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Jake Has Bunz Of Steel

New York, NY :: It's becoming cool again for men to wear spandex!  Or so Jake Gyllenhaal would like to believe. The heavily bearded actor rode his bicycle down the streets of Manhattan this past Monday in a Hooters orange bicycle jacket and black bike pants that shared quite the generous amount of body countour. Um, yeah. And as Britpopbaby shares, "I THINK JAKE JUST SLIPPED FROM DEITY TO MORTAL." Whatcha think of Jake's skintastic pants?  Too tight or just right?


Jake and Austin Share Clothes

And because Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols (both 25) are BFFs, of course they should wear matching shades and bike racing jackets. Here's a rundown of sponsors emblazoned on Jake and Austin's jackets -- Gulfstream, Houston's and Bandera are all restaurants belonging toan L.A. corporate restaurant chain, the Hillstone Group.  And "I. Martin Bicycles" is the largest bike shop in Los Angeles and according to their website, their history is "Comming soon...."
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle01
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle02
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle03
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle04
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle05
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle06
jake gyllenhaal riding bike jake-gyllenhaal-riding-bicycle07


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Just because two guys are hanging out with each other doesn't mean they're gay. I think sometimes it sucks to be a celebrity especially if you're a guy because when you hang out with your guy friends like going to a basketball game or working out together like normal guys would do, suddenly the gossips began, saying he's gay. It's quite absurd, actually.


He does have buns of steel but I vote too tight! The ANTM panel would rip him to shreds.

I always find people who wear those stupid biker suits funny. They just look so ridciulous.

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I adore Jake, but wow, check out those chicken legs! Too tight, baby, too tight!

They might not be sharing clothes, you know. They could just go on day-long shower trips nd buy matching outfits. ;)

Oops, I typed shower when I meant shopping. My slip is showing. SHOPPING trips. Wow. I'm going to go hide now.

BANDERA is the greatest resaurant. Love their Skillet Cornbread.

BANDERA is the greatest resaurant. Love their Skillet Cornbread.

Awww glad to see jakey is brave enough to wear this. Plus glad to see he's keeping up his cycling remembering the quote " cycling is my main form of exercise i've been inspired by lance armstrong!" Go Jake!!

I love Jake, he is awesome. Yay for spandex if you have a hot body!

His legs looked funny, seems he got a little chubby

His legs looked funny, seems he got a little chubby

Good for him. He is cute.

He's cycling in Greenwich Village - spandex is -mandatory- Just right, too hot!!

It's not only OK for Mr. G. to where spandex, it should be obligatory.

Oh My God! I am in absolute heaven. Austin and Jake were born to wear spandex.

Is that underwear I see underneath Jake's shorts? Big cycling faux pas. The point of the shorts is that it comes with a breathable chinois padding that prevents chaffing, wicks moisture and is more sanitary. Wearing undies beneath it defeats the whole purpose of the shorts!


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