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Fans Think They Figured Out the Identities of 3 of the Celebrities in Iggy Azalea's DMs

Earlier this week, Iggy Azalea posted a TikTok video exposing celebrities (and non verified accounts) who DM her.

Iggy actually posted the contents of the DMs, including the follower count and post count, plus what each message to her said. However, Iggy blocked out all other identifying photos like the profile photo and username.

Now, some eagle-eyed fans did some detective work and apparently, three of the men have been possibly revealed. Note: none of this is confirmed, and fans are just assuming these are the men!

Click through the slideshow to see the three suspected celebrities who sent Iggy Azalea the DMs…

Iggy Azalea Releases Her DMs, Reveals Messages She Gets From Verified Accounts

Iggy Azalea has made a TikTok video showing off the direct messages she has received on her Instagram account.

The 30-year-old entertainer posted a video compilation of some of the DMs she has recently received. Some of the DMs are from verified Instagram users with millions of followers including one with 27 million followers!

You can click through the gallery below to read some of the direct messages she has received (and there does seem to be some explicit language included, so be warned!)

Click inside to see the TikTok video that Iggy Azalea created to show off some of the numerous DMs she receives on her verified account…More Here! »

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iggy azalea publishes her dms 03
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Iggy Azalea Drops New Songs 'Sip It' & 'Brazil' - Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

Iggy Azalea has not one, but two new songs out!

At night on Friday (April 2), the 30-year-old Australian rapper released her new songs “Brazil” and “Sip It,” which features Tyga.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Iggy Azalea

Along with the new songs, Iggy also released the sultry video for “Sip It,” which features a lot of twerking.

If you didn’t know, this isn’t the first time Iggy and Tyga have collaborated. In 2018, they teamed up on track “Kream.”

Just a few months ago, Iggy shared a ton of never-before-seen photos of her adorable baby boy Onyx.

You can download Iggy Azalea‘s new songs off of iTunes here – listen to “Sip It” and “Brazil” now!

Check out the lyrics inside…More Here! »

Iggy Azalea Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos of Son Onyx!

Iggy Azalea is sharing tons of adorable photos of her son Onyx!

The 30-year-old “Fancy” rapper took to her Instagram on Saturday (January 30) to take a trip down memory lane while sharing a bunch of photos of her son as a newborn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Iggy Azalea

“Photo dump//mommy & onyx 2020. I really Can’t believe how fast time flys [sic] 🥺 he looks like a toddler now days! Just yesterday you were a tiny ball in my arms. 😩💖 I love you always, all the ways,” Iggy wrote.

In the first photo, Iggy holds a newborn Onyx while she celebrated her 30th birthday back on June 7th. She also shared photos while holding her son along with a cute photo of Onyx taking a bath.

Iggy first announced she had welcomed a son back in June, but has not revealed Onyx‘s official birth date yet.

Iggy shares Onyx with ex Playboi Carti. f you missed it, she recently took to social media slam him. Find out why.

Check out the photos Iggy Azalea posted inside!More Here! »

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iggy new 02
iggy new 03
iggy new 04

Iggy Azalea Says She Gave Birth Alone While Playboi Carti Played Video Games at Home

Iggy Azalea is continuing to open up about her broken relationship with ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti, who is the father of her son Onyx.

The 30-year-old rapper took to Twitter just minutes after Carti dropped his new album Whole Lotta Red on Christmas morning and she called him out for not spending the holiday with his son.

Iggy also accused Carti of cheating on her while she was pregnant and she called out the woman he allegedly had an affair with.

After waking up on Christmas morning, Iggy decided to expose the woman some more and even shared a video of her being kicked out of the house.

Iggy also talked about the day she gave birth to Onyx and how Carti wasn’t by her side.

“This man was in philly playing PS5 mid pandemic the day my son was born even tho it was a scheduled c section. I had onyx alone completely cause he was my only visitor approved with Covid. We lived together at that time,” Iggy said.

She added, “And even tho onyx was a PLANNED baby, that we both wanted. On some weirdo shit he has still refused to sign his birth certificate. He’s 9months old. Won’t even give his son he claims to care so much about his own last name. Imagine how trash you are to do this to your first born son.”

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Iggy Azalea Calls Out Her Ex Playboi Carti After He Drops Album on Christmas

Iggy Azalea is calling out Playboi Carti, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her son, after he dropped a new album at midnight on Christmas.

The 30-year-old rapper spoke out in a series of tweets right after the new Whola Lotta Red album was released on early Friday morning (December 25).

“Too bad you got an album out but can’t even come to Christmas with your own son,” Iggy wrote in the first tweet she posted.

Iggy revealed that Carti wanted to have their son Onyx and accused him of cheating on her throughout her pregnancy. Their split was confirmed back in October.

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Iggy Azalea Clarifies Statement About Raising Her Son 'Alone' After Playboi Carti Split

It turns out, Iggy Azalea did not mean to imply that she would be raising her son Onyx alone after her breakup from Playboi Carti.

When the couple split, Iggy posted, “What I meant last night was that I’m raising my son alone & I’m not in a relationship,” Iggy wrote.

Now, Iggy is clarifying that statement with a new statement, writing, “Nothing I said was intended to make it seem like my son’s father isn’t part of his life, but I’ve noticed a lot of people took it that way, so I wanted to clear the air. Onyx is so loved by his dad and has always had both parents in his life from day one.” See the statement in the gallery of this post.

Iggy just shared the first photos of seven-month-old Onyx!

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