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'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Dramatic Reboot In the Works

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is getting a dramatic reboot based on Morgan Cooper‘s viral YouTube trailer!

If you don’t know, Morgan created a dark and gritty trailer for the beloved NBC comedy last year, and the series will be based off of that concept.

Will Smith and Morgan Cooper are teaming to adapt the latter’s dramatic reimagining of the former’s beloved NBC comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The new show from Will, Benny Medina and Quincy Jones is currently being shopped to streaming services including HBO Max, Peacock and Netflix, THR reports.

No further information has been revealed, besides that the series has been in the works since Will saw the trailer last year. The original show aired from 1990-1996 on NBC.

Jason Derulo Knocks Will Smith's Teeth Out While Playing Golf!

Jason Derulo is in big trouble!

The 30-year-old “Take You Dancing” TikTok superstar entertainer posted a video with Will Smith on Sunday (August 9).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jason Derulo

In the video, Jason prepares to swing a golf club as Will prepares to set him up – but Jason winds up too early, knocking Will‘s tooth straight out!

After grunting in pain, Will says it’s his turn: “I just need one swing…one swing,” he says.

“I don’t like this game @willsmith,” Jason captioned the post. Of course, as with many of Jason‘s videos, it’s all in good fun and just a visual prank!

This isn’t the first time Jason‘s had a crazy tooth experience: he went viral for this corn-on-the-cob gobbling gone wrong prank!

He recently addressed rumors that he makes $75,000 for each of his TikTok videos. Find out what he said about that!

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August Alsina Agrees He Had an 'Entanglement' with Jada Pinkett Smith, Reacts to the 'Red Table Talk'

August Alsina is talking in depth about his “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith in a new interview.

The 27-year-old singer previously went public with his former relationship with Jada, 48, and he claimed that Will Smith gave him permission to be with her.

Jada and Will then filmed a Red Table Talk episode in which they reacted to the allegations and she confirmed she had an “entanglement” with August during a break in the marriage.

In an interview with Vulture, August said that he has not watched the episode of Red Table Talk.

“I have people who’ve seen it. I saw small clips floating on Instagram and kinda backed off Instagram. But it’s definitely been brought to my attention by people around me,” he said.

August was asked about the use of the word entanglement and he said, “I don’t know why that word is such an issue. I would agree [with Jada]. If you look up the definition of ‘entanglement,’ it is a complex and difficult relationship. It was exactly that. I think it’s just the language that probably stuck out to people. But I definitely have to agree with it being an entanglement. It definitely was something complicated, a complicated dynamic.”

In response to Will and Jada denying that he gave his permission for the relationship, August said, “I can’t speak for anyone else. What I said in my interview, how I said it, when I said it, is exactly what I said and exactly what I meant. That’s all I can really say about that. All I have is my truth, and all I have is my truth to stand on it. I don’t have any reason to lie about anything.”

You can read the full interview on

T.I. Trolls Jada Pinkett Smith Over August Alsina 'Entanglement'

T.I. is trolling Jada Pinkett Smith over her choice to use the word “entanglement” to describe her relationship with August Alsina. She used the word during her sit down with husband Will Smith while they explained a time in their relationship that they were separated and Jada pursued this other relationship.

“I got into an entanglement with August…a relationship, yes, absolutely,” Jada admitted during the sit down with Will.

Well, T.I. posted a birthday message to his wife Tiny and included the word “entanglement.”

“Sending Love & Light to my Queen on this Glorious Day of Life‼️ May nothing bring u down‼️ We walked through the fire and roasted marshmallows brown. We got it out the mud but it’s still shining bright as they come,” T.I. wrote.

“20 yrs ago we met at the mall where you told me I was too young. So we smoked, got high together and never came back. We share memories that can never be replaced….a bond that nothing can break 20 times on 7/14. We’ve found so many different ways to celebrate you and you magnificent existence….and this one shall be no different. May nothing hurtful harmful or dangerous interrupt this Lifetime Entanglement(😉just had to),” he added, including laughing emojis.

50 Cent Shares Private DMs with Will Smith, Who Cursed Him Out

50 Cent reached out to Will Smith over private message on Instagram to find out how he’s been doing amid the recent family drama… and then he shared a screencap for everyone to see.

The messages seemingly were exchanged on Friday (July 10), after Jada Pinkett Smith released the latest episode of Red Table Talk in which she and Will had a candid discussion about their brief breakup and the relationship she had with singer August Alsina while they were broken up.

“You Will you alright over there?” 50 asked. Will responded, “Yes I’m cool, I appreciate your concern my brother.”

50 then went in and asked, “But why she tell you that sh-t on a show for everybody to see?” Will responded, “We broke up so she did her and I did me.”

50 dug in more and said, “Then she said only SHE can give permission for somebody to blow her back out.” Will had enough at this point and said, “F–k you 50.”

50 posted the screencap on Instagram and wrote, “Damn it’s like that, 🤷🏽‍♂️what i do ? 😟#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' About Her Entanglement with August Alsina Breaks Records

The latest episode of Red Table Talk, which featured Jada Pinkett Smith‘s candid conversation with husband Will Smith, has broken records for Facebook Watch.

In the new episode, Jada opens up about her “entanglement” with singer August Alsina during a brief break in her marriage from Will.

The episode has broken the record for the most views in 24 hours for any show on Facebook Watch. The previous record-holder was the Red Table Talk episode that featured Jordyn Woods discussing what happened between her and Tristan Thompson. That episode was viewed 7.6 million times in the first 24 hours.

At the time of this posting, the video has been up for 22 hours and it has already been viewed over 14 million times.

After all the headlines swirled about her relationship with August, Jada teased the episode on July 2 by tweeting, “There’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.” The episode was released as a surprise on July 10.

Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith Confirm Former August Alsina Relationship - Watch (Video)

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are getting candid.

The married couple brought themselves to Red Table Talk to discuss August Alsina‘s recent allegations that he and Jada had a Will-approved romance for years in a discussion on Friday (July 10).

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Together, the two wanted to clear the air regarding how the press covered their alleged statements about the situation.

“This is a very personal journey that became very public,” Jada said.

“I guess about four and a half years ago, I started a friendship with August. We actually became really, really good friends. It all started with him just needing some help, and me wanting to help his health and mental state.”

“When Aug first came around, he was really sick,” Will added.

During that time, Jada said that she and Will were going through a difficult time and separate for a period of time, which led to her relationship with August evolving into a romantic one.

She also wants to address Will giving “permission.”

“The only person that can give permission in that particular circumstance is myself,” Jada clarified, adding that he was probably trying to communicate that they were separated at the time, and wanted to make it clear that “he was not a homewrecker – which he’s not.”

“I got into an entanglement with August…a relationship, yes, absolutely,” she went on to say.

She also said she didn’t view her relationship with Alsina “as a transgression at all.”

“Through that particular journey, I learned so much about myself and was able to really confront a lot of emotional immaturity, emotional insecurity and I was really able to do some really deep healing. And as I came through and started to realize certain things about you and I, he decided to break all communication with me which was totally understandable. And I let that be and hadn’t talked to him since so it is a little weird that all this stuff is coming out now since this was several [years ago].”

“For me, this was years ago,” Will added.

The two were able to repair their relationship eventually: “We have really gotten to that new place of unconditional love,” Jada said.

Watch Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith discuss…