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Penn Badgley Admits to Doing 'Plenty' of Hallucinogenic Drugs in His 20s

Penn Badgley is opening up about his younger days.

Earlier this week, the 33-year-old actor chatted with former Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford for an interview with Variety.

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During their conversation, the guys talked about the LSD trip taken by Penn‘s character in season two of You.

“On the LSD trip, did you do some research?” Chace asked. “Your performance was amazing.”

“In my early 20s, I did plenty of research,” Penn admitted.

Also during the conversation, Penn and Chace chatted about their time on Gossip Girl, and revealed if they’ve watched the show since it ended back in 2012.

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Penn Badgley & Chace Crawford Look Back on 'Gossip Girl': 'It Was Ahead of Its Time'

Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford are in a reminiscent mood in their new feature for Variety.

The two Gossip Girl actors looked back on the series that launched their careers and opened up about what the experience was like for them.

However, the two do admit that it’s been quite a while since they’ve watched the series.

“I haven’t seen it in so long. It would be very interesting to watch it now. Have you seen it recently?” Penn asked Chace, who said that someone would have “to strap me to a gurney and pop my eyes open like ‘Clockwork Orange.’ But no, it would be interesting to see the first couple maybe.”

Penn adds that the last time he saw the show was with his wife, Domino Kirke, when they first started dating.

“It must’ve been six months after we met. She had never seen it, and that’s the last time I can remember seeing an episode,” he says. “I remember even then, it has nothing to do with the show, but it was very hard to watch. These snapshots of yourself when you’re 20, 21, 22 years old. Who can enjoy that? Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable.”

Chace and Penn do feel that the series was ahead of its time for jumpstarting the social media age.

“I remember even meeting a publicist that first season, and she was talking about this thing called Twitter. And as she explained Twitter, I was like, ‘What is this nonsense? I don’t want to have a Twitter account, and you tweet. What is this bird thing?’” Penn recalled. “That’s something that actually years later, I think we got to give credit to ‘Gossip Girl.’”

Chace added, “It was ahead of its time.”

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Penn Badgley Reveals the Gift He Got From Blake Lively That He Didn't Want

Penn Badgley revealed the gift he got from ex girlfriend and Gossip Girl Blake Lively that he really did not want!

During a conversation with Chace Crawford and Variety, they recalled Penn getting the gift.

“Remember, ’07 was when the very first iPhone came out. I remember you got it. I remember you had it at a Halloween party. You had the first iPhone, and think about that now. I remember we were more about camera phones and this and that. There wasn’t social media,” Chace said.

Penn responded, “Blake [Lively] got me that. I literally was like, ‘I don’t want this thing. It’s so cumbersome, and it has all these apps on it.’”

Find out what Penn previously said about Blake‘s kissing skills on set!

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Penn Badgley Reacts to Allegations Against 'You' Co-Star Chris D'Elia

Penn Badgley is reacting to the allegations against his You co-star Chris D’Elia. Many women came forward on Twitter earlier this month with allegations of sexual harassment and underage grooming.

“It did affect me deeply. I was very troubled by it. I am very troubled by it. I don’t know Chris. I know that, if there’s anything we need to do in this age, it’s to believe women,” Penn said on the Los Angeles Timespodcast.

He also revealed that You producers contacted 17-year-old actress Jenna Ortega, who played opposite D’Elia‘s predatory character on the show.

“The first thing our producers did was reach out to Jenna, who played Ellie, the girl opposite Chris in those scenes, just to make sure she felt safe. We can feel safe and sound there,” Penn added.

“The idea that a show like ours would indirectly, unwittingly be a haven for people who are abusive is disturbing. It’s very disturbing,” Penn continued. “Does a show like ours help to create that culture? Well, I know that at least our show … thinks about things in a dismantling, deconstructive manner. I would hope that at least our show is not serving to uphold these kind of, like, bunk ways of being and these systems, right?”

You will be returning for another season.

Penn Badgley Is Going to Be a Dad, Wife Domino Kirke is Pregnant After Suffering 2 Miscarriages

Penn Badgley and his wife Domino Kirke are expecting their first child together!

The 36-year-old announced her pregnancy news on Instagram and spoke about being pregnant after suffering two miscarriages in a row.

“On the road again… pregnancy after loss is whole other thing. After two miscarriages in a row we were ready to call it. I stopped trusting my body and started to accept the fact that I was done. As a birth attendant, I’ve seen and heard it all,” Domino wrote. “It takes everything I’ve got to detach lovingly from the losses I’ve been present for and be in my own experience. When I was pregnant at 25, I knew nothing. I had no community. I dove in blissfully unaware about birth and its mysteries. Now, with 10 years worth of experience to pull from, I treasure my birth community and the knowledge I have. You’re already teaching us how to stay in the day in a way we’ve never had to, little one. Thank you.”

Penn has rarely spoken about his wife in interviews, but he did recently make some statements about her.

Congratulations to Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke! Domino has one child, Cassius Riley, from a past relationship.

Penn Badgley Reveals His Theory as to Why So Many People Thirst for His 'You' Character

Penn Badgley plays a obsessed murdered on the hit Netflix show You, and yet, so many viewers are crushing on the character.

The 33-year-old actor shared his theory as to why this may be happening.

“Part of the strangeness of the concept for me is exactly why we’re all watching: Why are we making it? Why is it doing so well? These are interesting questions that have something to do with where we are all at, societally,” Penn told InStyle.

About his character and why some may be drawn to him, he said, “There are times where Joe is so impossibly sympathetic and even honest and brave. Sometimes he’s the exact perfect balance between chivalrous and allowing his partner to be autonomous and empowered. He’s actually in some ways made to be the perfect guy that does this really — to even say it’s terrible is kind of an understatement — thing.”

We recently received some huge news regarding the future of You.

'You' Renewed for Season Three, Penn Badgley & Victoria Pedretti to Return!

You has been renewed for a third season on Netflix!

While the 10 new episodes will not debut until 2021, the streaming service did confirm that season two stars Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti will both reprise their roles for season three, Deadline reports.

If you don’t know, You was one of the most popular television shows of 2019, which includes streaming and cable TV shows! See where it ranked in the top 20.

Netflix recently renewed another hit show for another season and this show was the first renewal by the streaming service in 2020.