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Jana Kramer Says She's 'Embarrassed' in Emotional First Podcast Since Mike Caussin Split

Jana Kramer is speaking out after her recent split from Mike Caussin.

The 37-year-old “Whiskey” singer filed for divorce last month after six years of marriage with the former NFL star.

The pair used to host the podcast Whine Down together and on Sunday (May 2), Jana released her first solo show since her split from Mike.

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Jana Kramer's Divorce Filing Revealed & She Accused Mike Caussin of Adultery

Jana Kramer filed for divorce from husband Mike Caussin last week and now details from the divorce filing have been revealed.

It’s no secret that the couple has had a lot of trouble in their marriage after tying the knot six years ago and now Jana has officially called it quits on their relationship.

All eyes will be on the reason’s Jana listed for the separation.

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Jana Kramer Files For Divorce From Mike Caussin After Six Years of Marriage

Jana Kramer has called it quits with husband Mike Caussin.

According to People, the 37-year-old “Whiskey” singer has filed for divorce from Mike after six years of marriage with a source saying that Mike had “cheated and broke her trust again.”

“‘It’s time.’ As I try to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again, those words have now become a reality,” Jana wrote on Instagram while announcing their split.

She added, “I’ve fought y’all. I’ve loved hard. I’ve forgiven. I’ve put the work in. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”

“Please know that I still believe wholeheartedly in marriage, love, and rebuilding. I just can’t fight any longer. It’s time to heal,” Jana continued. “Thank you for all the love, heart, and support, in many ways you have fought on this journey alongside me, and for that I am grateful. I’ll always encourage you to continue the good fight, but you can’t fight it alone. 💔”

Jana and Mike have been open about their marital problems, and just recently, she revealed she found photos of a topless woman.

The couple, who have separated before, have two children, Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2.

jana kramer michael caussin divorcing 01
jana kramer michael caussin divorcing 02
jana kramer michael caussin divorcing 03
jana kramer michael caussin divorcing 04
jana kramer michael caussin divorcing 05

Jana Kramer Reveals She's Declined a Role in 'Real Housewives of Nashville' Three Times

Jana Kramer will not be appearing on The Real Housewives of Nashville, but there may be another reality TV show in her future.

People has a sneak peek the 37-year-old country singer’s latest episode of the podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, in which she discussed the possibility that she and her husband would appear on a future reality show.

Jana revealed that they had been approached to film for the upcoming The Real Housewives of Nashville, but had declined “three times.”

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Jana Kramer Reacts to Her Ex, Who She Was Married to For 12 Days, Posting Their Wedding Photo

Jana Kramer is not happy with her ex-husband Johnathon Schaech.

The 51-year-old Legends of Tomorrow actor posted a photo of his 2010 wedding to Jana on Twitter on Tuesday (March 30).

He also wrote lengthy caption explaining the marriage to his 7-year-old son, Camden Quinn, who he shares with his wife Julie Solomon.

“I had to explain this photo to my son today,” he wrote. “I told him I’ve been married three times. But I got it right when I married his mother. @kramergirl and I lasted a week. We weren’t meant but for this photo and friendship.”

The country singer discussed the post on her podcast, Whine Down, which she hosts with her husband Mike Caussin.

“So my ex-husband — because I guess he technically was a husband — so he tweeted out a picture of our wedding day and said, ‘I had to explain this photo to my son to tell him that I’ve been married three times and that his mother was the one I should have ended up with’,” Jana explained.

She said that while she and Johnathon have a solid friendship and that she’s very close with his wife Julie, the tweet “rubbed me wrong.”

“Why are you posting a photo of our wedding day? That’s from the past. I didn’t want to see that photo on Twitter. Now you’re tagging me in it,” she said. “It bothered me.”

Jana and Johnathon separated 12 days after their marriage in July 2010. Their divorce was finalized in June 2011.

Jana recently revealed that one cast member from One Tree Hill “made life hell” for newbies on set.

Jana Kramer Reveals Why She's Getting a Breast Augmentation & Lift

Jana Kramer is opening up about the decision to get a breast augmentation and breast lift.

The 37-year-old country singer posted an explanation on Instagram, beginning, “Time to let you all in on a deeper level. I have been insanely hesitant on sharing this because, honestly, I’m afraid of the reactions. I guess with as much as I do share you wouldn’t think I would have a problem oversharing, but this goes deep for me. I considered not saying anything but then it just would have felt inauthentic, and well, you might be noticing a difference. So here goes. After many years of consideration I have decided to get a breast augmentation and lift. I want to be open about WHY. First off, because “I” want to. That right there should be enough, but I feel like I need to explain the “I” part.”

“I’ve considered breast augmentation before but it was never for ‘me.’ With everything that happened in my marriage I thought I would be loved more, sexier, or quite frankly he would choose me. But the better part of me knew, that was a distraction,” she added. “It still bothered me though. And after having babies, I had a new set of insecurities with my body. Things didn’t go back to normal, and I carry a lot of embarrassment when I’m undressed. I don’t want to feel that way anymore. That was the ‘click’ that showed I should follow through. Before it was what I thought someone else wanted. Now it’s simple. ‘I’—and that’s a very ‘capital’ ‘I’”

Jana continued, “Bottom line, I’m choosing myself, I’m choosing my size, I’m doing what’s right for me. I know a woman’s body is beautiful no matter what shape or size but I want this.”

She added, “So I just ask ya’ll to celebrate this with me. I’m at a place where I feel empowered to do what I want. I’m being honest about what it means. If you need a push to give yourself that same grace, here it is. No one knows what’s in another woman’s head. Or, for that matter, under their shirt. So do what’s right for you, and I’ll celebrate with you, too.”

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Jana Kramer Alludes To One 'One Tree Hill' Star Making Life Hell On Set For New Cast

Jana Kramer isn’t naming names, but is putting one of her One Tree Hill co-stars on blast.

The 37-year-old country singer and former OTH star opened up on her podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, about how life on set wasn’t all what many thought it was.

Before she reunited with James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti on the program, Jana admitted to husband Mike that one person in the cast made it hell for everyone else.

“When I was on the show…there was just some, not cattiness, but just, ‘You can’t talk to this person if you’re friends with this person,’” she recalled. “So I wasn’t very close to James because of certain situations on the set at the time.”

Jana continued, “But now, I mean everyone is really close, and it’s kind of frustrating because I’m like, ‘Why couldn’t we have all be friends then? And you made the newbies’ life a little bit of hell.’ But it’s cool.”

She pointed out that while tension has subsided, she is still frustrated that it happened at all.

“But now it’s like, annoying because they’re all like, ‘We’re all friends now,’ and I’m just like, ‘You, one person, literally made it hell for us, because if we chose the wrong friend, we would be destroyed,’” Jana says.

In a previous conversation with Bethany Joy Lenz, Jana said that it was “hard for us, because I felt like when we came on the show, just being so honest, it was a very divided set.”

“I feel like everyone already kinda had their places and it was either, are you going to be in the ‘A team’ or the ‘B team?’ It was just tricky.”

Previously, James opened up about what the end of One Tree Hill signified for him.