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Nicole Scherzinger & Simon Cowell Attend Sharon Osbourne's 64th Birthday Dinner

Nicole Scherzinger looks gorgeous in head-to-toe black as she steps out for dinner at The Arts Club in Mayfair on Sunday (October 9) in London, England.

The 38-year-old singer was joined by Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to celebrate their fellow X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne‘s 64th birthday.

All of the party guests looked like they had a blast, and they reportedly didn’t leave until 2 a.m!

In case you missed it, Simon recently caused an Internet uproar when he appeared to suffer a hilarious wardrobe malfunction.

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niciole scherzinger and simon cowell attend sharon osbournes 64th birthday dinner 01
niciole scherzinger and simon cowell attend sharon osbournes 64th birthday dinner 02
niciole scherzinger and simon cowell attend sharon osbournes 64th birthday dinner 03
niciole scherzinger and simon cowell attend sharon osbournes 64th birthday dinner 04
niciole scherzinger and simon cowell attend sharon osbournes 64th birthday dinner 05

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Show Some PDA While Out & About in Malibu

Sharon Osbourne and her husband, Ozzy, stop to share a smooch while enjoying their afternoon on Saturday (September 1) in Malibu, Calif.

The 63-year-old TV host and the 67-year-old singer were spotted walking around town with their two dogs as they went shopping at Max-Bone, where the picked up a bed and other items.

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The longtime couple has decided to work on their marriage after announcing they were planning to divorce earlier this year.

Sharon and Ozzy have also been dealing with the news that Ozzy has been going to sex addiction therapy.

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sharon and ozzy osbourne show some pda while out and about in malibu 01
sharon and ozzy osbourne show some pda while out and about in malibu 02
sharon and ozzy osbourne show some pda while out and about in malibu 03
sharon and ozzy osbourne show some pda while out and about in malibu 04
sharon and ozzy osbourne show some pda while out and about in malibu 05

Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Had a Mental Breakdown Last Year

Sharon Osbourne just revealed that she had a psychiatric breakdown and was hospitalized in a mental health facility last year.

During the season premiere of The Talk, the 63-year-old host explained that in May of 2015 she suffered from mental health issues that left her unable to speak or comprehend anything.

“I had a complete and utter breakdown. I woke up in Cedars Sinai hospital and probably for three days, I knew nothing,” she admitted.

Sharon added, “My brain just shut down on me. My brain just totally fused, and I couldn’t cope with anything. My family put me into a facility, and in this facility, they diagnose you, there’s therapists, there’s psychiatrists and you do a lot of group therapy.”

She went on to explain that her breakdown was triggered by overworking herself but she now wants her experience to help someone else.

“I feel now that I have got a grip on the problem that I have and I’m in control. It doesn’t control me…And if I can help somebody else along the way, I would feel great to give whatever advice to help somebody else…If you have a bad leg, you tell everybody you have a bad leg. I just have a bad head,” Sharon said.

Check out all that she had to say below…

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Smile While Working on Their Marriage

Sharon Osbourne looks super happy with a dog in hand while leaving a building on Sunday (August 7) in Los Angeles.

Th 63-year-old TV host was joined by her husband Ozzy Osbourne as they work on their marriage and he attends sex therapy.

“They’re working on it,” the couple’s son Jack recently told SiriusXM. “You know, they’re trying to rein it in. They’ve been together for so long and this isn’t their first rodeo.”

He added, “Hey, listen, there’s no perfect marriage in this world. I mean, look, we’ve got two presidential candidates, one’s on his third marriage and, well, we know what happened with the Clintons, so need we say any more?”

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sharon ozzy osbourne back together smiles 02
sharon ozzy osbourne back together smiles 03
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Sharon Osbourne Reacts to Ozzy's Sex Addiction Therapy Reveal

Sharon Osbourne is speaking out about her husband Ozzy‘s sex addiction, which he revealed in a statement this week.

“He’s been going [to] outpatient for sex addiction for the last three months and after the tour … he goes into inpatient for three months,” she said. “He’s working at it. It’s hard because it affects the whole family and it’s quite embarrassing. … I’m proud that he’s come out and admitted it, finally,” Sharon said on The Talk on Wednesday (August 3).

Sharon still has a sense of humor, though. “[He] should call Tiger Woods for some advice.”

Sharon and Ozzy announced they were splitting earlier this summer, but are working things out.

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He's in Sex Therapy, Responds to Mistress Michelle Pugh's Sentiments

Ozzy Osbourne‘s rep has revealed he has been undergoing “intense” therapy for a sex addiction.

“Over the last six years, Ozzy Osbourne has been dealing with a sex addiction. He is sorry if Ms. Pugh took their sexual relationship out of context. He would like to apologize to the other women he has been having sexual relationships with. Out of the bad comes good. Since his relationship with Ms. Pugh was exposed, Ozzy has gone into intense therapy. Ozzy is mortified at what his behavior has done to his family. He thanks God that his incredible wife Sharon is at his side to support him,” the statement reads (via People).

Michelle Pugh is Ozzy‘s mistress – their four-year affair was exposed months ago after it was revealed Sharon and Ozzy split. Michelle gave an interview detailing their relationship.

“He made me feel like the most beautiful and worshipped woman in the world,” Michelle said. What attracted me to him? Chemistry. We just had it. It’s that indescribable thing in life, and you can’t deny it. And he didn’t.”

“He is a grown man. He is capable of making the decision to be with me. If he has chosen to not be, that is fine. I accept it and move on. But he has been my best friend for the last few years, so of course I am grieving the loss for that. I still love him,” Michelle said. “And I would never exploit the truly personal and private parts of what we had. That’s not me. I’m going to stand tall and proud and say, ‘This is me. I’m not ashamed.’ I fell in love with a man that gave me the love I never knew I could receive.”

Ozzy Osbourne Says His Marriage to Sharon is 'Back on Track'

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne announced their plans to divorce earlier this year but it looks like things may have changed for the better.

After being spotted out together several times over the past few months, the longtime couple have reconciled their differences.

During an appearance on Good Morning America earlier this week, Ozzy explained that everything is on track again.

“No, it’s just a bump in the road. It’s back on track again,” he said. “And we both live happily ever after? I’d like to find the person who wrote that and poke him in the eye with a burning stick. Some days it’s good, some days it’s terrible, some days you just drift apart for a while, but you get back on the horse, you know?”

Ozzy‘s son Jack added, “As a married person myself, marriage is not like, ‘Hey, we’re married, all is good.’ I mean, it’s just life.”

Check out the whole interview below…

Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourne on GMA