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Katy Perry Has the Hots for 'Idol' Contestant Trevor Holmes!

A really hot guy walked into the American Idol audition room during the second episode and Katy Perry was instantly infatuated with him!

Trevor Holmes, 27, captivated Katy‘s attention and later revealed that he’s had a longtime crush on her, though he currently has a girlfriend.

When he entered the room, Luke Bryan instantly said that Trevor was a “dreamboat” and Katy added that her eyes lit up.

Trevor said that he’s currently working as a part-time construction worker to support his mom who has lupus, while also pursuing his dreams of being a musician.

“You’re so hot,” Katy said. “Here’s the thing. First of all, only hot guys are typically named Trevor. That’s one of the names. Trevor, he’s hot, he does construction on the side, and he loves his mom.”

Watch the video to see what happened next!

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How Much Are the 'American Idol' Judges & Host Paid in 2018?

The reboot of American Idol premieres tonight (March 11) on ABC and you might be curious to know how much money the new judges are making as their salaries have been a big topic of conversation!

Katy Perry was the first person who signed on for the new season of the hit series and she reportedly is earning a massive $25 million for the cycle.

The huge salary for Katy was a big story as ABC originally had intended to keep the budget for the Idol reboot low, according to some reports.

Ryan Seacrest signed on next to host the season, as he has done for the previous 15 seasons on Fox, and he’s reportedly going to make $12 million.

The budgets were already pretty tapped out at this point and there are reports that the producers wanted to find two more judges at very low salaries. They ended up hiring country singer Luke Bryan and legendary artist Lionel Richie, who are both making around $7 million, according to Page Six.

WILL YOU WATCH the reboot of Idol?

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'American Idol' 2018 Judges & Host Lineup - Everything You Need to Know!

American Idol is returning in just a few hours and we have the full scoop of the celebrity lineup of judges and host here to get you up to speed!

The reboot of the Fox show is very similar to the new incarnation beginning tonight on ABC – but there is one major change!

Auditions kicked off back in August and 23 cities were visited to try and find the next big talent. Be sure to tune in and check out all the talent from across the country!

Click through the slideshow to find out who is sitting at the judges table this year and who will be taking on hosting duties…

How Is the 'American Idol' Reboot Different From the Original?

The new American Idol reboot is debuting tonight on ABC – and you may be wondering…how is the reboot different from the original Fox series?

Well, there are a few differences!

For one, all the judges are different from past American Idol seasons. This season, you’ll see Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan judging. Ryan Seacrest is returning as the host, however. In addition, the reboot is of course, on a different network and airing at a different timeslot than normal.

The biggest difference between the reboot and the original is that the reboot will no longer feature bad auditions. Bad auditions were a staple of the original series, where you’d often see contestants who had unpleasant singing voices get unflattering critique from Simon Cowell.

Check out photos from the contestants you’ll be seeing on the premiere…More Here! »

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American Idol's 15 Past Winners - Where Are They Now?

The ABC reboot of American Idol will be premiering this weekend and you might be wondering where all of the winners from the past 15 seasons are today!

The show has brought us some of the biggest names in music, including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, but they are probably some other winners you might have forgotten about.

In addition to the winners, we can’t forget that there are contestants who have still “won” like Jennifer Hudson, who went on to win an Oscar, and Katharine McPhee, who is now a big television star.

Make sure to watch the new season of American Idol on Sunday and Monday nights on ABC.

Click through the slideshow below to see where American Idol winners are now…