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Every 'Halloween' Movie, Sequel & Reboot Ranked

Like Michael Myers, the Halloween franchise never truly dies.

Ever since the horror classic’s kick-off in 1978 with the original Halloween film by John Carpenter starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the franchise has since added nearly a dozen remakes and sequels along the way.

While many of the sequels did not fare nearly as well as the original with critics, some of the more recent reboots and retellings of the tale have brought a new energy and appreciation to the ongoing film series.

This is a ranking of all of the movies in the Halloween universe, as based on the aggregated reviews website, Rotten Tomatoes.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Expresses Interest In Joining 'One Piece,' Showrunner Makes It Clear She's Got An In

It looks like Jamie Lee Curtis has settled on one of her first projects after the SAG-AFTRA strike wraps up, and it’s going to make fans very happy.

The 64-year-old Everything Everywhere All At Once Oscar-winner responded to fans saying that she would be the perfect match for the role of Dr. Kureha in the new live action adaptation of One Piece over at Netflix.

After a few weeks of an active campaign on social media, Jamie took to Instagram on Friday (September 22) to confirm that she was interested. Better yet, one of the showrunners also reacted to the post and made it pretty clear that she had an in!

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The Richest 'Scream Queens' Stars Ranked - The Top Earner is Worth 3 Times Who Falls at No. 2!

It’s been seven years since Scream Queens released its last episode, but the campy horror series remains a fan favorite.

That’s at least partly due to the star-studded cast that’s dominated Hollywood in the years since the show went off-air.

Centered around the likes of Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queens had no shortage of talent. Of course, the actors have also been handsomely paid for their work both on the series and beyond.

But you might be wondering who has amassed the most impressive net worth over the years.

Earlier this week marked the show’s eighth anniversary. In honor of the occasion, we did some digging and ranked the cast by their estimated net worth. Coming in at first place, the top-earning star has the competition beat by a landslide.

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'Freaky Friday' Set Secrets Only Superfans Will Know (Including the Actresses Who Almost Got Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan's Roles & How Gwen Stefani was Involved in the Plot!)

Released 20 years ago, Freaky Friday is a beloved movie that started a long-lasting friendship between its stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. However, it almost looked very different!

The movie is such a hit that a sequel was commissioned earlier this year, and both Jamie and Lindsay are expected to return for it.

With renewed interest in the movie, several of its stars and others who worked on it got together with The Hollywood Reporter and opened up about some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets.

For instance, we learned that the movie almost featured two entirely different actresses in the lead roles. Additionally, a big plot point involving Gwen Stefani was going to center the script.

Chad Michael Murry opened up about getting cast and revealed that one of his scenes that still has his dad jealous to this day.

We even got some hints about what the sequel might look like!

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Offset Reveals How He Got Jamie Lee Curtis To Star In His 'Jealousy' Music Video

Offset is revealing just how he was lucky enough to get Jamie Lee Curtis in his music video for “Jealousy”.

If you don’t know, Jamie appears as a reporter in Offset‘s video, who just wants all the gossip about the status of relationship and the drama with Cardi B.

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Lindsay Lohan Reveals Gift Jamie Lee Curtis Sent To Her After Welcoming First Baby, Luai

Just a few weeks after giving birth to her first baby, Lindsay Lohan is showing off the precious gift that Jamie Lee Curtis sent to her.

The 36-year-old actress and Jamie starred together in 2003′s Freaky Friday as mom and daughter, and the duo’s relationship is still close to this day.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Discusses Prior Drug Use, Says She's 'Incredibly Lucky' to Have Avoided Jail & Be Alive

Jamie Lee Curtis is looking back on her journey to sobriety.

The 64-year-old Everything Everywhere All at Once actress opened up about her previous usage of opiates and other drugs during an interview with MSNBC.

In the process, she revealed that she considers herself lucky to be alive and to not be in jail.

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