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Jameela Jamil Defends Demi Lovato, Slams Diet Culture & 'Guilt Free' Terminology

Jameela Jamil is speaking out to defend her friend Demi Lovato amid the controversy over her comments about a beloved frozen yogurt shop in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer called out the business for putting diet offerings on display for customers before they reached the counter. She later apologized for handling the situation the way she did and offered to work with the shop to change the labels.

Jameela put up an Instagram Story with a long statement in which she defended Demi‘s comments and slammed “guilt free” labels on food.

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Jameela Jamil Says She Almost Killed Herself Because of Piers Morgan

Jameela Jamil is getting candid about Piers Morgan‘s effect on her mental health.

Following news of the host’s departure from Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (March 9), the 35-year-old star spoke out on social media.

“TW: suicide I almost killed myself a year ago because of Piers Morgan’s relentless campaign of lies and hatred against me last February. I’m glad I’m still alive today for many reasons. But watching him leave GMB today is right up there and has me feeling,” she wrote, accompanied by a GIF of her doing a hair flip on a red carpet.

The two battled on social media last year when DMs from the late Caroline Flack, the Love Island host who died by suicide back in February of 2020, sent to Piers came into focus.

Jameela later addressed the months of hate she received due to Piers Morgan releasing private DMs between himself and Caroline that referenced Jameela. He also took aim at claims about Jameela‘s health, which she clapped back at as well.

Joe Alwyn Supports Taylor Swift's Statement About 'Deeply Sexist Joke' in Netflix's 'Ginny & Georgia'

Taylor Swift called out one of Netflix‘s newest hits, Ginny & Georgia, for the “deeply sexist” remark one of the characters made about her.

The 31-year-old entertainer posted on Twitter, “Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back. How about we stop degrading hard working women by defining this horse sh*t as FuNnY. Also, @netflix after Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you 💔 Happy Women’s History Month I guess.” The comment in question is, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Well, fans quickly noticed that Taylor‘s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, supported her statement.

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Jameela Jamil Says She Was Having Suicidal Thoughts This Same Time Last Year

Jameela Jamil is looking back on her suicidal thoughts she had just a year ago.

The 34-year-old Misery Index host opened up about how negative thoughts invaded her being following comments from online bullies that were accusing her of faking her illnesses.

“Just a year ago I was totally suicidal,” she shared, during The BodCon, a conference focused on body confidence. “This week is my birthday week. I was totally suicidal on my birthday last year because of how much people were just mocking my disability, or like, mocking my mental health and I was like, what an ugly world, I don’t want to be here anymore.”

In 2020, many had accused Jameela of having Munchausen syndrome, or factitious disorder, which is a mental illness that causes people to fake health scares for attention.

“Now a year later, I’m like the strongest and the happiest and the freest I’ve ever been,” she shared during her virtual appearance.

Now, Jameela says, she’s learned not to care as much about what people think of her.

“I’m not out to impress a bunch of strangers who because of misogyny are looking to poke holes in me anyway,” she added, saying that there’s an added level of scrutiny for prominent women.

“Look at the way we treat women in the public eye, look at mega mafia, look at Britney Spears, look at Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Greta Thunberg — we do this to every single prominent woman,” Jameela shared. “When we don’t like a man we just don’t learn anything about him — we don’t learn his name. We don’t follow him on the internet, we just don’t care. When we don’t like a woman, we will investigate every single thing she’s ever said, ever done…scrutinize her obsessively. It’s really weird.”

Previously, Jameela opened up about a suicide attempt she had eight years ago.

Ben Hardy To Star As Romantic Lead With Haley Lu Richardson In 'Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight'

Ben Hardy is ready to romance Haley Lu Richardson in The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

THR revealed that the 30-year-old actor will star as Oliver in the flick, opposite Haley as Hadley.

Based on the novel from Jennifer E. Smith, it centers on the lead couple who who begin to fall for each other on their flight from New York to London.

But, “is it misfortune or fate that separates them when they land? The probability of ever finding each other again seems impossible, but love — and London — may have a way of defying the odds.”

Ben isn’t the only actor who has joined the project that is currently filming in London, which will be written by Katie Lovejoy and directed by Vanessa Caswill.

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Bebe Rexha, Jameela Jamil, & Sofia Carson Glam Up for People's Choice Awards 2020 Red Carpet

Bebe Rexha, Jameela Jamil, and Sofia Carson hit the red carpet at the 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards on Sunday (November 15) at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif.

The three stars are all presenting during the show.

Jameela is also nominated for two awards: The Comedy TV Star of 2020 for her work on The Good Place and The Pop Podcast of 2020 for her podcast I Weigh.

Also pictured inside at the event: Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown and actor and activist Kendrick Sampson.

FYI: Bebe is wearing a Dsquared2 dress and Anne Sisteron jewelry. Jameela is wearing a Christopher John Rogers look and Alessandra Rich earrings. Sofia is wearing a Giambatista Valli Haute Couture dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and jewelry by Raven Fine Jewelers. Karamo is wearing a Cos suit.

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Jameela Jamil Opens Up About Her Suicide Attempt Eight Years Ago: 'I Just Reached My Limit'

Jameela Jamil has opened up about a suicide attempt that she experienced eight years ago.

During her appearance on Red Table Talk, the Misery Index host got candid with Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter, Willow Smith, about what contributed to the attempt.

“Eight years ago… I tried to kill myself because I had a nervous breakdown,” Jameela revealed. “It was the second time I tried and I thought, ‘Well, I’m just gonna do it again if something huge doesn’t change– if everything doesn’t change.’ And so I decided to try and figure out my trauma, what had taken me to this low point…”

She went on and “realized, after seeking help, I had very severe depression and that my depression was caused by repressed rage. Upon realizing that, I was like ‘Okay, I have to just completely change everything’…And so I decided to just get rid of my filter, to mixed results on the internet, and I decided to never hold anything in ever again.”

Jameela says that by doing that, it helped her in her personal life and “while I understand that is not always the most responsible position to take, especially when you are a public figure, this has just been my personal journey to try to not kill myself again.”

The Good Place star also revealed that her nervous breakdown was heightened because she not only had pneumonia, but was over worked, too.

“I wasn’t able to lie down and sleep. I was also a DJ, so I was DJ’ing all night…working myself to the bone because also, as a woman, you’re always told that you have a sprint, not marathon, and so you never say no to a job,” she says. “You never say no to an opportunity. I was working myself to death. Everything was falling apart and I think I just reached my limit.”

Jameela added, “Everyone has a limit of how much sh** you can eat in this world and my cup of sh** runneth over and so I was like, ‘…what is the point? I’m not contributing anything to anyone. Everyone would be better off without me…’”

Earlier in the year, Jameela had another attempt after online bullies came after her and accused her of having Munchausen Syndrome.

The claims became so bad that her boyfriend, James Blake, even stepped in.