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Lance Bass Says Jax Taylor Is Stepping Away From Their Business, Jax Says He Isn't Amid His Controversial Comments

Lance Bass recently mused on his podcast that his business partner, Jax Taylor, should also be let go from Vanderpump Rules due to past racist comments that have surfaced.

One of the instances happened when he commented on the size of 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith’s nose back in 2018.

Lance said, “He will lose out. I do not see Bravo keeping him. I have a feeling soon this will be done. It gets bigger and bigger.”

“It’s going to cost him everything,” he added “He’s stepping down from [our] Just Add X [business venture]. We can’t be involved and associated with any of this going down. We have to do the right thing.”

Just Add X is a cocktail mix company and unfortunately, Jax has a different side of the story.

“Last week the Just Add X website had been hacked, showcasing some hateful slurs, which Jax felt horrible about. In an emotional state, Jax had texted Lance and the Just Add X team offering to step down from the company if that was the direction they wanted to take,” Jax‘s rep told Us Weekly. “The team immediately followed up with a phone call with Lance and the team reassured and fully supported him.”

The statement added, “It was decided that Jax would continue to stay on the team and that they all had his back given these unpredictable times. The statements from Lance on the podcast today are not only untrue but also extremely confusing and shocking to say the least. Jax is still very much a partner and founder of Just Add X and supports the team and the brand whole-heartedly.”

Bravo just fired four other stars of Vanderpump Rules for racist comments.

Lance Bass Called Out Candace Owens About Her Racist Thoughts & She Responds In Stranger Twitter Fight

Lance Bass was not going to let Candace Owens have the last word in their strange Twitter fight.

The 41-year-old former singer clapped back at Candace, who has been making headlines lately for her remarks about George Floyd, where she condemned his character.

In the exchange, Candace called out Lance after he was discussing her and her remarks on his social media pages.

“Apparently, @LanceBass—known to most of us as Justin Timberlake’s fourth back-up singer from decades past—has been going off about me on Facebook bc he thinks any black person that won’t support BLM ain’t black. Lance, you peaked in high school. Nobody cares what you think,” she wrote.

She went on, “maybe when JT wins another lifetime achievement award, he’ll invite you sing back up again. Until then— why don’t shut up. My grandfather didn’t live through segregation so that one day a white boy could to tell me how to behave like a good little black girl. @LanceBass.”

Lance replied to her, making sure she was understanding what he actually said and what he never did say:

“For the record, I never and would never question the ‘blackness’ of any black person. Despite their viewpoints. I simply called her a fraud for these reasons…,” he wrote, along with a link to an article that has receipts of her remarks. “And btw, never once did I say a black person isn’t really black for not supporting #BLM. Again more lies coming from your end per usual. I simply stated that YOU promote racist ideologies that overtly diminish the black community to appeal to a white ignorant base. Clear now?”

Lance added, “Oh and @RealCandaceO—it says more about you than me that your using this this ’4th string has-been back up dancer’ to get attention for your book. And please, as if you didn’t have my poster on your wall. WE SEE YOU.”

See the full exchange below:

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Lance Bass Tops Off Birthday Celebrations with NSYNC Reunion Zoom Call

Lance Bass hosted a mini NSYNC reunion for his birthday this week.

The 41-year-old singer shared a recap of his birthday celebrations on Instagram, showing off the “parade of cars outside my house with a few friends”.

Lance also revealed that his former bandmates – Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez – reunited with a Zoom call to celebrate. Justin Timberlake was the only one not there.

“My loved ones made it so special. I’m still in shock,” he wrote on his feed, adding, “I had enough food sent over to feed an army. And I dug into SIX birthday cakes. And to top it off Michael through me a surprise virtual bday party with some of my favorite people!”

Lance added, “Thank you to everyone who made this weird birthday the best ever! 😘”

See the video below!

