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Alison Brie Shares How Quarantine Made She & Husband Dave Franco 'Feel Closer Than Ever'

Alison Brie is dishing on life under quarantine with husband Dave Franco.

In a new interview with People, the 38-year-old GLOW actress opened up about isolating with the 35-year-old actor, admitting that she had a lot of mixed emotions at the beginning of the pandemic last spring.

“It all really ebbed and flowed, I guess, because none of us knew how long it was going to last,” Alison shared. “Dave and I went through the first couple months in party mode, thinking we’re on vacation — let’s drink wine, let’s make a lot of pasta. And then we like, it’s going on for longer, so let’s go into culinary experimental mode where we’re trying to make new dishes and things like that.”

After that Alison and Dave were able to get into their own little groove to make the best of the situation.

“And then we got into health mode, and then we also were in creative mode, and we were doing a lot of writing together,” Alison said. “So, I mean, I think we feel closer than ever.”

Alison went on to share how she and Dave enjoyed quarantining together because they were finally able to spend time together, something they didn’t often do because of their busy schedules.

“We feel really bonded, and we just an amazing year getting time together to hang out,” Alison explained. “There were also a lot of really hard things going on in our country, and it was also a really reflective time and a time to learn and hopefully grow in different ways. I guess I’m glad that we were able to be grateful for the time while we had it.”

Alison continued, “Even though our mental state was also ebbing and flowing, we did have an awareness of, we don’t always get this much time together, so let’s really try to enjoy one another and read stuff and learn, and also chill and give ourselves a break.”

“I do think it gave us some perspective too, just the way that we were prioritizing work before and moving so, so quickly,” Alison said. “We probably will get back to that state, but right now, it feels we’re easing back in, being like, ‘Okay, we don’t have to do everything.’ We can decide the important things.”

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Nicole Kidman, Cynthia Erivo, Alison Brie & Merritt Weaver to Star in Apple TV Series 'Roar'!

Nicole Kidman, Cynthia Erivo, Alison Brie and Merritt Weaver are about to be castmates.

The four stars will appear in a new anthology series from Apple from the creators of Glow, Variety reported Tuesday (March 2).

“The anthology is described as a series of darkly comic feminist fables. It is based on Cecilia Ahern’s book of short stories of the same name. Apple has ordered eight half-hour episodes,” the outlet reported.

It’s the first show to come out of Glow creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch‘s new overall deal with Apple, and they will serve as showrunners and executive producers.

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Alison Brie Recalls Hilarious 'Peeing Incident' While in Her 'Mad Men' Costume!

Alison Brie was not a fan of her costumes while filming Mad Men!

During an episode of Justin Long‘s Life is Short podcast, the 38-year-old actress recalled a mishap that occurred while wearing a girdle with her costume.

“On Mad Men once there was a peeing incident … because we wore girdles, which you probably don’t understand what a girdle is, but it’s basically like biker shorts that go all the way up to our ribs, and it’s like time-period appropriate,” Alison said, who famously played Trudy Vogel on the hit show.

Alison then explained that the girdles have a “small hole” in them to make it easier for people to pee, as the costume is connected to stockings, which would make it difficult to pull down if you need to use the bathroom.

“I didn’t know, for the first season of Mad Men, that you weren’t really supposed to wear underwear under them, because they are underwear,” Alison explained.

So one day, while in costume, Alison had a bit of a problem while trying to use the bathroom.

“So I was rushing to set … Mad Men was my first real job so I didn’t ever want to be the problem person … ” Alison recalled. “So I rushed to the bathroom … [I] tried to pull the hole open, but I didn’t pull my underwear to the side so I’m peeing and not hearing it hit the bowl and then I just feel warmth.”

While trying to solve the problem without telling anyone, Alison explained that she “just dabbed it with a bunch of toilet paper” and returned to set “because they’re waiting on me … I don’t want to lose my job.”

Luckily, the Mad Men costume designer was cool about the situation and was able to get Alison a new, dry girdle.

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Alison Brie Shared An Inappropriate Photo With Ellen DeGeneres The First Time They Met

Alison Brie is opening up about the first time she truly met Ellen DeGeneres.

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 37-year-old Happiest Season actress revealed that they first met while Ellen was passing by and Alison was showing something out of the ordinary to their shared trainer.

