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Jon Gosselin: Michael Lohan's Third Wheel

Jon Gosselin: Michael Lohan's Third Wheel

Jon Gosselin tags along as the third wheel to his new BFF Michael Lohan and his girlfriend in the Hamptons, New York on Sunday afternoon (July 26).

The trio was seen taking pictures with fans and withdrawing cash from Chase bank.

Jon recently set the record straight that he’s single and ready to mingle. He also tells E!, “I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me. Right now, my focus is on my relationship with my kids. My personal relationship is private.”

Don’t forget that “No Kate, I’M dating Jon” t-shirts are on sale now!!!!!!

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  • Lalique

    These two make me sicker than Heidi and Spencer, if that’s possible! ;-)

  • Patrick

    He’s really good at spending his kids money. So he cheats on his wife than he cheats on his mistress (Deanna) with another piece of road-kill (Hailey) and than cheats on her with another rats-nest (Kate Major).


  • pr person

    Double the Douche!

  • crazy b

    One two a one two three:

    Hot dou.chebags in the city
    Hot dou.chebags in the city
    Doing shots and looking shi.tty
    Hot dou.chebags in the city

    Sing along now that you know the words!!!!

  • k


  • Jan

    Jon had to tag along as JON is getting the money from the ATM. Lohan has no money. He is using Jon for fame and fortune. Jon is a fool and a LIAR. His attorney has told him to stop being photographed with so many women BUT it is too late. We all have seen the photos and Kate’s attorney has them too. I hope TMZ fires Jon. He is not keeping his word not to comment on his divorce. He rarely shows up on time if at all to film. The jerk almost missed his kid’s 5th birthday party.

  • kEN


  • luanna


  • payless

    That second picture of Jon reminds me of Kate’s pre-delivery photos. I think the blonde thinks so too, she is studying his belly intently.

  • payless

    That second picture of Jon reminds me of Kate’s pre-delivery photos. I think the blonde thinks so too, she is studying his belly intently.

  • Halli

    Fat, ugly and has MOOBS. What a catch!

  • mertz

    omg. too sets of man boobs. the one pic where he’s in profile and i can see his belly is kinda gross. anyways crazy b i know your song now. lol. awww the cookies i just ate is not settling so well while looking at these pics. ugh. please tell me that is not what he told E! and that e didn’t qet that quote correct. lol. i like how you break things up patrick. so i guess from what you said it can be concluded that all the new women have all been all kinds of fug, but then who in their right mind would want to go out with this dude…what just to rob him of his money or something. WHO WOULD DATE CAMELBALLSICAN’TBEAFATHER LOHAN. geez. he=fail and it really hurts to see jon being so chummy and on good terms with this douche. it’s almost as bad as when momma lohan won that best mom award.

    vh1 where are you when we need you already. give these guys a show. someone in the other jon thread had a good comment about the unholy trinity of douchedom with joe jackson, lohan and now gosselin. i thought it was missing christian audigier. i hope someone on the wwweb has gotten the memo and has started a list of douchebags.

  • GayleInezGarcia

    Joe Jackson and Joe Simpson must have been busy.

    Is the new show going to be “The Real Douchbags of Reality TV” or “Dads who sell their Kids”

    Sick. Get better friends, Jon.

  • mertz

    lol payless. so that’s why her head is tilted down.

  • honop

    The real question is: How did Lindsay’s dad land that hot chick?

  • understanding

    i feel bad for the guy. even if he’s standing next to a woman the press will say that he’s dating her. give him a break!! if you watched the show you’d know why he left. period. all you bitter single scorned housewives need to back the f–k up!! we get it… you hate jon cuz he proverbially “abandoned” YOUR CHILDREN as well. as someone said on a past thread if jon were a woman, you would be championing him as a hero for breaking free from an abusive relationship and moving on with his life.

