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Kris Jenner Says Everyone Was Tested For Coronavirus Before Attending Kendall Jenner's 25th Halloween Birthday Party

Kendall Jenner came under fire over the weekend as she hosted a very large gathering in celebration of her 25th birthday.

Many Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans called the model out on the behavior and now her mom, Kris Jenner, is responding to it all.

Speaking with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show, Kris revealed that everyone in attendance at the party was rapid tested for coronavirus while waiting in line to get into it.

“We are very lucky to work in an industry where we get tested once or twice a week,” Kris shared. “I just got tested again. I was tested on Friday. I got because of the network rules while we are filming as you know, so that’s very strict. And then whenever we have a gathering, no matter how big or small, no matter, you know, whether it’s five people or 25 people, you know, or 20 people, um, we have like at Kendall’s everyone got tested before they walked in the door and they had to wait, you know, a half an hour until the testing was, the results were in.”

She added that “everybody was tested before a few days before the, you know, Halloween. So we are really responsible and we make sure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously.”

“We do what we can, we, we try to follow the rules. And then if people are, you know, they’re commenting and they’re being critical, I can’t control that…and I try to do the best we can.”

The party will presumably featured on the final season of the E! reality series.

“I will say we, we did something together a month or two ago, and the protocols to getting it was at one of the girl’s houses,” Andy recalled, backing up Kris‘ testing claims. “I was sent to a location on the way to the house I was tested. And they said, if you get to the house and the gate opens, that means you tested negative.”

He added that when he arrived, about “a half hour later and that gate went open. I was like, all right, it’s all good. But yeah, you guys are, you guys are quite, um, you guys are quite careful.”

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Sam Smith Is Still Single in Quarantine & Got Kicked Off Dating App Hinge - Find Out Why

Sam Smith is single.

The 28-year-old singer made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (October 15).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sam Smith

“I’m still single, I’m on the front line with all the single people still and it’s been difficult. I’ve gone on all the apps and stuff,” Sam explained before revealing the trouble with dating app Hinge.

“They chucked me off of it after one night because they thought I was a catfish
pretending to be me,” Sam revealed as Andy Cohen urged a try at Tinder instead.

“I need to, I’m going to do Tinder,” Sam said.

Sam also opened up about dating troubles in new single “Diamonds” – click here to listen and read the lyrics! Despite not being in a relationship, Sam Smith was recently seen making out with this person.

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Andy Cohen Addresses Rumor That Caitlyn Jenner Could Join 'Real Housewives'

There’s a rumor going around that Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins are going to be joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, and now, Andy Cohen is directly addressing the rumor.

“This is one of those where the call is coming from inside the house people, as they say. I know that they have expressed their interest publicly. On social media they’ve tagged me in posts saying we think this is a great idea, but, um, it is not, we’ve never talked to them formally and that is only… That, that, that rumor is not true,” Andy said on his SiriusXM show while addressing the rumor.

Find out more about the rumor that the pair were supposedly joining the hit reality show.

Nene Leakes Fires Back at Andy Cohen & Wendy Williams in Series of Tweets Saying 'They Both Need My Help' For Ratings

Nene Leakes is not holding back in a new series of tweets directed at Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams.

After the two discussed her Real Housewives of Atlanta exit on Watch What Happens Live over the weekend, the 52-year-old star responded with a handful of scathing tweets.

In the segment, Wendy said that Nene likes “dramatic attention.”

“I don’t know what Nene is going to be doing for money,” she added. “I’m not trying to count coins, but the ‘Housewives’ is that one thing that all the girls use to promote their other stuff.”

Andy agreed: “Yeah, it’s a great driver for promotion…[she] probably has a lot of opportunities and hopefully will come back.”

Wendy also suggested that any spinoffs about Nene and her family would be “boring.”

While not mentioning them by name, Nene went off on Twitter.

“Both are f their ratings are LOW! Bye QUEENS,” she posted. “She on cocaine so they should stop using her to talk! They both need my help with their poor ratings.”

Nene added in additional tweets: “Keep trying me sir and imma let the world know who you really are…The racist is the master manipulator! They using me for ratings like they have always done.”

Earlier over the weekend, Nene opened up about her reasons for leaving the reality show. See what she said here…

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Wendy Williams Wants Kim Kardashian & Kanye West to Divorce 'Sooner Rather Than Later'

Wendy Williams wants Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to get a divorce and she’s not afraid to share her opinion!

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Wendy was asked when she thinks Kim and Kanye will officially get a divorce and she said “sooner than later, hopefully.” Kanye has been taking to Twitter and airing out the family’s laundry and fans have showed concern for his well being.

“Why do you say hopefully?” Andy Cohen responded.

“She needs to be free…she needs to be free to date. She can’t be caught out there dating other men and cheating and things like that. They can’t have an open relationship…they’ve got four children. I bet you she spend all of her time with them…she’s the primary parent. And he’s off in Wyoming making clothing and clothing and trying to figure out his life. And urinating on Grammys. Just saying,” Wendy added.

“Good for them,” she said. “They had a good run and now they can make all of their money with their social media followers and Kim definitely has got it in spades. She can slowly work on her divorce and life goes on.”

The latest update we have on Kim and Kanye‘s relationship didn’t sound too positive, but we have not heard directly from them about their relationship.

Andy Cohen Addresses Teddi Mellencamp's Dismissal From 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Andy Cohen is setting the record straight.

The Watch What Happens Live host opened up about the departure of Teddi Mellencamp from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on his SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday (September 23).

Teddi Mellencamp released what I thought was one of the most, no BS. I’m leaving announcements on record. We have, we have the audio. Let’s let’s listen to it,” he said before playing her announcement.

“That was really good. That was good….I have to say it’s so wild when you, everyone has just been through it. The year, like it’s not many people for whom this year has been a good year, but she had, I mean, she has had some major health stuff with her kids. So I really, you know, I was, I was watching that thinking, wow, she’s been through it health wise with her kids,” he said.

“Now this there’s a whole controversy online about her business. That’s going on now. Well, well, I just want to, I want to say people are speculating that the online chatter about her business led to her dismissal. And I just want to say, because I think it’s important that one had absolutely nothing to do with the other. And I actually would have liked to see her respond to her critics on the show. I would have liked to have seen that,” he continued.

“I know nothing by the way about her business, but I will say that Jeff Lewis and team, um, I actually, I was tuning in the other day and they were talking about it. I remember them saying this, they went through the all-in program and they did not have bad things to say about it. She, they, I think they said they were hungry, but, um, he said that that, that program taught him how to order food in restaurants. And so anyway, listen, listen to the clip of Jeff talking about the program. So I don’t know, I’ve never done it. I don’t know anything about it. Um, but I did just want to clear that up. And of course I wish her well and I like, I liked that announcement.”

If you missed it, Andy also addressed the departure of a beloved original housewife from the franchise.

Andy Cohen Reacts to NeNe Leakes Leaving 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Andy Cohen is speaking out.

Following NeNe Leakes‘ announcement that she is leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise after over a decade, the Watch What Happens Live! Bravo host spoke out in a statement on social media on Thursday (September 17).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes is an icon of the genre. She is a gif and catchphrase machine. In 11 years of #WWHL, Nene has been our most frequent guest, and she is always A BLAST. Nene nicknamed me ‘Buttercup’ the first day we met, and still calls me that today. Through her whole run, she has always had a serious concern and drive to maintain the success and well-being of #RHOA. I am going to miss Nene on the show, but I’m hoping we work together again soon and will remain in each other’s orbits forever. XO, Buttercup,” he captioned his post.

Find out more about Nene‘s decision to leave the franchise.