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Reese the Motorcycle Chick

Primrose Hill, North London ::  Here are the first pictures of 29-year-old Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon (Annie) on the set of her new film, Penelope, wearing a "Wings" helmet and "Belstaff" badge on her leather jacket. Actress Christina Ricci, 25, plays the lead role of Penelope, a woman born with the face of a pig (hence her face covered by her scarf) who tries to end her lifelong curse and find true love.  Inset :: Pig-nosed face Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon's stunt double (or Reese in really, really good make-up) film a scene mounted on a motorcycle on the corner of Ainger Road and Primrose Hill Road.  Christina Ricci reveals, "It's a modern-day fable about this girl whose family lineage is cursed. She's born with a pig's nose! And the only way to break the curse is for someone of her own kind to accept and love her. My agent was actually afraid to send the script to me because she thought I'd be offended."  Many more pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Many more pictures added!
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon01
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon02
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon03
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon04
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon05
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon06
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon07
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon08
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon09
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon10
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon11
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon12
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon13
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon14
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon15
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon16
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon17
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon18
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon19
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon20
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon21
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon22
penelope movie penelope-movie-reese-witherspoon23


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I hate Reece Witherspoon. She is so annoying!

My first thought on seeing that main photo in my RSS was, "My, doesn't that Olsen twin look cute in her little motorcycle outfit?"

I can't wait to see Penelope. If I'm not mistaken, James McAvoy is the leading man, and he is adorable! Actually, all the major players are completely adorable: Reese, Christina and James. All very little people.




Reese looks like Crazy Frog :)

thats what i thought ^^

Reese Witherspoon is an amazing actress and completely beautiful and charming. Honestly, impossible to hate. sorry.

reese witherspoon is the awesomest. most cool, down to earth actress/mom that ever ived

she's not riding a motorcycle!!! its a VESPA- which is a scooter, and much cooler than a motorcycle!

no word of a lie, ihad a childhood best friend who really did have a nose that looked like that.but she was a great person.it did not however get me a lot of boyfriends in school,and the tauntings made me a stronger person!


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