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Phillippe Back On Track

Los Angeles, California :: Actor Ryan Phillippe, 31, is continuing his fitness regimen and getting in shape for his role as FBI upstart agent Eric O'Neill in the upcoming crime thriller Breach (Release Date :: TBD 2006). Looking fit as a fiddle, Ryan wore athletic shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt as he got all hot and sweaty during one of his weekly work-out sessions late last month. Ryan ran several laps around the track and intermittently stopped to do sit-ups.  More pictures in the gallery!

In between laps around the track, Ryan Phillippe worked up a
sweat doing multiple sets of elbow-to-opposite-knee sit-ups.
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track01
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track02
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track03
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track04
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track05
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track06
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track07
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track08
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track09
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track10
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track11
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track12
ryan phillippe running track ryan-phillippe-running-track13

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Nice pics, but I saw them about 6 months ago.

Those pics are from last year (I am not proud that I recognize them from my trashy mags)

ladies, these are new pictures! the ones you may remember are from august and he was shirtless. here are the ryan phillippe pictures from august.

Yea, they are new pics. They are similiar to the old ones though, but i mean, I always wear the same stuff when I work out too. So apparently so does Ryan.

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I know cameras aren't allowed on the Pepperdine Campus so CCox , Aniston and Pam Anderson use their track or walk around the campus-Is Ryan Practicing there?

OMG, he looks just like my husband.

five years and still panting.

Ryan cheats on Resse reguarly + he's a lousy actor.
But atleast he's cute

He's even more handsome now than he was in his younger days. You have to love it when a beautiful boy ages into a beautiful man.

Btw, thanks for the link to the old pics. That body just doesn't quit!

Thanks Jared. Ryan is still such a hottie but he's not working out to get ready for Breach like the pictures say. He's already done filming it. Maybe he has a new project or he's just keeping in shape for surf season.

I used to run in that field too. thats the UCLA drake stadium. Last weeks Jake G.'s workout was also taken there. I remember seeing celebs running in that track because of its proximity to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood Etc.

Ryan is really very fine man and nice! It´s good that he likes sport and these are very sweet photos..


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