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Seacrest Out... Kissing Hatcher

Teri Hatcher and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest engaged in an unholy union of lip-mashing on a Malibu beach on March 25, after a lunch of lobster and oysters at a nearby restaurant. Hatcher sported an American Idol baseball cap, which she turned around backwards for their face-sucking session. Who says romance is dead?
“The were immersed,” says US Weekly's eyewitness, who noticed Hatcher massaging Seacrest’s neck. “Every now and then, they’d embrace. Teri frequently laughed loudly at Ryan’s jokes. They were very animated with each other.”  Gross-out!!!!!!!!!  More sucking face pictures in the gallery!
ryan seacrest teri hatcher kissing ryan-seacrest-teri-hatcher-kissing01
ryan seacrest teri hatcher kissing ryan-seacrest-teri-hatcher-kissing02
ryan seacrest teri hatcher kissing ryan-seacrest-teri-hatcher-kissing03
ryan seacrest teri hatcher kissing ryan-seacrest-teri-hatcher-kissing04

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ewwwwwwww ryan, you are so gay. there is so much plastic surgery between their two faces, it's disgusting

Somehow that looks like an UNCOMFORTBLE kiss.....
Publicity Publicity Publicity....

that kiss looks so awkward...

oh NOES!!!!!!!!!!!! She's sucking the life force out of him!!!! What the pictures don't show is his skeletal body crumpled up on the ground, as she walks away, able to live another 100 years...

okay, they are the LAST people I would have thought would hook up. WOW.

his lips don't lie.

aw, i like the way he is looking at her in that one pic, like gazing at her.. i hope they last as do all couples EVER.. teehee

i would have never seen this couple comin'. never ever. its just distubing.

i don'y buy yhis.

An actual human the same size as seacrest..Even the girls on idol make him look like an elf...


spontanious, yet the hidden camera man is getting all kinds of close-up angles?

my eyes!!! need to wash them with industrial solvent now

He looks so happy. He does look at her adoringly.

scary teri looks horrid in those clothes and i think they're both disgusting people. esp scary teri.

i hate susan from desperate housewives because of her.

Does anyone smell lavender?

she is just trying to make people believe she is not dating clooney!! And he is trying to make people believe that he is straight!

I'm surprised her Botox-ed face could move enough to engage in kissing

Oh yes...definite publicity, especially with his sexual orientation in question and the new news that she was sexually abused...i think they had an agreement to help eachother out with their issues...but yes, Ryan just admit it you're homosexual...with hollywood today and the new ideals around here you'll be fine!

Looks like Seacrap now has two beards...one on his face and one next to him

Euwww.... so disgusting! Hate her so much! she's old and ugly! What is she thinking? dating somebody younger? she's definitely desperatye!


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