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Liam Hemsworth Stars in 'Most Dangerous Game' Trailer - Watch! (Video)

Most Dangerous Game is here!

Quibi released a new trailer for the Liam Hemsworth-led show on Thursday (July 2).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liam Hemsworth

Here’s a plot summary: “Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Tynes (Liam Hemsworth) accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he’s the prey. This dystopian action-thriller explores the limits of how far someone would go to fight for their life and their family. Let the games begin.”

All episodes of Most Dangerous Game are now streaming on Quibi.

Christoph Waltz, Sarah Gadon, Zach Cherry, Aaron Poole, Christopher Webster, Billy Burke, Jimmy Akinbola, and Natasha Bordizzo all star in the series.

Liam was recently spotted out bringing his girlfriend to a family lunch.

Watch the Most Dangerous Game trailer…

Liam Hemsworth Brings Girlfriend Gabriella Brooks to a Family Lunch

Liam Hemsworth brings his girlfriend Gabriella Brooks to a family lunch at Rae’s on Wategos on Tuesday (June 23) in Byron Bay, Australia.

The couple were joined by his older brother Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky. Luke Hemsworth and their mom Leonie were also in attendance at the lunch. Check out some of the photos from the family lunch in the gallery.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liam Hemsworth

If you don’t know, Liam has been dating Gabriella for several months now. Find out when they were first linked! Just a few weeks later, the duo actually did confirm their relationship to the world.

Check out the photos of the Hemsworths out to lunch in Byron Bay on Tuesday…

liam hemsworth brings girlfriend gabriella brooks family lunch 01
liam hemsworth brings girlfriend gabriella brooks family lunch 02
liam hemsworth brings girlfriend gabriella brooks family lunch 03
liam hemsworth brings girlfriend gabriella brooks family lunch 04

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Liam Hemsworth Wakes Up With So Much Energy Every Morning That He Likes to Sing Out Loud!

Liam Hemsworth is opening up about his morning routine and how he wakes up everyday with a burst of energy!

The 30-year-old actor told People that, “Most mornings I sing out loud.”

“For some reason, when I wake up, which is usually 5:30, 6:30 AM, I wake up with a lot of energy,” Liam continued. “There’s yelling. There’s screaming. There’s singing. I get really excited. Usually, especially at the moment, none of those things happen, but I wake up with an extraordinary amount of excitement.”

Liam doesn’t have a specific song that he likes to song and joked that, “I am the music.”

“It’s usually gibberish as well. It’s not an actual song,” he added. “It’s just me making things up and trying to wake whoever else is in the house.”

Make sure to see the hot new photos of Liam at the beach the other day!

Liam Hemsworth Gets In a Surf Session In His Skintight Wetsuit

Liam Hemsworth dons his skintight wetsuit for a surf session at a local Phillip Island beach on Tuesday (April 28) in Australia.

It’s actually been weeks since we’ve seen new photos of the 30-year-old actor as he’s been in isolation as the coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe. The last time we saw Liam was all the way back in February when he was seen out with his girlfriend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liam Hemsworth

Meanwhile, if you missed it, fans think Liam’s older brother Chris threw shade at his ex wife Miley Cyrus.

Check out the photos of Liam Hemsworth surfing in his wetsuit…

liam hemsworth wetsuit surfing 01
liam hemsworth wetsuit surfing 02
liam hemsworth wetsuit surfing 03
liam hemsworth wetsuit surfing 04

Did Chris Hemsworth Throw Some Subtle Shade at Miley Cyrus?

Some fans think Chris Hemsworth might be throwing some shade at Miley Cyrus in his new interview about his younger brother Liam Hemsworth!

In an interview with, Chris was speaking about Liam‘s Men’s Health cover story, where he looked buff and great! “I think he’s done it,” he said about Liam being the fit brother now. “Did you see the Men’s Health cover? I thought, ‘Not bad kid. Not bad’. He’s out there training and staying fit, and back in Australia doing his thing. It’s Australian living, I guess.”

Then, Chris said, “We got him out of Malibu!”

Liam and Miley famously lived in Malibu together, and she wrote a 2017 song titled “Malibu” about falling in love again. Fans think that sentence may have been a reference to their relationship, which ended in divorce last summer.

Liam Hemsworth Had to Reevaluate His Vegan Diet After Kidney Stone Surgery

Liam Hemsworth is looking as good as ever on the cover of Men’s Health magazine’s May 2020 issue, on newsstands April 21.

Here’s what the 30-year-old actor had to share with the mag…

On rethinking his diet after going vegan and ending up in the hospital: “I was vegan for almost four years, and then February of last year I was feeling lethargic. Then I got a kidney stone. It was one of the most painful weeks of my life. I was doing press for Isn’t It Romantic. But I had to go to the hospital and get surgery. It’s all good now, thankfully. But once you get one kidney stone, you have a 50 percent chance of getting another one if you continue eating the way you were eating. Well, my particular kidney stone was a calciumoxalate kidney stone. It forms from having too much oxalate in your diet. Oxalates are really high in a lot of vegetables, specifically spinach, almonds, beetroot, potatoes. Every morning, I was having five handfuls of spinach and then almond milk, almond butter, and also some vegan protein in a smoothie. And that was what I considered super healthy. So I had to completely rethink what I was putting in my body.” (Find out some other celebs who have had to reevaluate going vegan and begin eating animal products.)

On the reason he went vegan in the first place: “Health for sure. I go from one extreme to the other. My mom always makes fun of me. She’s like, “If you could just find a happy medium in between all these things you do, then you’d probably be better off.” It was right before I started shooting Independence Day: Resurgence. The first two years, I felt great. My body was strong, my cardio was high. What I say to everyone is ‘Look, you can read whatever you want to read. But you have to experience it for yourself. You have to figure out what works best for your body.’ And if something works well for a period, great, keep doing it. If something changes and you’re not feeling great, you’ve got to reassess it and then figure it out.”

On how he’s learned to deal with living life under a microscope: “For a long period of time, it was very stressful, and it really got to me. Yeah, look, there are times when you want to lash out and say something…because from my point of view, the majority of the time things that are written about me are completely false. There are times when you want to speak up and there are other times when it’s not worth it, because you’re just going to draw more attention to it, and then it’s better to just not think about it and let it all wash away. These days I don’t want to invest any more time in worrying about that sort of stuff. I remind myself of what to appreciate now and to enjoy every moment as much as possible, whether that be working or with my family or whatever I’m doing. Just trying to find a positive in it all and enjoy life as much as possible.”

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Liam Hemsworth Reveals How He's Keeping Level Headed After Miley Cyrus Split

Liam Hemsworth is talking all about his “last six months” and how he’s been in a rebuilding phase.

“Rebuilding?” he apparently laughed when asked if he’s in a rebuilding phase of his life (via Men’s Health Australia). “Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.”

He also spoke about his new Quibi thriller Most Dangerous Game.

“I spent most of the project running around the streets and getting beaten up as well. But it was a great thing ’cause it just kept me moving. I was doing like, 10 [kilometers] a day or something at one point, which I’ve never done in my life,” he said.

“This last six months, honestly, for keeping my head level and just staying balanced, I’d say exercise has been big for me,” he admitted.

His trainer Jason Walsh added, “I haven’t seen him this happy for a long time. We took advantage of that.”

Miley and Liam announced their split back in August after less than one year of marriage.