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Ed O'Neill's 'Modern Family' Role Was Almost Played By This Actor

Craig T. Nelson, who starred in NBC’s Parenthood, almost played the role of Jay Pritchett in Modern Family. The role eventually went to Ed O’Neill.

The news was revealed in the new book “Modern Family: The Untold Oral History of One of Television’s Groundbreaking Sitcoms.”

Casting director Jeff Greenberg said in the book, “He wanted star money, and it wasn’t a star show. It’s an ensemble show. I understand from his agent that he regretted his decision. I’m not surprised.”

The show’s creators also heard he was “a bit difficult on set.” “That scared us, frankly,” creator Steve Levitan said. “There was a lack of self-awareness there and compassion that worried us. Meanwhile, all we kept hearing is that Ed O’Neill is the nicest person on the planet. We decided to pull the offer and go to Ed.”

Co-creator Christopher Lloyd said that Ed said, “Chris, this is the best 
job I’ve ever had. I would have done it for free. Don’t tell my agent, but I
 would have taken this job for free.”

Find out the possibility of a Modern Family spinoff after the show aired its series finale.

'Modern Family' Showrunners Talk Possibilities of Mitch & Cam Spinoff

Modern Family signed off the air after 11 seasons on air just moments ago and while we dry our tears, the showrunners are opening up about the potential for spinoffs.

Speaking with Deadline, Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd revealed if there were any more stories for the Dunphys, Tuckers, Pritchets and Delgados to tell.

Steve revealed that the “at the moment, I’m personally not thinking about that.”

He adds, “I think that there are a couple of writers who are thinking about well, is there a Mitch and Cam spinoff, but they’re literally just thinking about it. They’re using this time that we have now to think about it, if there’s something there.”

“I’m not driving this but I’m a huge fan of Jesse [Tyler Ferguson] and Eric [Stonestreet], and those characters are of course near and dear to me, and I certainly think that they’re strong enough to carry a show,” Steve continued. “For me, I really felt that what I needed creatively was to work on something new after working on Modern Family for 12 years and pretty much exclusively.”

Christopher agrees, saying that “it does present a possibility for us. Will that happen? I’m not sure but we would be probably dumb to not explore it. However, doing a spinoff is fraught in a lot of ways and we won’t do it unless we feel confident there’s something there, I don’t want to say it’s a long shot, it’s under discussion but we’ll see. We don’t want to jump into something like that, particularly because Modern Family is a tough act to follow, but that is a possibility.”

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Sarah Hyland Reflects on 'Modern Family' Ending: 'I've Been So Lucky'

Sarah Hyland is looking back on the time she spent on the screen with Modern Family.

The 29-year-old actress starred as the eldest Dunphy child, Haley, for the past decade and in an essay for Glamour reflected on what she’s learned from her co-stars and more.

Modern Family was my first comedy—the first sitcom I’d ever done. I had been in the industry 14 years, and all I ever did was crime or dramatic shows, whether it was about murdering someone or being too ugly to lose my virginity,” Sarah writes. “I didn’t do a lot of funny things. It was all very, very serious dramatic work.”

“I’m proud of myself for taking the time to study these amazing actors I’ve had the privilege to work with over the past 11 years,” she continues. “I’ve always said the best acting class is experience and observation, and I’ve been so lucky and blessed to have had the best teachers in the comedy world. I’m grateful for the show because it opened so many doors for me.”

Sarah also opened up about the last days on the set, admitting that she wasn’t shedding a tear – until something big happened.

“I’m just so grateful for the last 11 years. Leading up to the finale, I was in denial and started to feel guilty that I wasn’t getting sad like everyone else. But then, during the taping of the last episode, I saw Ty Burrell with tears in his eyes,” she says. “There’s something about seeing your dad cry that makes you want to cry. I started bawling, which actually made me feel really happy. I was like, I’m not an ice queen!”

“In the end, all of us—me, Ty, Julie, Ariel, Nolan—were in each other’s arms and sobbing. It was really amazing and cathartic to be able to have that with everyone.”

Modern Family‘s series finale airs at 9/8c on ABC.

'Modern Family's Series Finale Airs Tonight - See All The Pics From The Final Two Episodes

It’s the end of an era tonight as Modern Family wraps up its’ 11 season run on ABC.

Here’s what’s happening in the hour-long finale:

Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) settle in on their new normal, and Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) decide that one of the kids needs to move out in order to take control of the house again.

Meanwhile, as Gloria (Sofia Vergara) becomes more successful at work, she notices Jay (Ed O’Neill), Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Joe (Jeremy Maguire) don’t seem to need her as much.

Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, and Reid Ewing also star in Modern Family, airing TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 8 at 9/8c on ABC.

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Nolan Gould Jokes He'll 'Dearly' Miss The Free Food on 'Modern Family'

After 11 years on the small screen, Nolan Gould is saying goodbye to Modern Family and Luke Dunphy.

While talking with ABC Audio, the 21-year-old actor joked that one of the things he’ll miss the most – the free food!

“Free food is pretty awesome. I’ve made out like a bandit over the years,” he laughed. “Sometimes I bring Tupperware in with me and, you know, we have leftovers … I bring it home with me.”

Nolan adds that the free food was particularly “great, especially as a young man, 21 years old, that’s how I survive.”

He also shared that the show has changed his life.

“The cast and crew will forever be part of my life and the experiences and the memories,” Nolan shared. “It’s changed me, like, to the core.”

Modern Family‘s series finale starts at 9/8c on ABC.

Sarah Hyland Expresses Disappointment for Haley's Ending on 'Modern Family'

Sarah Hyland was hoping for more for Haley Dunphy on Modern Family.

The 29-year-old actress admitted in a new interview that she wasn’t totally satisfied with her character’s ending ahead of the hit sitcom’s series finale.

“I don’t think I’m processing,” Sarah shared with Cosmo. “I haven’t really felt the sadness yet.”

Sarah went on to say that she hoped that fans could have seen Haley “own her badassery in the fashion world—becoming a badass stylist or brand mogul or anything like that.”

At the end of season 10, Haley welcomed twins and Sarah felt like her new-mom storyline lacked depth.

“There are so many amazing mothers who are also hard workers and excel at their jobs and kill it every day in both aspects,” Sarah said. “That would have been a really cool thing to see, especially from someone like Haley.”

Earlier in the season, Sarah addressed fans questioning why she’s been absent in a lot of episodes. “Apparently I’ve been busy with the twins,” Sarah said at the time.

The two-hour Modern Family finale airs on Wednesday, April 8 at 8pm ET on ABC.

'Modern Family's Penultimate Episode Airs Tonight - See The Pics!

We can hardly believe that Modern Family is almost over!

Tonight’s episode, called “I’m Going To Miss This”, focuses on the Tucker Pritchett family moving into their new home shortly after planning to adopt a little boy.

Here’s the official logline: Mitchell is having a hard time letting go of his old life and Gloria steps in to help him say goodbye.

Meanwhile, Haley, Luke and Alex decide to throw a party at the Dunphy house when Claire and Phil leave for a trip, and Dylan’s mom takes the twins for the night

Modern Family airs TONIGHT, April 1 at 9/8c on ABC.

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