Faces Backlash for Seemingly Mocking Contestant's Lisp on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Pat Sajak is being called out.

The 74-year-old Wheel of Fortune host received backlash following Monday’s episode (February 22) of the show after mocking a contestant’s speech impediment.

During the introductions, Pat mimicked contestant Chris Brimble’s speech impediment, who has a lisp. After he described what he does for a living, instead of saying “I see,” Pat said, “I thee.”

Few people laughed on-set in the moment, and social media largely did not appreciate the interaction.

Pat apologized for a separate interaction late last year. Find out what happened.

One star recently deleted their Twitter account due to social media backlash over a new project.

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Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak Jokingly Called a Contestant 'Ungrateful,' Then Apologized

A moment from Wheel of Fortune this week is going viral after Pat Sajak jokingly called out a contestant for being “ungrateful.”

After contestant Darin McBain solved a puzzle, he questioned if the phrasing in the puzzle made sense. The puzzle challenged the contestants to come up with four terms that begin with the word kitchen.

McBain, whose mom was a contestant on the show back in 1982, correctly guessed “Cabinet, oven, towels, sink.” He then said that a kitchen oven isn’t a real thing.

“Kitchen oven? What was that? Who calls it a ‘kitchen oven?’” McBain said.

Sajak replied, “Don’t! You won! Don’t argue, Darin! … You got the puzzle. Ungrateful players! I’ve had it!… No, I’m just teasing. I finally snapped!”

Later on in the episode, Sajak apologized. He said, “I’m sorry I yelled at you. It’s just — I don’t remember your mother giving us trouble like you did.”