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Stars Wearing Red Ceasefire Pins at Oscars 2024

Stars are sharing their support for a ceasefire in Gaza at the 2024 Oscars on Sunday (March 10) at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Several celebrities were seen wearing bright red circle pins designed by Artists4Ceasefire, which are representing a call for aid to the area and the release of “all hostages.”

“The pin symbolizes collective support for an immediate and permanent cease-fire, the release of all of the hostages and for the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza,” Artists4Ceasefire said in a news release, via NYT. “Compassion must prevail,” the release continued.

On the 2024 Grammys red carpet, Boygenius members Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker wore the same red pins.

Many celebrities previously signed a letter addressed to President Joe Biden asking him to call for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict.

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Melissa Barrera & Indya Moore Join Pro-Palestine Protest at Sundance Film Festival 2024

Melissa Barrera and Indya Moore were among the several husband protestors in support of Palestine chanting “Free Palestine” and “stop the genocide” at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The 29-year-old Pose actress is in town for the festival premiere of Ponyboi, and took the mic to say: “I’m gay as — God forgive me — f-ck. I love everybody. I love people. I have Israeli friends. I have Jewish friends. I have Palestinian friends. Everybody sees what’s happening. They all agree. There needs to be a ceasefire.”

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Dua Lipa Makes Rare Comments About Her Dating Life & Leaving Her Management, Addresses Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dua Lipa is opening up like never before.

The 28-year-old “Houdini” superstar got candid in a new cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine, out now.

During the conversation, she made rare references to her personal life amid accusations of her being “mysterious,” talked about her upcoming third album, the Israel-Palestine conflict, ditching her management and much more.

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Melissa Barerra Continues to Voice Support for Palestine After 'Scream 7' Firing

Melissa Barrera is continuing to voice her support from Palestine, following her firing from Scream 7 due to social media posts she made regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The 33-year-old actress posted a message to her Instagram Sunday (December 24), just ahead of Christmas, speaking out about Palestine once again.

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Julianna Margulies Apologizes for Calling Black & Queer People Antisemitic for Supporting Palestine

Julianna Margulies is apologizing for her comments accusing Black and queer people of being antisemitic for their support of Palestine amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The 57-year-old actress came under fire for remarks she made on the November 20 episode of Andy Ostroy‘s Back Room podcast.

“It’s those kids who are spewing this antisemitic hate, that have no idea if they stepped foot in an Islamic country — these people who want us to call them they/them, or whatever they want us to call them, which I have respectfully made a point of doing — it’s those people that will be the first people beheaded and their heads played with like a soccer ball. And that’s who they’re supporting? Terrorists who don’t want women to have their rights? LGBTQ people get executed,” she said.

Julianna then falsely claimed that a “Black lesbian club” at Columbia University put up signs that read “No Jews allowed.” In reality, the signs said “Zionists aren’t invited,” per the New York Post.

“As someone who plays a lesbian journalist on The Morning Show, I am more offended by it as a lesbian than I am as a Jew,” she said. “Because I wanna say to them, ‘You f—ing idiots. You don’t exist. You’re even lower than the Jews. A. You’re Black, and B. You’re gay and you’re turning your back against the people who support you?’ Because Jews, they rally around everybody.”

On Friday (December 1), Julianna issued an apology for her offensive comments, which were criticized by many across the internet.

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Gigi Hadid Issues Statement After Sharing Controversial Israel-Palestine Post

Gigi Hadid is issuing a statement.

On Saturday (November 25), the 28-year-old model shared a since-deleted infographic post on her Instagram, resulting in some backlash.

The post called out Israel, saying that it was “the only country in the world that keeps CHILDREN AS PRISONERS OF WAR.”

The infographic mentioned a young man named Ahmed Almanasra, claiming he was “abducted by the #Israeli occupation at the age of 12″ and had been kept in solitary confinement and poorly treated since 2015. However, Ahmed was actually arrested after stabbing people in Jerusalem and admitted he was hoping to injure Jewish people.

”As someone of Palestinian descent, the endless heartbreaking news and imagery coming out of Gaza has been painful and often overwhelming. It is important to me to share real stories about the hardships that Palestinians have endured and continue to endure, but this weekend I shared something that I did not fact check or deeply think about prior to reposting,” Gigi began in a new statement on Tuesday (November 28).

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Amy Schumer Issues Statement About Israel-Palestine Posts, Addresses Backlash

Amy Schumer is responding to criticism.

The 42-year-old comedian addressed backlash for her pro-Israel posts on social media amid Israel-Palestine conflict.

“Comments on,” she began.

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