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The BTS 'Extended Break' Has Ended After Just a Month

Fans of the K-Pop group BTS are going to be so excited to find out that the band has ended their “extended break” after only one month.

Big Hit Entertainment announced that the group would take time off to rest and relax back in August. They previously said, “This period of rest will be an opportunity for the members of BTS, who have relentless driven themselves towards their goal since their debut, to recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators.”

Fans most likely expected the break to last much longer than a month, but Big Hit has confirmed that the guys are ready to hit the stage again.

“Wrapping up its extended vacation, BTS departed overseas this morning for an engagement abroad,” the management team told E! News.

BTS Member Jungkook Drops New Original Song for His Birthday - Listen Now!

Jungkook has a surprise for fans on his birthday!

The BTS member took to Weverse on Saturday (August 31) to express his gratitude for all of the birthday love he’s been receiving. (He turned 22 on September 1, which it currently is in South Korea.)

“If our ARMYs didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am on a day like today,” Jungkook wrote (via a fan translation account).

“I searched up all the things that you did for me; thank you so much…There really were so many,” he continued. “Honestly, that I would receive well wishes from so many people (from my beloved ARMYs) is something that still amazes me, and sometimes doesn’t feel real.”

Jungkook added that he usually uploads a cover song on his birthday, but since he wasn’t able to make one this year, he instead revealed a new short original track (sung in English) on BTS‘s Twitter.

Listen below!

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A TV Series About BTS Becoming a Group Is In The Works!

A new television series about the K-Pop group BTS is in the works, but they’ll not be starring in it.

The series will follow how the seven-member group met and became one of the world’s hottest bands. The show will cast young actors as younger versions of the stars.

“Storytelling will be expanded in stages to include artists in our multi-label organization,” Bang Si-hyuk, founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, said at a press conference (via Entertainment Weekly). “Big Hit is currently preparing a drama series together with a leading Korean production company based on the Bangtan Universe, slated for release in the second half of 2020. It will be a story set in the BU about how the seven boys first met.”

Fans seem upset that the guys from BTS won’t appear in the series, but they just announced they’re taking a much-deserved break to rest up.

BTS Announce Extended Break for the First Time Since Their Debut

It’s time for BTS to get some rest and relaxation!

The massively popular South Korean boy band revealed their plans to take an extended break on Sunday (August 11) for the first time since their 2013 debut.

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The group’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, confirmed the news in a statement.

“Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment. We would like to announce that for the first time since their debut, BTS will be going on an official and extended period of rest and relaxation. Today’s LOTTE DUTY FREE FAMILY CONCERT performance will make the last scheduled event before members prepare to take their vacations,” they wrote.

“This period of rest will be an opportunity for the members of BTS, who have relentlessly driven themselves towards their goal since their debut, to recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators. This will also provide them with a chance to enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s, albeit briefly. During this time, the members will rest and recharge in their own personal ways. Should you have a chance encounter with a member of BTS while they are on vacation, we ask that you show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off. BTS will return refreshed and recharged to return all the love you have an continue to show them. Thank you.”

Have a great break, BTS! See the statement inside…

BTS Member V Releases Music Video for 'Winter Bear' - Watch!

BTS member V is giving fans a surprise!

The 23-year-old South Korean boy band superstar dropped the music video for “Winter Bear” on Friday (August 9).

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V also acted in and directed the video, which contains footage of the superstar traveling throughout Europe and the United States.

The English-language song came as a gift. marking 1000 days of the phrase “I purple you,” which he created to represent the trust and love between the boy band and their loyal ARMY.

Watch the music video for V‘s “Winter Bear” and read the lyrics inside…

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