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Lindsay Ell Opens Up About Being Raped Twice As She Drops New Single Dedicated To Survivors

Lindsay Ell is opening up about being a survivor of not just one, but two rapes.

The 31-year-old country singer talked to People about her experiences as she drops a special new song dedicated to rape survivors.

“I was raped when I was 13, and it happened again when I was 21,” Lindsay says. “The song only talks about the first time. It’s just a difficult thing to talk about, and it’s something that I process every day still.”

She continues that “part of me talking about it now is liberating the little 13-year-old Lindsay and the 21-year-old Lindsay. Pain is something we can let control us if we don’t deal with it, but the minute you put a voice to your story the shame has no power.”

Lindsay says that when she was 13, she was groomed by a man in her church whom her family knew and he eventually raped her.

“I felt like I had really messed up, that everybody was going to judge me and that the rest of my life was ruined,” she revealed and added that she was 20 when she finally told her parents about it.

“They had no idea it happened, and they were absolutely horrified,” she says. “I’m so grateful towards both of them because they helped me not go into any unhealthy mechanisms to cope.”

Then, when she was 21, she was raped again, only saying that the second time was “different” and “a lot more violent.”

Lindsay has just released “make you”, as a tribute to survivors.

“I wanted to release it on Global Forgiveness Day. Forgiving people in our past is a huge thing for whatever reason, but forgiving yourself is so important,” Lindsay shared. “There’s an incredible amount of healing that can happen, and it can’t happen until you can truly open up that forgiveness for your own heart.”

Listen to the song below.

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Pop Smoke's Posthumous Debut Album Has Been Released - Stream It Here

The late rapper Pop Smoke‘s debut album, Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, has been released posthumously.

The young star died back in February at the age of 20 after he was shot and killed during a home invasion. His cause of death detailed the injuries he suffered in the attack.

Pop Smoke‘s album features collaborations with lots of big stars, including 50 Cent, Future, Quavo, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Tyga, Swae Lee, and more. The album was originally supposed to be released in June, but it was delayed to the civil unrest happening in the U.S.

While Pop Smoke has released two mixtapes in the past, this is his first full-length album.

You can stream the full album below thanks to Spotify or you can go to iTunes right now to download.

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Ellie Goulding Dishes On New Song 'Slow Grenade' From 'Brightest Blue' Album - Get The Lyrics Here!

Ellie Goulding has dropped the first single from her upcoming album, Brightest Blue, called “Slow Grenade”!

In a new interview with Apple Music, the -year-old singer dished about the track which she teamed up with Lauv on.

“I have to admit that this song, this song with Lauv is as you know, I love writing pop records. I feel like there’s a real art to it,” Ellie shared. “It’s hard to write a song that everybody loves, especially these days, it’s there’s so much music out and so much good music out there, and sometimes I discover the most incredible pop records that have never been played on the radio, never been streamed, never been in the big streaming playlist or whatever.”

She continued, “I’ve realized that it’s harder and harder to find that music, but with this song, it’s definitely way more of what I see as a character where I have been able to — For example ‘close to me’ with Wes and Swae Lee, I feel I got to play a kind of character in some weird way where I got to be this really confident person.”

“I think this song was just to me really uplifting, but also kind of a ballad, some twisted kind of ballad,” Ellie added.

You can pick up the track now on Apple Music, Amazon and more!

See the full track list to Ellie‘s album here!

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Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn Release The Soundflowers First EP Together

Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn have released their new EP this week.

The longtime couple – who go by The Soundflowers – include five songs on the project, including “Your look (Glorious)”, which also has a video.

“A lot of our music, some of the songs on the EP and some of the songs that have yet to come are about pain,” Paris shared in a statement about the EP. “I’m sure to many it will come off as emo and sad, and that’s okay. But my hope is that it brings comfort to those who feel the way I did when I wrote the songs, especially ‘Geronimo.’”

She adds, “I’d like for the listeners who resonate with the lyrics to know that they are not alone. And that it gets better.”

“It feels good to know that people will hear our music and see me as I am. This is the first opportunity I’ve been able to share my journey in my own way.”

Ahead of the debut, Paris was spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest earlier this month.

Stream the full EP below!

This Is Us' Chrissy Metz Drops New Song 'Actress' - Listen Now!

Chrissy Metz has released her latest song as part of her music career!

The 39-year-old actress is best known for playing Kate on the hit NBC series This Is Us, but she’s also an amazing singer and has even performed at the Oscars.

Chrissy‘s song “I’m Standing With You” from her movie Breakthrough was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year and she got to perform the song at the event.

The new song “Actress” was co-written by Chrissy, Nicolette Hayford, Matt McGinn and Nathan Spicer.

“I love a good break up song and I love the play on words,” Chrissy said about the song. “Obviously, I’m an actress, but we have all had those experiences where we put on that brave face when our heart is just broken, we act as if nothing is wrong even though you’re dying inside- wanting something so desperately you don’t have anymore.”

You can listen to the song below and download it now on iTunes!

Usher's New Song 'I Cry' Has a Powerful Message - Listen Now

Usher has a powerful new song out.

The 41-year-old singer just released his new single “I Cry.”

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Along with the release of the song, Usher shared a statement on Twitter encouraging men to show their emotions, especially after the death of George Floyd.

“This song was inspired by wanting to teach my sons that it is ok for a man to feel emotions deeply and to cry. Like many men, I was raised to believe that we have to be ‘tough’ and not show our vulnerability, which I don’t want to teach them,” Usher shared. “While I was shut in during the pandemic and watching the death of George Floyd, the ongoing slaughter of Black men and women, the protests and the events that unfolded, I became very connected to the wider universal feeling of hopelessness.”

“Like many, I grew increasingly frustrated by how slow things have been to change,” Usher continued. “I became very depressed thinking about all sons who have lost their fathers to police brutality, social injustice and violence; the daughters and mothers too. So I returned to this song and realized it was intended for this time, so I finished it and here it is.”

You can download Usher‘s new song off of iTunes here – listen to “I Cry” now!

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G-Eazy's New Music Project Has a Song Featuring His Girlfriend Ashley Benson - Listen & Read the Lyrics!

G-Eazy and Ashley Benson have teamed up for a new song!

On his new music project Everything’s Strange Here, the 31-year-old rapper has a new song featuring the 30-year-old actress.

The song G-Eazy and Ashley released together is titled “All The Things You’re Searching For” also featuring Kossisko.

G-Eazy and Ashley have been dating for the past few weeks now. Just a few hours before the album was released, the couple were spotted out on a hike together.

You can download G-Eazy‘s new music project off of iTunes here – listen to Everything’s Strange here below!

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