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'Drew Barrymore Show' Faces Backlash After Performing Wedding for Teacher & His Alleged Former Student

The Drew Barrymore Show is under fire for the dream wedding they threw on the show for a frontline nurse named Selina and a high school teacher named Dan. Their wedding was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, many are pointing out in the comments of the YouTube video that Dan was actually Selina‘s teacher in high school and allege their relationship began when she was underage.

Comments on the YouTube page include, ” It would be a great story if it was actually true. They met ‘in school’ because she was his student. The mutual friends was the physics class he taught.”

“Wow, ‘We met in school through mutual friends’ is a very creative way of saying your relationship started when he was your teacher in high school. Could CBS not find a couple whose relationship didn’t begin completely inappropriately? I just hope he’s more observant of his marriage vows than he was of the law when he started dating her….” another commenter added.

Some comments on the Instagram include, “Oh so we’re just letting people know grooming children is ok? Really surprising considering what the host has experienced in their own life. Thanks for endangering numerous children with your show! Good job everyone!” and “He groomed her. She was a minor and he was a teacher.”

Check out the segment below…

Drew Barrymore Reprises 'Josie Grossie' Role on Her Talk Show - Watch Now!

Drew Barrymore‘s rom-com Never Been Kissed is one of her fans’ favorite movies and she just reprised her character Josie Geller on her talk show.

It has been over 21 years since the movie was released, but Drew looks exactly the same while dressed up as the “Josie Grossie” version of the character.

On the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the talk show host invited Josie to join her at the Drew’s Nesk to fulfill her dream of becoming a journalist by letting her deliver the top news of the day.

Josie appeared to be stuck in 1988 while talking about the presidential election because she brought up George Bush and Michael Dukakis!

In another sketch on her talk show, Drew revisited her Scream role and imagined what the character’s life would be like if she weren’t killed.

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Drew Barrymore Hires Her Body Double to Go to Rehab for Her in 'The Stand In' - Watch!

Drew Barrymore is starring in a new comedy!

The trailer for the 45-year-old actress and TV host’s new movie The Stand In was released.

Here’s the synopsis for the new movie: When ordered to serve a year in rehab, actress Candy (Barrymore) hires her on set stand-in to take her place. The unassuming woman flips the script and steals her identity, career and boyfriend in this hilarious comedy about trading places.

Drew stars in the movie alongside Michael Zegen, TJ Miller, Holland Taylor, and Michelle Buteau.

In a new sketch for her talk show, Drew imagined what her Scream character’s life would be like in 2020 if she wasn’t killed in the movie.

The Stand In will be out in select theaters, On Demand, and available for digital download December 11.

Stanley Tucci Reveals He Was Cast Last in 'The Devil Wears Prada'

Stanley Tucci has some The Devil Wears Prada trivia!

The 59-year-old actor made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday (October 27).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stanley Tucci

“I loved it. You know what it’s like, every time you make a movie it’s like the first day of school kind of so you know you are always a bit nervous and I think particularly with Annie [Anne Hathaway] it was just so nice, it was so easy,” he said of the experience of making the movie.

“I’ll be honest about The Devil Wears Prada, they were already shooting and then they cast me. I was the last person to be cast in the film. But also with Julie & Julia, I was doing The Lovely Bones and just prior to doing that Meryl [Streep] had asked me, ‘Would you be interested, would you do this role?’ Of course I always loved Julia Child, I love food, I’m food obsessed. When she asked me, I said, ‘Yeah.’ What do you say, no? ‘No, I’m not going to work with you and Nora.’ So, yeah of course I did it and it just was one of the happiest experiences ever.”

Stanley Tucci is lovers with this actor in an upcoming LGBT-oriented film.

Drew Barrymore Imagines 'Scream' Character's Life If She Wasn't Murdered - Watch!

Casey Becker is back!

Drew Barrymore reprised her iconic Scream character for a new sketch for her The Drew Barrymore Talk Show.

The sketch follows the 45-year-old actress back in her blonde, bob wig and white sweater and reveals what Casey would be up to if she wasn’t murdered in the opening scene of the 1996 movie.

Now in 2020 – 24 years later – Casey is walking around with a smartphone and decides to ignore Ghostface’s texts.

While walking down the street Ghostface continues to text Casey messages like “Casey, come on pick up!” and “I come in peace lol :) :) :).” Casey ignores the texts and continues on walking.

Stop GHOSTING me!!!” Ghostface texts Casey, but once again, she ignores him and survives.

During a recent interview, Drew revealed why she fought to die early in Scream.

Check out the first set pics from Scream 5!

Drew Barrymore's Ex-Husband Disputes What a Psychic Told Her About His Family Member

Drew Barrymore had a psychic on her show last week and she was given a reading, which her ex-husband Will Kopelman is now calling out.

Medium Anna Raimondi gave Drew a reading and said she sensed the aura of a “judge.”

Drew said that the judge was David, who was related to her ex-husband and has since died. Anna said that the judge reaching out to her was a sign that “you are … a part of that family — it doesn’t matter [that] the two of you are not together anymore.”

Will has revealed to Page Six that David is actually still alive though.

“Drew and I have a close and highly amicable co-parenting relationship; I have and always will continue to cheer her on from the sidelines. That being said, the segment was a solid laugh considering my uncle Judge David Kopelman is still very much alive,” Will said.

He added, “And I’m a little surprised that Drew chose to give oxygen to someone like this, because self-entitled mediums who prey on vulnerable bereaved people with claims they can communicate with their dead loved ones in exchange for fame and compensation all belong in jail. None of my dead relatives — all of whom I’m sure would have really liked Drew — are speaking with some submental hack working the talk show circuit. This I assure you.”

Drew‘s rep told the outlet, “The grandfather of Will is Frank, who was a judge and is deceased. David is … Will’s uncle, who’s alive and also a judge. That was the confusion.”

Anna said, “I felt a judge who is passed. Drew said David. I only felt a judge.”

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Drew Barrymore Celebrates the Launch of Flower Beauty at CVS!

Drew Barrymore poses for photos at a CVS store to celebrate the launch of Flower Beauty on Wednesday (October 21) in New York City.

The actress, talk show host, and entrepreneur visited an Upper East Side store and checked out the art installation that was set up in honor of Flower Beauty‘s launch at CVS.

Flower Beauty had its launch on October 22, which marked National Color Day. Drew chose this day for the launch as “Flower Beauty’s ethos has always been about color, playing and having fun, and most importantly, spreading joy.”

New Flower Beauty products will be available exclusively at CVS and the partnership will be their largest to date, making the collection the most accessible it has ever been – with over 3,000 doors nationwide as well as

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Disclosure: Some products on this site use affiliate links and we may earn commission for any purchase made through the links.

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