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Chrissy Teigen Goes Topless to Show Off Her Sunburn

It might look like Chrissy Teigen forgot to put on sunscreen, but she insists that she did!

The 34-year-old model went topless and showed off her sunburn in a selfie that she posted to her Instagram Stories on Thursday (July 2).

Chrissy seemingly spent the day in the sun while wearing a one-piece swimsuit and she now has the tan lines to prove it. Referencing the sunscreen, she captioned the photo, “Before you ask, I did!!!”

Just a few weeks ago, Chrissy had surgery to remove her breast implants and she’s showing off the results in a big way right now.

Chrissy‘s husband John Legend spoke out last week to give fans an update on how she has been recovering from the surgery.

Click into the gallery to see the full selfie that Chrissy Teigen posted…

chrissy teigen topless shows off sunburn

John Legend Gives Update on Chrissy Teigen's Recovery from Breast Implant Removal Surgery

John Legend is opening up about his wife Chrissy Teigen‘s recovery from breast implant removal surgery.

Less than two weeks ago, Chrissy opened up on social media about how the surgery went “perfectly.”

In his new interview with, John said, “We’ve had a lot going on in the house. [Chrissy] is recovering, she had plastic surgery a couple weeks ago that she’s told everyone about…it takes recovery time whenever you let someone cut you up a bit. So I’ve been trying to help her as much as possible.”

John added, “The babies have been trying to help and not sit on her too much. She’s still a little sore, but she’s getting much better, and she gave me a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday so I’m appreciative.”

On Father’s Day, Chrissy took to Instagram to share a photo of her “healing boobies.”

Later this week, John will be performing a live concert as a digital avatar in an immersive virtual world on Wave. The concert will feature songs from his new album Bigger Love. Attendees will have the ability to send visual gifts throughout the concert and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the FREEAMERICA campaign, which was founded by Legend to transform America’s criminal justice system. Check out the concert on Thursday (June 25) at 6pm ET and you’ll be able to watch in the embed below.

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Chrissy Teigen Shows Her 'Healing Boobies' After Implant Removal Surgery

Chrissy Teigen got her breast implants removed in the past few weeks and she revealed that surgery went well.

Now, she’s healing after having the implants in for several years. She celebrated with a cake that looked like her removed implants!

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Now, she posted an image to her Instagram Story that showed her “healing boobies” with her son Miles‘ bearded dragon resting on them.

We hope Chrissy is recovering well and enjoying her time with family as she heals up!

Check out the photo that Chrissy Teigen posted of her “healing” after her breast implant removal surgery earlier this month…

chrissy teigen breasts 01

Chrissy Teigen Gets a Breast Implant Removal Cake After Her Successful Surgery

Chrissy Teigen got her breast implants removed, and to celebrate, she got a cake marking the occasion!

The 34-year-old Cravings cookbook author revealed the surgery went well last week to remove the implants she got back in 2006.

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The cake featured a tombstone marking the age of her breasts and their death in 2020, plus, two round circles to depict the breasts!

Before getting her implants removed, Chrissy wrote on her Instagram, “No biggie! So don’t worry about me! All good. I’ll still have boobs, they’ll just be pure fat. Which is all a tit is in the first place. A dumb, miraculous bag of fat.”

Check out the cake that Chrissy Teigen got to celebrate her breast implant removal surgery…

chrissy teigen cake 01

Chrissy Teigen Gifts Cravings Care Packages To Lucky L.A. Restaurant Workers

Chrissy Teigen is still spreading some love with her Cravings care packages and recently sent some over to one special Los Angeles area restaurant, Howlin’ Ray’s.

The 34-year-old cookbook author and model shared the good deed on her Twitter this week, retweeting the eatery’s pic with the boxes in hand.

“THANK U SO MUCH THEYRE SO BEAUTIFUL WE ALL CRIED #cravings #specialdelivery,” the restaurant shared on social media.

Chrissy then responded, “You guys do so much incredible stuff, making the city of LA so, so happy. We love u and thank u and will support you through these sh–ty, sh–ty times!!”

The boxes include cookware, her “Cravings: Hungry for More” cookbook and a bottle of LVE Wine, and a few other items.

If you missed it, Chrissy is currently recovering from her breast implant removal surgery.

Chrissy Teigen's Breast Implant Removal Surgery 'Went Perfectly'

In late May, Chrissy Teigen revealed that she planned to have her breast implants removed.

On Thursday (June 11), she revealed that the surgery went “perfectly” in a post on her Instagram account.

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On Instagram, Chrissy shared that she was “So so so so so sore but waking up to this made it go away for half a minute at least.”

She then put two signs her kids made her after her surgery and one read “Bye boobies,” and the other was a cute note from Luna on the same subject.

Check out the Instagram slideshow that Chrissy Teigen posted to see what her kids had ready and waiting for her after her breast implant removal surgery…

Chrissy Teigen's Cravings Brand Demands Justice for George Floyd

Chrissy Teigen is taking a stand, including her brand, Cravings.

The post, which was uploaded on Tuesday (June 2), demanded justice amid protests around the country against systemic racism and police brutality following George Floyd‘s death.

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Cravings supports all individuals calling for justice after the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others. We are heartbroken for their families and share the anger and grief of those around the country.”

“We stand with our founder and we’re so proud that she is fearless about standing up for justice and the freedom to peacefully protest. We at Cravings believe that every human being deserves the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and too many of our African-American brothers and sisters have been denied these rights for too long.”

Here is more information about Black Lives Matter and ways to help support the cause.