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Reese's Hair Rages On

London, UK :: Here are the latest pictures of actresses Reese Witherspoon, 29, and Christina Ricci, 25, filming modern day offbeat fable Penelope.  They filmed at the junction between Great Titchfield Street and Foley Street at the Crown and Sceptre pub.  For filming purposes, they renamed the pub Cloverdilly (pictured after the jump). Christina Ricci plays the lead role in Penelope, a woman born with the face of a pig (hence her face covered by her scarf) who tries to end her lifelong curse and find true love. Reese Witherspoon plays Penelope's BFF, Annie. More pictures in the gallery!
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lol i sorta kinda maybe want to see this movie

i think it's cool to see her made up in a offbeat way.. unfortunately she stays pretty, but nothing can improve Ricci

What is up with all those annoying facial movements she's making? She looks ridiculous. She's gonna end up with wrinkles. But she does look young for a mom, even though she tries to act older in real life, by being all good two shoes. What's up with that director Kevin Smith calling her a "cunt"? What's his deal with her? She say or do something annoying or what?

Is it true that Jonny Depp 'went down' on Ricci in a movie?

Come on, aren't there pictures of James McAvoy on this film at all? He's the reason I wanna see this movie with it's very short, cute people. He's like the lead for god's sake!

Awww Reese is adorable. I LOVE her! Can't wait tilil this movie comesout.

Awww Reese is adorable. I LOVE her! Can't wait till this movie comesout.


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