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John Stamos Shares Throwback Photo of Him & Young Elizabeth Olsen on 'Full House' Set

John Stamos is ready for the finale of WandaVision and he’s taking a look back at a moment he shared with the show’s star Elizabeth Olsen many years ago.

The 57-year-old actor took to Instagram on Thursday night (March 4) to share a throwback photo of him and Elizabeth on the set of Full House.

Lizzie‘s older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played Michelle Tanner in the beloved sitcom and the show got a brief nod in the 80s episode of WandaVision.

“One day she’s a little girl wandering the set, and next thing you know, she’s taking over a whole town, mindcontrolling the citizens to play out her favorite TV Sitcoms! They grow up so fast… Wanda had a vision we’d both be on @disneyplus Check out #BigShot coming in April and @wandavision Tonight!” John captioned the below photo.

John‘s new series Big Shot will be premiering on Disney+ in April.

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John Stamos Opens Up About Isolating from Son After COVID-19 Exposure

John Stamos is sharing his experience isolating from his son during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 57-year-old revealed on social media last week that he was self-isolating for a third time after being exposed to someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.

He added that the experience has been very challenging for his son, Billy, who “went to bed crying” because he couldn’t be with his father.

In a recent interview with People, John opened up further about how difficult it’s been to quarantine away from his son.

“He still cries,” John said. “He’ll FaceTime me, but then he starts crying a lot. ‘I want to cuddle,’ he says. ‘Daddy, I want to cuddle.’”


The Full-House actor shared how he and wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos have been explaining the situation to Billy.

Caitlin‘s been telling him that I might have some germs and I have to take a test,” John said. “So every day, he goes, ‘Dad, you have germs? You have germs?’”

John also hinted that he and Caitlin were hoping to expand their family in the near future, but that having to quarantine had thrown a wrench into his plans.

“When I’m locked upstairs in a room and she’s downstairs it makes it hard,” John joked.

John‘s former castmate Bob Saget recently shared how John helped him prepare for his appearance on The Masked Singer. Find out what he said!

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John Stamos Is Back In Isolation After Being Exposed To Coronavirus For The Third Time

John Stamos has been coming into close contact with COVID-19 a lot.

The 57-year-old actor revealed on social media this week that he’s now back in isolation after he was exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus for a third time.

“I was exposed to the virus for the 3rd time, and have to isolate again for another 10 days!” he shared in his tweet, after revealing that his son, Billy, was in tears over it.

In a subsequent tweet, John encouraged his followers to take the virus seriously as the United States nears a total of 26 million confirmed cases.

John‘s tweets follow the news that Johnson & Johnson is on the road to becoming the third pharmaceutical company to be working on a vaccination. Here’s how theirs will be different…

Cloris Leachman Remembered By Reese Witherspoon, Mel Brooks, John Stamos & More

Tributes are pouring in for Cloris Leachman, who passed away this week at the age of 94.

Fans of the iconic actress and many celebs are taking to social media to share their memories of the actress and praise her for her work in the industry.

“Truly original and larger than life in every unique performance . An incredibly talented actress who will be deeply missed,” Reese Witherspoon shared on Twitter after the announcement of Cloris‘ passing.

Ed Asner, who starred with Cloris on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, shared an image of the two of them together.

“A picture from the last time I saw you. Always beautiful. Nothing I could say would top the enormity of my love for you. Until we meet again darling. #clorisleachmanrip.”

Another of Cloris‘ longtime friends and peer, Mel Brooks, also shared a touching tribute to her.

Cloris passed away earlier today (January 27) from natural causes, according to her family.

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Bob Saget Says John Stamos Set Him Up For Success on 'Masked Singer'

Bob Saget was unveiled as the Squiggly Monster on tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, and is now opening up about how John Stamos helped him in the competition.

“John and I have been in a band since Full House and both of those songs [I performed on the show] I sang with John Stamos,” the 64-year-old actor and comedian shared with US Weekly.

He continued that “Usually, it’s just a few guys jamming, but we love performing and then I love to hog the mic for four hours. So, John has really set me up for success.”

Bob adds that even the songs he had performed on the show prepared him even more for the show.

“I got every song you play with a pop-rock band, [which is] my comfort zone,” he says. “I had voice constraints on ‘Satisfaction.’ The helmet [in my costume] was choking me during that one! There was a dancer that popped up that wasn’t supposed to be there, so I turned and lost my voice because of construction. So, I sounded a little rough!”

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John Stamos Wants To Play Chachi in Announced 'Happy Days' Reunion Hosted By Democratic Party of Wisconsin

John Stamos is throwing his name in the hat to help out the cast of Happy Days in filling the void of Chachi.

Earlier today it was announced that most of the original cast of the Milwaukee set show would be getting back together for a special reunion that would benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Don Most, Anson Williams, Marion Ross, and writer Lowell Ganz are the confirmed cast and crew so far for the event.

John volunteered to join the gang, as Chachi’s original portrayer, Scott Baio, is a very vocal and well known supporter of Donald Trump.

The reunion will be virtual and all proceeds will go towards making Trump a one-term president.

“We’re thrilled a show made famous in Milwaukee is coming back home to help make Donald Trump a one-term President,” Ben Wikler, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, shared in a statement. “We know all roads to the White House go through the Badger State, and with the cast of ‘Happy Days’ helping us raise money to take back the White House, we believe even more we can deliver a victory on November 3rd.”

The Happy Days reunion will feature fan questions, behind-the-scenes stories from the cast and crew, and more surprises to be announced. Get more info and your tickets now!

Scott isn’t the only celeb supporting Trump in the election. See who else is here…

John Stamos Has a Giant Dumbo from Disneyland at His House!

If you were watching the Disney Family Singalong special, you probably noticed that John Stamos and his family filmed their segment in a giant Dumbo from the Disneyland ride!

The 56-year-old actor sang “It’s a Small World” while sitting in the giant Dumbo and lots of fans were amazed that he had something that special in his house.

Well, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it. Just a few weeks ago, John read the book “A Kiss Goodnight,” by Disney legends Floyd Norman and Richard Sherman, from the Dumbo. You can watch below!

John has always been a big Disney fan and back in 2015 he told James Corden, “When I was a kid, my friend collected war relics, which was weird, and I said, I want to collect stuff. So I started collecting Disney memorabilia because I love Disneyland.”