  • mertz

    thanks gayleinezgarcia. joe simpson=on official douchebag list…so is spencer pratt. maybe david hasselhof and that baldwin that went crazy oh and tom cruise lol for the oprah hop, oh and mel gibson definately. that guy eddie cibrian too. kobe bryant. lil wayne. shaq. p diddy. lots and lots of people. :) oh the dude rupert everett (if you don’t know use the search funtion on the top on this site and type in the name and click the mj story). who’s the dude who went crazy at the lighting guy and said fcuk so many times even his mother would lower her head in shame, christian bale? yeah. him too. oj simpson.

    the douchebag list can’t be all guys though. there has to be some women who make douching look hot. any ideas?

  • mertz

    lol who would be champing jon if he was a woman and SLEEPING AROUND…lol. you must not know females. females would cut him/her up real bad. lol about this whole abusive thing. this dude handed kate gosselin his manhood to do whatever she wanted with it and she cut him up all sorts of ways. i don’t know a dude who does that but not only does it not speak well of the spouse but it looks way worse for the man. i mean lol look at kate being the husband and jon being the wife. i like stay at home dad’s as much as the next person but letting your wife break your penoir is a serious fail in any context.

    honop @ 07/27/2009 at 1:50 am The real question is: How did Lindsay’s dad land that hot chick?
    i was thinking that too. i was like why is this nice looking woman with this sh*thead. oh well. i guess it doesn’t say much about her either. kind of sad. i bet jon wishes he could land someone like her. lol. maybe that’s why he’s been trying to get the hookup from cameltoe han. she remindes me of that crazy chick that was with charlie sheen with that fail show on e! i forget her name…carmen? denise? meh.

  • Catalina

    What relationship with your kids? You haven’t seen them in weeks!

  • asdf

    Ugh… another Jon and Kate story. What is the obsession with these people?? I don’t understand why they’re famous. I wonder how long it’ll take Jared to stop posting “news” on them. Thank God the Heidi and Spencer craze is over. Ha, we’ll see…

  • babybackribs

    I noticed beer belly Jon isn’t wearing his ugly Ed Hardy shirts. Too hip for the Hamptons or the end of that business deal. Where is the reporter Kate he was supposedly with? I wonder if she had a breakdown or is in rehab. I think this is all a setup to help Kate (wife) improve her image, and also to create a diversion from the continuous filming of the kids at the PA home. Unless Jon has a really lousy divorce attorney, there would be no way he would intentionally just blow off his parenting and filming time in PA.

  • mertz

    ^^you missed the thread about heidi performing at miss universe like she’s an actual celebrity or a singer. lol.

  • wildcats

    why would anyone want to spend time or take a picture with these people??? I mean, come on!!!

  • wildcats

    why would anyone want to spend time or take a picture with these people??? I mean, come on!!!

  • mertz

    my last comment was to asdf

  • Scruffy puffy

    more disgusting than PIG VOMIT!!!

  • honop

    Jon’s so selfish. Anyone who gives him an endorsement deal is a fool.

  • Ruth

    Does anyone actually want to see pics of these people?
    JJ – move on, NO ONE is interested in Jon or his pathetic life.

  • emma

    “I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me. Right now, my focus is on my relationship with my kids. My personal relationship is private.”

    your kids matter try getting back to them and seeing them then.

  • Dee

    Holy cow….oh wait…..he’s looking like a cow…

  • bella

    @Lalique: I don’t think it is possible . . .they are tied.

  • Mitchie

    Jon and Kate agreed to let TLC film them separately at their million dollar home and condos as they cope with the challenge of raising their 8 kids while getting divorced? Unbelievable! Who watches this crap? I am serious! What is the demographic is for this kind of cable show? Those poor kids are now part of a reality show that is documenting the demise of their parent’s marriage. SICK!!!!!

  • Mike

    I’ve never understood why people say “third wheel.” If you think of a couple as a car, the man would be two wheels, and the woman would be two wheels. So anyone tagging along would be a FIFTH wheel. Makes more sense, doesn’t it?

  • jenny

    I thought it was illegal to sell your children; but, these two men have figured out a way to do it. I wonder if they run into trouble if they can take a kid to the bank to get a loan.

