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Catherine O'Hara Is Going Viral On TikTok After Fans Realized She's The Mom From 'Home Alone'

Catherine O’Hara just conquered TikTok without even having an account on the social media platform.

Fans are just now finding out that the 66-year-old Schitt’s Creek star is also the mom from Home Alone.

During a special Zoom event on Josh Gad‘s Reunited Apart series earlier this summer, Catherine flawlessly recreated the iconic scene from Home Alone 2 of her yelling “Kevin!” when she realizes she’s left her youngest son at home while flying to Florida for the holidays.

The clip was recently shared on TikTok by a fan, and it’s now gone viral with a massive 437,000 likes.

In the recreation of the scene, Catherine even faints after yelling Kevin’s name.

There’s been a lot of Home Alone revelations this year, as Kieran Culkin, who is star Macaulay Culkin‘s brother, admitted he didn’t realize his brother was the star of the film.

If you missed it, Macaulay also recreated his iconic after shave scene from the first movie in a surprising way. See it here!

'Schitt's Creek's Catherine O'Hara & Annie Murphy Star in Hudson Bay's Holiday Campaign

Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy are bringing Christmas to life in Hudson Bay’s 2020 holiday campaign.

The two Schitt’s Creek stars and recent Emmy winners launch an official “call to joy” which is the name of the campaign in the bright and festive promo video.

Hudson’s Bay has also revealed their new Holiday Hub, which is a one-stop destination for busy holiday shoppers and includes the 2020 Hudson’s Bay Holiday Gift Guide with gifts fit for every personality on the nice list.

“Growing up with my big family in Toronto, I was excited every year to see the beautiful holiday window display at Hudson’s Bay. I was also thrilled knowing my Mom and Dad would be buying our Christmas presents there! So I’m very happy to join this festive campaign celebrating Canadians and our colourful holiday season,” Catherine shared of her holiday memories and the new campaign.

Annie added, “The magic of the holiday season is spreading joy and that’s what Hudson’s Bay’s campaign ‘A Call to Joy’ is celebrating. For me, that joy is sobbing through ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ in front of the family Christmas tree.”

You can watch one of the promos with Catherine and Annie below!

'Schitt's Creek' Final Season Has Arrived on Netflix Early!

Great news for Schitt’s Creek fans!

The final season of the beloved series has arrived on Netflix earlier than expected. The episodes previously aired on Pop TV earlier this year, but fans without cable are finally able to watch the end of the Emmy-winning series.

Netflix was supposed to premiere the final season on October 7, but they decided to release it a little early.

Schitt’s Creek won nine Emmy Awards last month, breaking the record for the most awards won by a comedy series in one year and it also became the first show to sweep every category in its field during the main show.

“Surprise! Season 6 & the Best Wishes, Warmest Regards documentary just dropped early on @netflix @Netflix_CA! Have a great weekend! 💫,” star Dan Levy tweeted.

Netflix Reveals Premiere Date for 'Schitt's Creek' Final Season!

Schitt’s Creek was originally aired on the little-known network Pop TV, though it rose to massive popularity thanks to Netflix. Now, the beloved show’s final season has finally been given a premiere date by the streaming service.

The comedy series won nine Emmy Awards this past week, breaking the record for the most awards won by a comedy series in one year and it also became the first show to sweep every category in its field during the main show.

The final season ended back in April 2020 and fans who don’t have cable likely have been waiting for months to see the episodes.

So, when is the show premiering on Netflix?

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Catherine O'Hara Reveals How 'Schitt's Creek' Character Moria Rose Would Accept Emmy Award

Catherine O’Hara is a winner!

The 66-year-old won her first acting Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2020 Emmy Awards on Sunday (September 20) for her portrayal of Moira Rose on Schitt’s Creek.

After the ceremony, Catherine joked that her outlandish and over the top character “would have accepted the ‘Emmanuel’ in a very different way.”

“I think Moira would’ve done some kind of acceptance from the bed, like Joan Crawford,” Catherine shared with People. “Something very dramatic. I’m lucky I’m not her. I got to be with my friends.”

Catherine continued: “I love that idea that maybe Moira would have accepted —virtually, with no audience— and imagined they were [giving a standing ovation] in their homes.”

Speaking in her Moira accent, Catherine imagined the Rose matriarch saying something like, “‘Please, sit down! Please, sit down! I must continue! Please! I have some thank yous!’”

Schitt’s Creek was the big winner of the night, sweeping all seven trophies in the Comedy categories.

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catherine ohara on moira rose winning emmy 02
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catherine ohara on moira rose winning emmy 04
catherine ohara on moira rose winning emmy 05

'Schitt's Creek' Wins All 7 Possible Awards at Emmys 2020, First Show to Sweep!

Schitt’s Creek just did something that no other television show has ever done – win every possible category at the Emmys!

The show just took home all seven awards in the comedy categories at the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards, which took place on Sunday night (September 20).

For the beloved show’s final season, Schitt’s Creek took home Outstanding Comedy Series. They also won all four acting awards for Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, and Annie Murphy.

The show also took home the writing and directing awards, which were both won by Dan. He picked up four awards at the event!

Schitt’s Creek also won two other awards during the Creative Arts Emmys and it reportedly has won more awards in one year than any other comedy series has won in the past.

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schitts creek wins at emmys 02
schitts creek wins at emmys 03
schitts creek wins at emmys 04
schitts creek wins at emmys 05

Moira Rose's Accent on 'Schitt's Creek,' as Explained by Catherine O'Hara

How do you explain Moira Rose’s accent on Schitt’s Creek?

None of us have ever really been able to put a finger on it, though it brings fans so much joy.

When actress Catherine O’Hara was asked if she knew what she wanted her accent to be when she first took on the role, she told Variety, “Not at first. I have the emails, and I’m saying to Eugene [Levy], ‘Someone who is learning a different word every day and tries to slip them into conversations as much as possible. Somebody who’s world traveled.’”

“I now describe it as the result of Moira and Johnny’s world travels when they had money,” she continued. “Being the serious artist that she is, who observes people and culture and takes it all in, she then wants to share with the world.”

“What you’re getting when you hear her speak are oral mementos of her world travels,” she added. “I haven’t come up with a better way to describe it.”

“By email, you would say, ‘Why don’t we hear it?’” Catherine shared. “I was giving you nothing! I was saying, ‘I don’t want to sound like a human,’ basically.”

Eugene chimed in, “The first time we heard it was knockout — unreal.”

“You have to work with lovely, smart, talented people who allow you to sound like an alien,” Catherine O’Hara said. “Just to have that creative freedom is — I don’t expect to have it with other people. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to have done this with Eugene and Daniel [Levy].”

The Schitt’s Creek series finale premieres TONIGHT! See what Dan had to say about it here.