“I’m so glad that you remember that we met before even though I feel like it was a little embarrassing for me,” Alison recalled. “The nature of our meeting was, you know, I was rushing into the gym and I had been receiving some sort of prank texts that morning. And, you know, I’ve known our trainer Jason for a while so I share things with him all the time.”

She went on, saying that she “came in bursting like, ‘Hey guys, you gotta see what I’ve been receiving on my phone!’ And as I go to show him, there you are, just passing by, you’re sort of just lunging by.”

“You were like, ‘What’s going on?’ And I whipped around, I think before I realized it was you, I was like, ‘Look at this!’ And, you know, it was a photo of a man’s nether-regions.”

Alison did apologize to Ellen about the situation, “I really kind of put it in your face and I apologize.”

Just recently, Alison opened up about her thoughts regarding a Glow movie, as the Netflix show was cancelled before starting season four, and also surprised fans about her first ever television role.

Alison Brie Recalls Her First Ever Television Role on 'Hannah Montana'

Alison Brie just shocked a lot of her fans by revealing she was once on Hannah Montana.

The 37-year-old Glow actress opened up in a video interview with Collider about her appearance on the show as Nina, who appeared during the first season. Nina was the girl who Rico payed to pretend to like him in the episode “It’s My Party, and I’ll Lie if I Want To”.

“Working on Hannah Montana was the perfect first job coming out of theater school because it shoots with a live studio audience,” Alison shared. “It was the only show I’ve ever done with a studio audience.”

She added that the huge popularity that encompassed the show hadn’t hit quite yet during season one.

“I couldn’t be more comfortable on a show,” Alison recalled before talking just about how her audition went. “I remember taking a big swing in my audition and it didn’t call for it. I went in and did this very broad Long Island accent, and they called me back, and did it again.”

Alison added that after she got the job, the director told her of her performance that they “loved it all, but lose the accent.”

Check out Alison‘s full interview below:

There have been many recognizable faces in Hannah Montana, and there’s even talk of a prequel series!

Alison Brie Likes The Idea of a 'Glow' Movie But Is 'Pessimistic' About It Too

Alison Brie is opening up about the talk surrounding a movie about Glow.

Turns out, the 37-year-old actress isn’t a big fan of the idea.

“I certainly think a [‘GLOW’] movie could tie everything up,” Alison shared during her appearance on the Fourth Wall podcast. “Our creators, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, are incredible writers. And they’re so devoted to these characters that they created. I think a movie would be a great way to wrap it up.”

She added that the talent is there, the pandemic has put a big wrench in any plans.

“I’m a little pessimistic about it actually happening just in light of everything that’s gone on this year and how difficult it is to get anything back into production with COVID,” she added. “And I’m also part of the Community cast, who’s been trying to get a movie going for six years, so what I’m saying is don’t hold your breath because if it does happen, it might take a minute.”

Alison‘s co-star Marc Maron voiced his support of a movie happening.

“Let us wrap it up in a two-hour Netflix movie. Give the showrunners and the cast and the writers the chance to finish the story in a movie, right? Then it’s all fine,” he shared just last month. “That would take the financial pressure off and the writers could play it out, we could shoot it out.”

Glow was cancelled by Netflix just after the summer. See how the cast reacted to the news here…

Kristen Stewart Switches Up Her Look at 'Happiest Season' Premiere After Walking The Carpet

Kristen Stewart masks up with her co-stars as she steps out for the premiere of her new holiday movie, Happiest Season, held at The Grove on Tuesday night (November 17) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress was joined by co-stars Alison Brie, Mary Holland and Aubrey Plaza at the special drive-in screening, as well as director Clea DuVall.

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After walking the red carpet in a cute black sweater and shorts combo, Kristen switched up her look for something a bit warmer – ripped jeans and a her fave bomber jacket – for the cast Q&A and introduction ahead of the screening.

“I wish I had something similar to this movie as I was a younger person watching Christmas movies — I’d love a gay Christmas movie, it’s synonymous with fun and happy,” Kristen shared at the event. “Also if I saw this movie and I wasn’t in it and I saw Clea doing this with other people, I’d be beside myself, so thank god I’m in it. Thank you for putting me in this movie.”

Happiest Season will debut on Hulu next Wednesday, November 25.

If you haven’t seen it, watch the trailer here!

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Chanel dress and jewelry with Aera shoes and a Re/Done face mask. Aubrey is wearing Miu Miu with Melinda Maria jewelry. Alison is wearing Freda Salvador shoes.

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