  • conchita

    @Jan: dude dont you mean tlc tmz is a gossip website

  • christine

    Good lord… who resigns from their job for a guy in this economy?? Is Major stupid? Well, any dimwit could take her job anyhow.
    Seems like JOn and lohan are getting alot of media attention. Well, well, well…..
    I guess alot of papz r moving to the Hamptons now too…..

  • Yo54Pop

    Oh Look! It’s the douchebag daddies!

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daily 2 cent debrief

    Superstitions are the J&K +8 show is being influenced by the GWOP a blog shadow organization imposing an agenda using Jared, tabs and blogspot network to build visibility for sheeple to gain access to biased information. Their cause is to investigate and report their influence through determination of the certainty of a hen-pecked husband or coock-pecked wife intentionally abusing their kids. There are distractors and counter intelligence organizations afoot at the GWOPWOP, RWA and the DD and BM. The clandestine shadow trolls attack the innocent bloggers replying to diss-liked comments and report back to the blog mother roost. Even blogger names have been jacked. Modus Operandi is exposure of past criminal activities of members of the competing blog. Reality TV as we know it may lost forever to the blog internet time fabric.

  • omggg


  • Christy

    This proves Jon is a goof.

  • no really

    eww get a job looser…or go see your 8 kids

  • Jan

    TLC SHOULD FIRE JON. He cheats teacher in friend’s 22 yr old daughter who has been arrested for drugs3..mag reporter who has been in a mental institution who quit her job to be with Jon and 4..hangs out with X CON Lohan who is 6 months behind in child support to his own minor children. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was a family show. I want to see Kate Plus 8 as a single PARENT family show. Jon is showing no desire to be a parent, provider, or even a decent human being. KATE PLUS 8 IS THE FAMILY SHOW. GET RID OF JON THE CON

  • Sasha

    I cannot believe this guy! Hes been bitching about the papparazzi and all of the attention that he used to be getting and how he hated it now hes soaking it right up! It’s true that money eventually gives people a gigantic ego and makes people full of themselves (Not ALL, but most)

  • lakers fan in boston

    im convinced these fags r f’ing each other
    it’s getting 2 be a lil more than douche bros
    im sure michael’s supposed gf just joins in on the fun

  • kerry

    Ugh, these pictures are vomit inducing. Jon is disgusting. MIchael lohan must LOVE the attention he’s getting from hanging with his new BFF.

    The two of them are so slimy… amazing that they found each other. A douchemance made in hell.

    Also, what man pierces their ears anymore, especially at 34 or whatever he is? It looks so douchey and dated… his striving for his lost youth is so pathetic.

  • anon

    Boy is he ever a wannabe

  • VICTORIA # 1

    @ DEE==== LOL.LOL. Jon DOES look like a cow. I keep looking around at billboards everytime I drive around to see if I recognize a picture of him doing one of those Chic-fil-let billboard where the LARGE BLACK AND WHITE COWS are telling people to ” EAT MOR CHIK”EN.!
    If he keeps taking more of his children’s cash out and feeding his fat face, plus cash poor Lohan’s, they could be BFF cow’s side by side on the billboard’s. If he didn’t see those trashy women coming coming, it’s no wonder he never felt Lohan’s bite in the butt. Idiot!!!

  • http://yahoo Eddy

    Dear Jon: You seem to be a very confused person. There you are squeezing a woman’s inner thighs in public and living together with her in France and then you turn around and tell the media that you are single and that you are not looking for anyone. Your mouth says one thing but your actions are saying something else. How can you be having such a physical relationship with a woman in public and then say you are single – what is wrong with you. Not forgetting the things you said to US about Hailey – that she’s always in your heart. Jon, you need to think seriously about what you are doing and saying. It is that same “weakness” and instability that caused you and Kate to have misunderstandings – that is why she had to be constantly pulling you back on track – and that is why you no longer want to be with her. You cannot be that fickle – try to be more grounded. Ask God to help U.

  • mertz

    lol eddy. i think he’s too far gone into the douching ways. lol victoris #1