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Tyra Banks Goes Bald

"The Girls Go Bald" -- After 32 aspiring models arrive in Pasadena, Calif., to face host Tyra Banks, the field quickly narrows to 13 finalists, however, the finalists are given little time to settle into their posh new mansion in Los Angeles before Jay Manuel reveals in a jaw-dropping announcement that they will be bald for their first photo shoot.
At the latest ANTM press conference, Nigel Barker (Fashion Photographer and Judge) Jay Manuel (Art Director of Photo Shoots) and Ken Mok (Executive Producer) wouldn't reveal much about the upcoming season of ANTM but they did confirm everyone's suspicions that Cycle 5's Jayla was the guilty party in stealing Bre's granola bars.  Dun dun dun.  They also mentioned the uncertainty of future releases of subsequent seasons of ANTM on DVD because of poor Season 1 sales. Gah!  The sixth-cycle, two-hour premiere of America's Next Top Model airs this Wednesday, March 8 (8PM ET/PT) on UPN.  More pictures in the gallery!
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antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-15
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-16
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-17
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antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-19
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-20
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-21
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-22
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-23
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-24
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-25
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-26
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-27
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-28
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-29
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antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-36
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antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-38
antm cycle 6 antm-cycle6-39
antm cycle 6 tyra-banks-bald-head


24 Comments Have Already Been Posted

Tyra is a pain in the A** - she is an oprah wanna-be and very annoying - so is oprah, by the way. She's an idiot for cutting off her hair - although they were all extensions anyways.

We women know how much our hair means to us. We don't know the circumstances to Tyra's decision to go bald. Instead of criticising Tyra, maybe give her an "atta girl" for having the huevos that many of women do not to make this bold move.

I don't think she actually went bald, just covered her hair and used makeup to hide the seem.

Wasnt it Bre's garnola bars and Nicole's energy drinks?

Tyra decided to go bald to attract ratings for her show - if in fact its real - I agree she's annoying and has an arrogance about her. How do you feel about becoming "America's next top model." Why - just because Tyra says its so. These girls don't go on to have that title - they get a contract but are by no means America's next top model!! Tyra just uses them now her career is pretty much OVER.

You're absolutely right, Dee! Thanks for the quick correction!

tyra looks F-R-E-A-K-Y bald

SHE IS an Oprah wannabe, I always say that too!

Too funny if all the models quit and say forget it Tyra - no one is cutting my hair off. Your show is just not worth it. LOL

Is it me or does Tyra have a dent in her bottom ear lobe?

she looks better bald than having that mess on her big head.

Tyra should take some of her own advice because her eyes are DEAD in that photo. Not fierce, Tyra, not fierce.

It's a baldcap people, Tyra wouldn't cut her hair off ... not even for ratings.

she's not bald for real. yall act like they dont touch the pictures up on the the computer. you can totally tell that pictures retouched.


Tyra is not bald, its a cap with makeup retouch, you guys are really stupid if you think thats real, ok so their going to shave all the girls hair for the first shoot? Please think before you speak!

She was already bald!! She has been wearing wigs all this time! Gross!

Yeah, Tyra probably did not go bald. It looks like a fake bald head to me. But I would do it in a heart beat! I believe it is a lot of strong girls secret wish to try it once in a life time. I wish she had a show for America's Next Top Model over 40!

If you want to go bald you may rethink the head and shave "down there" where it would be more attractive to the opposite sex.

First of all, Tyra had a waeve, not a wig. Get it right. Secondly, so what if she wants to be the next Oprah? Oprah rocks! thirdly, who cares if she went bald or not, she had shorty hair anyways. And yes, her eyes look dead in the pic, whatever. Get over it people and start thinkin a little more positively. So negative...

What does everyone have against a woman being bald?...Some woman are bald not by choice!!....I have alopecia universal...I lost ALL my body hair in a matter of 6 weeks...yes that includes my eyelashes and eyebrows...Its bad enough to feel like you are not pretty anymore without SOME of you who actually remind us we are not.....I think Tyra looks beautiful with or without hair!!!

Tyra is pretty, no matter what people say. Bald or extensions. She is my role model and will always be. She has helped me overcome alot of obstacles in my life. And I want to thank her.

Stop hating and start appreciating, many people are just jealous of Tyra's success and are quick to point out her flaws. Face it we all have flaws. She a hell of a beautiful woman inside and out and she knows what exactly she talking about when giving the contestants positive criticism. U go girl Trya I'm a serious Trya FREAK!!!!!!!!! Luv Ya Keep Positivly changing peoples lives.

Yeah me again, That just goes to show how people living in this day and age can be so ignotant. It's simply called a bald cap and its touched up with makeup to make it look realistic. And for the record Tyra was never bald She beautiful afro hair she just uses weaver. Whats wrong with that? Many women stuff their bras up so big deal!


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