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Chrissy Teigen Goes Off Over 'Jeffrey Epstein Island' Tweets Directed at Her

Chrissy Teigen has repeatedly clarified the list that features her and her husband John Legend‘s name as members of a flight log who visited Jeffrey Epstein‘s island are fabricated, and yet, she keeps having to reiterate her stance over and over.

On Twitter, a troll tweeted at her “bye bye Chrissy” and shared an image about Trump taking on child sex traffickers.

“Why. Do these people. Pretend. He wasn’t. Best friends. With Epstein. If you’re gonna take ‘them’ down, why not him too? Why. Are they. So f*cking. Stupid. My brain hurts,” Chrissy tweeted about Trump.

Then a Twitter user replied, “wasn’t ur name on his flight log tho girl,” in a tweet that is now deleted.

“another fun thing is tik tok has 18 year olds thinking they’re CIA ops,” Chrissy posted. “It used to be just deranged 50 somethings. Now it’s tik tok. And when nothing pans out for them with me and john, it won’t simply go away. They can’t admit they’re wrong. They’ll say every vacay I take from here on out is my mandated jail time. Lol”

Chrissy briefly addressed these false Epstein rumors a few weeks ago as well.

Chrissy Teigen Responds to Troll Who Asks If She 'Dropped 50 Pounds' or 'Has Cancer'

Chrissy Teigen is issuing a clap back to a troll who kept pestering her last night after saying something rude in her Instagram comments.

It all started when Chrissy posted a video from her vacation in Mexico this week.

“Ok…this isn’t her or some app that changed her face. I had to look back and forth like 4 times…either she dropped 50 lbs overnight or has cancer…this isn’t right,” the troll posted in her comments.

Chrissy then responded, “What would you prefer?”

It didn’t end there though. The troll kept posting a few more comments before Chrissy intervened yet again.

Click through the gallery to see the entire interaction Chrissy Teigen had with this troll who wouldn’t stop…

chrissy teigen troll cancer comment 01
chrissy teigen troll cancer comment 02
chrissy teigen troll cancer comment 03
chrissy teigen troll cancer comment 04

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Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Jeanine Pirro For Looking at Pic of Her Boobs

Hey Jeanine Pirro, Chrissy Teigen sees you!

The 69-year-old Fox News personality and former judge took to Twitter on Sunday (July 5) to share a photo of herself wearing a mask, while sitting outside for a meal.

“Wearing my mask out east,” Jeanine wrote.

Chrissy then took a closer look at the Jeanine‘s photo, realizing that Jeanine was looking on her phone at a recent photo Chrissy had posted that showed off her boobs.

“Jeanine why are my boobs up on your phone,” Chrissy tweeted before writing “lol” along with a closer shot at Jeanine‘s phone along with the photo Chrissy posted.

As of right now, Jeanine hasn’t explained why she was looking at the pic of Chrissy‘s boobs.

Chrissy Teigen Goes Topless to Show Off Her Sunburn

It might look like Chrissy Teigen forgot to put on sunscreen, but she insists that she did!

The 34-year-old model went topless and showed off her sunburn in a selfie that she posted to her Instagram Stories on Thursday (July 2).

Chrissy seemingly spent the day in the sun while wearing a one-piece swimsuit and she now has the tan lines to prove it. Referencing the sunscreen, she captioned the photo, “Before you ask, I did!!!”

Just a few weeks ago, Chrissy had surgery to remove her breast implants and she’s showing off the results in a big way right now.

Chrissy‘s husband John Legend spoke out last week to give fans an update on how she has been recovering from the surgery.

Click into the gallery to see the full selfie that Chrissy Teigen posted…

chrissy teigen topless shows off sunburn

John Legend Gives Update on Chrissy Teigen's Recovery from Breast Implant Removal Surgery

John Legend is opening up about his wife Chrissy Teigen‘s recovery from breast implant removal surgery.

Less than two weeks ago, Chrissy opened up on social media about how the surgery went “perfectly.”

In his new interview with, John said, “We’ve had a lot going on in the house. [Chrissy] is recovering, she had plastic surgery a couple weeks ago that she’s told everyone about…it takes recovery time whenever you let someone cut you up a bit. So I’ve been trying to help her as much as possible.”

John added, “The babies have been trying to help and not sit on her too much. She’s still a little sore, but she’s getting much better, and she gave me a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday so I’m appreciative.”

On Father’s Day, Chrissy took to Instagram to share a photo of her “healing boobies.”

Later this week, John will be performing a live concert as a digital avatar in an immersive virtual world on Wave. The concert will feature songs from his new album Bigger Love. Attendees will have the ability to send visual gifts throughout the concert and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the FREEAMERICA campaign, which was founded by Legend to transform America’s criminal justice system. Check out the concert on Thursday (June 25) at 6pm ET and you’ll be able to watch in the embed below.

Chrissy Teigen Shows Her 'Healing Boobies' After Implant Removal Surgery

Chrissy Teigen got her breast implants removed in the past few weeks and she revealed that surgery went well.

Now, she’s healing after having the implants in for several years. She celebrated with a cake that looked like her removed implants!

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Now, she posted an image to her Instagram Story that showed her “healing boobies” with her son Miles‘ bearded dragon resting on them.

We hope Chrissy is recovering well and enjoying her time with family as she heals up!

Check out the photo that Chrissy Teigen posted of her “healing” after her breast implant removal surgery earlier this month…

chrissy teigen breasts 01

Chrissy Teigen Gets a Breast Implant Removal Cake After Her Successful Surgery

Chrissy Teigen got her breast implants removed, and to celebrate, she got a cake marking the occasion!

The 34-year-old Cravings cookbook author revealed the surgery went well last week to remove the implants she got back in 2006.

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The cake featured a tombstone marking the age of her breasts and their death in 2020, plus, two round circles to depict the breasts!

Before getting her implants removed, Chrissy wrote on her Instagram, “No biggie! So don’t worry about me! All good. I’ll still have boobs, they’ll just be pure fat. Which is all a tit is in the first place. A dumb, miraculous bag of fat.”

Check out the cake that Chrissy Teigen got to celebrate her breast implant removal surgery…

chrissy teigen cake 01