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One Kardashian-Jenner Family Member Admits They Were 'Against' Ending 'KUWTK'

The Kardashian-Jenner has finally announced that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming to an end.

While the news broke several months ago that the hit E! reality show would be ending with season 20, the family discussed ending the show during Thursday night’s (May 6) episode.

In the episode, which was filmed back in early summer 2020, Kris Jenner gathers daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian to talk about whether or not they should renew their contracts with E! and continue the show. The ladies all filmed on their iPhones so the camera crew wouldn’t hear their conversation.

While talking, one Kardashian member made it very clear that they are “against” ending KUWTK.

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A Kardashian Insider Had 2 Sentences to Say When Asked About Caitlyn Jenner's Politics

A Kardashian insider was asked about how the family feels about Caitlyn Jenner running for Governor of California.

Well, the insider had two sentences to share about Caitlyn‘s decision.

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The Kardashians Answered Questions About These Juicy & Controversial Topics During Tell-All (Plus, Find Out Who Was 'A Little Stunned' By It!)

Andy Cohen just disclosed the topics that the Kardashian-Jenner family cover during their tell-all coming up later this year!

There’s a lot that happened during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion special that was taped this past weekend, and we have the details right here.

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Rumors Are Swirling About Jordyn Woods & Her Current Relationship with the Kardashians

Are Jordyn Woods and the Kardashian/Jenner family on good terms again?!

Some backstory, if you don’t know: Jordyn and Kylie Jenner were BFFs but the 2019 Tristan Thompson scandal caused a fallout. Kylie once spoke about the scandal herself, and Jordyn has said Tristan initiated a kiss with her and that is all. Tristan was dating Khloe Kardashian at the time of the kiss.

Khloe was actually accused of not letting Kylie and Jordyn be friends anymore. She responded to these allegations with a scathing comment.

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Kardashians Announce Reunion Special with Andy Cohen with One Of Their Famous FaceTime Pranks - Watch Now!

A few weeks back, the Kardashians got together to play a FaceTime prank on a few of their BFFs, exes, and more.

Now, they played the same prank on Andy Cohen to announce a reunion special, hosted by him!

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Kim Kardashian's Net Worth Has Drastically Changed - See Every Shocking Kardashian/Jenner Net Worth!

A major change has been made to Kim Kardashian‘s net worth and fans are shocked!

A new report was released just moments ago about how much money the 40-year-old beauty and shapewear mogul is actually worth. We’ve collected all of the Kardashian/Jenner net worths for you to check out.

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Kris Jenner Reveals Which of Her Daughters She Would Call in a Crisis

Kris Jenner has a new profile in WSJ. Magazine and she was asked a question many are interested in!

Specifically, the world-famous momager was asked which of her daughters she would call in a crisis.

Kim would be my girl,” Kris responded. “She’s always all of our go-to whenever anything happens, because she’s so calm and she’s the one who really thinks things through. Kim is your girl.”

This question is giving us major flashbacks to when Kendall Jenner was asked to reveal the best and worst parent out of all her siblings (and yes, she did answer!)

Another fun question Kris was asked is which two people, dead or alive, she would choose to have dinner with. She responded with her late ex husband Robert Kardashian and Jesus. “The two of them at the same dinner would be even better,” she quipped.