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Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up About Her Final Gender Reassigment Surgery & Relationship With Kris

Caitlyn Jenner opened up about some personal topics during her sit down interview with Diane Sawyer.

The 67-year-old reality star and former Olympian revealed the details of her final surgery, her relationship with ex-wife Kris and her current political views.

While Caitlyn says she is still a republican, she noted that there’s a deal breaker, explaining, “You mess with my community. You don’t give us equality…I’m coming after you.”

Caitlyn also revealed that she has undergone her final gender reassignment surgery but “wasn’t less a women the day before I had the surgery than the day after the surgery.”

As for her relationship with Kris, Caitlyn says they are “fine” but they have both “moved on.”

Check out a clip from the interview below…

Caitlyn Jenner to Donald Trump: 'I'm Coming After You' (Video)

Caitlyn Jenner is sending a message to President Donald Trump in her new interview for 20/20 with Diane Sawyer.

The 67-year-old reality star and former Olympian was asked if she still supports the president and the Republican Party.

“Here’s the deal: Yes, I did vote for Trump, but here’s the deal-breaker with the Republican party and the deal-breaker is you mess with my community, you do the wrong thing with my community, you don’t give us equality and a fair shot, I’m coming after you,” Caitlyn says in a preview from the interview.

“It comes to all equality issues for the entire LGBT community, okay?” Caitlyn added. “What we need is we need federal guidance, just like the previous administration said that it was okay to serve as a trans person in the military. We have front line people, okay, and I’m talking marines, trans guys, marines on the front line fighting for our country. I’m trying to get, especially the Republican party, to make a change.”

Kris Jenner is 'So Angry' Over Caitlyn's New Memoir (Video)

Kris Jenner is not a fan of ex Caitlyn‘s new memoir The Secrets of My Life.

She opens up about how mad she is after reading it, in this new clip from this week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians (via E! News).

“I read it and basically the only nice thing she had to say was that I was great socially at a party one time,” Kris says to Kim and Khloe Kardashian. “None of it makes sense. Everything she says is all made up. Why does everything have to be that Kris is such a bitch and an a–hole?”

“I’ve done nothing but open up my home and my heart to a person who doesn’t give a shit,” Kris said. “So, I’m done. I’ve never been so angry and disappointed in somebody in my whole life.”

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Caitlyn Jenner Addresses Lack Of 'Appetite for Sex' in New Book

Caitlyn Jenner is opening up about her sex life in her new memoir, “The Secrets of My Life.”

“I don’t have the appetite for [sex], which is why the public’s obsession over whether I would [get gender confirmation surgery] is annoying to me,” the 67-year-old reality star wrote in her book (which was revealed by People). “It hearkens back to this misperception that people transition because of their sexual desires.”

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Caitlyn had gender reassignment surgery.

“Transitioning is about nothing else but your soul,” she said in a statement. “You are no more a woman the day after [the surgery] than the day before, okay?”

Before her surgery, Caitlyn wrote about dating in her memoir as well.

“A future female companion? I think about that. A future female sexual companion? Not happening, at least for now, and perhaps not ever,” she wrote, before the surgery took place. “A future male sexual companion? I have never had the inclination. But maybe that attitude might possibly change if I have the Final Surgery.”

Caitlyn Jenner Has Undergone Gender Reassignment Surgery

Caitlyn Jenner is opening up about undergoing gender reassignment surgery in an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, “The Secrets of My Life.”

The 67-year-old former Olympian revealed that she has had the “final surgery” and that it was a success. “I feel not only wonderful but liberated,” she wrote in the excerpt, obtained by Radar Online.

“I am telling you because I believe in candor,” Caitlyn added. “So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know. Which is why this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it.”

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Caitlyn Jenner: ABC News Drop First Promo For New Diane Sawyer Interview

Caitlyn Jenner follows up with Diane Sawyer two years later in this first look at their new interview.

Diane talks to her about any regrets she has about publicly coming out about her transition back in 2015.

Caitlyn is busy doing promo for her upcoming memoir The Secrets of My Life, will be released on April 25 by Grand Central Publishing.

Be sure to tune into Caitlyn Jenner: The Secrets of My Life interview with Diane on Friday, April 21 @ 10PM on ABC.

For now, watch the trailer below!

Caitlyn Jenner – Diane Sawyer Promo

Khloe Kardashian Tells Caitlyn Jenner that Losing Bruce was a 'Huge Blow' in New 'KUWTK' Clip - Watch Now

Khloe Kardashian is confronting Caitlyn Jenner in the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the below clip, the 32-year-old TV personality comes face to face with her former stepdad to discuss some of the issues they’ve had over the years.

Caitlyn shares with Khloe that she feels hurt that “no one calls” to check in on her anymore, and wonders if it’s because of her transition.

Khloe then shares with Caitlyn that it was a “huge blow” for her to lose Bruce after being in her life for over 23 years.

The new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is set to air on E! this Sunday.

Watch the clip below!

KUWTK | Khloe Kardashian Says Not Having Bruce Is a “Huge Blow” | E!

Also pictured inside: Khloe Kardashian wearing a lace top as she leaves a studio on Wednesday afternoon (April 5) in Los Angeles.

FYI: Khloe is wearing a Gooseberry Intimates bodysuit.

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khloe kardashian confronts caitlyn in new kuwtk clip 03
khloe kardashian confronts caitlyn in new kuwtk clip 04