Lance Bass & Husband Michael Turchin Mourn After Surrogate Suffers a Miscarriage After 9th Attempt at IVF

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin are sadly mourning.

The married couple’s surrogate sadly suffered a miscarriage after eight weeks with a baby boy, Lance confirmed to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday March 18).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lance Bass

This was their ninth attempt at fatherhood.

“We unfortunately lost him after eight weeks, which happens to pretty much everyone when you’re going through IVF. I didn’t even know that as we were going through this, but we’ve met so many great couples who have the same story. So, you do feel a lot of support knowing other people have gone through it,” he said.

“You try to trick yourself into not getting excited because you know anything can happen at any time, especially in those first few weeks when there’s a huge possibility that the [embryos] won’t stick. You keep telling yourself that and trying not to get your hopes up, but you’re always going to have those thoughts in the back of your brain where you’re already planning out their lives,” he continued.

“That’s the thing that sucks — you can’t help yourself from thinking those thoughts and having this perfect world scenario in your mind. Getting over that has been hard.”

He also said that “everything happens for a reason and when it needs to happen, it’ll have to happen.”

“I’m trying not to worry about it. Of course, in a perfect world I would love to have my own kids. But if it’s not meant in the cards, then it’s not meant in the cards and there are plenty of kids who need adopting. I’m not opposed to going right ahead and adopting if this fails next time.”

Our thoughts are with Lance and Michael at this difficult time.

Lance Bass Responds After Being Criticized for Keeping WeHo Bar Open During Coronavirus Pandemic

Lance Bass has released a statement as to why his West Hollywood bar Rocco’s Tavern is still open.

The 40-year-old NYSNC member was criticized by songwriter Justin Tranter for having a packed bar on Sunday (March 15) when people should be at home self-quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lance then took to his Instagram Story to address the situation, saying that the bar is cancelling all nightlife promotions.

“We are truly a family and for 20 years our focus has always been on community an safety,” the statement reads. “For that reason we are canceling all nightlife promotions effective at closing time tonight.”

While Rocco’s is closing at night, the tavern will remain open for now.

“With that same focus on community we will NOT be closing our kitchen and will remain open to serve food and drinks at a fair price. As many of you may already experienced many basic food items are completely out of stock at local grocery stores,” the statement continued. “We will continue to offer food, drinks, takeout and delivery.”

You can read Lance Bass‘ full statement in the gallery…

lance bass responds weho bar open coronavirus

Justin Tranter Calls Out Lance Bass' WeHo Bar for Having Packed Crowd Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Justin Tranter is calling out Lance Bass‘ packed bar and the crowds of people there amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old songwriter took to Twitter on Sunday (March 15) to share a photo of the packed outdoor patio of the 40-year-old NSYNC member’s West Hollywood bar Rocco’s Tavern.

“Dear LGBTQ community and Roccos WeHo, you are way smarter than this. Shut this s–t down now,” Justin tweeted.

After posting his tweet, many people agreed with Justin that the bar should be closed and that people should staying home and self-quarantining to prevent spreading the coronavirus.

Justin also added that he is offering to help pay LGBTQ nightclub workers if they stay home from work during this pandemic.

If you missed it, all movie theaters in New York City and Los Angeles have been ordered to close.

A Movie About NSYNC Superfans Is in the Works with Lance Bass Producing!

An NSYNC movie is in the works!

Sony label TriStar Pictures has acquired an untitled feature film about NSYNC superfans, Variety reports.

Lance Bass, who first teased the movie at SXSW last year, is producing along with Cindy Cowan.

Described as Girls Trip meets Pitch Perfect, the film is inspired by the true story of “two best friends from Park City, Utah, who used game show earnings to buy a motor home and travel the U.S. to catch Bass and company — Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick — on their fourth and final national tour.”

According to the outlet, Lance Bass has said that music will play a major role in the flick, which could possibly be turned into a Broadway production later on.

ICYMI, find out what Joey Fatone had to say about a possible NSYNC reunion!