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Hilaria Baldwin Responds to Those Who Criticize Her for Having a Nanny

Hilaria Baldwin – the wife of Alec Baldwin – is responding to those who criticize her for choosing to have a nanny help with their four kids: Romeo, 2, Leonardo, 3½, Rafael, 5 and Carmen, 6.

The 36-year-old fitness instructor, who is currently pregnant, went on her podcast to discuss having help.

“It’s so interesting with the whole nanny conversation,” Hilaria said. “People will write to you and say, ‘Ugh, she has a nanny’ — but that doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of your own kids. It literally means I am also working. I work every single day. And for people to make you feel badly about that is not fair.”

“Neither my family or Alec‘s family live close,” Hilaria added. “Right now, my youngest kids are 2, 3 and 4, and I have a 7-year-old. It is okay to accept help, and there is no shame that other people should give you because of that.”

Hilaria also said that amid the pandemic, the family “rented a place nearby so that our nanny could come and help us out” after quarantining.

Hilaria recently showed off her baby bump in lingerie while documenting how big she’s getting.

Alec Baldwin Responds to Criticism for Promoting Woody Allen Interview on Blackout Tuesday

Alec Baldwin is defending his decision to post on Blackout Tuesday.

The 62-year-old actor took to his Instagram on Tuesday (June 2) to promote his new interview with Woody Allen, on his podcast “Here’s the Thing.”

“Woody Allen’s new book, Apropos of Nothing, starts with a portrait of his father, a tough-guy World War One Navy veteran and onetime gunman in a firing squad,” Alec wrote on Instagram. “It’s the first of a series of surprising, fascinating stories from a life that went from working-class Jewish Brooklyn in the 1940s to movie sets in Rome and Paris. The book also addresses the accusation of an incident of sexual abuse leveled by Dylan Farrow. Allen and Alec cover it all — plus how he’s doing in the age of coronavirus — in this candid and wide-ranging interview.”

Social media users then took to the comments to slam Alec for interviewing Woody because of the sexual assault allegations made against him. They also slammed Alec for posting on a Blackout Tuesday, which is a movement encouraging social media users to stop posting so they can educate themselves on Black Lives Matter.

Alec then fired back, writing, ““In the course of this podcast, we have often booked guests that have either requested or required a specific posting date in order to promote a project. We make every effort to honor those requests. Allen is no exception. As for the perceived lack of sensitivity re BlackOutTuesday, I had no idea about this … national day of whatever.”

“The professional lives of some people cannot be put on hold at the whims of political correctness,” Alec continued. “I believe Allen is innocent and that is my right. Posting a black screen today or any other day, though a decent sentiment, is not an effective political stance. Voting, and working to enroll others to vote, is more … practical.”

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Hilaria Baldwin Cuts Husband Alec Baldwin's Hair in Quarantine - Watch! (Video)

Alec Baldwin is showing off his new hair style.

The 62-year-old 30 Rock actor shared a video of himself getting a haircut from his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, on Tuesday (May 19) while social distancing at home amid the global health crisis.

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In the video, Hilaria, who is expecting the couple’s fifth child together, is on a FaceTime call with hairstylist Joseph Bennett while trimming Alec‘s hair using clippers.

He amusingly sings Elvis Presley‘s “It’s Now or Never” while waiting in the chair.

“My friend called just as I was about to get to the big finish,” he captioned the post, adding: “Our patient and kind technical advisor @jbennettstylist was dialed in throughout.”

“Let me tell you what it’s like to be married to a movie star… especially one who has been unable to be fawned over in months due to the pandemic. He likes how he looks…me: eyes have closed and face covered by my hair… but this is what he posts,” Hilaria wrote on her Instagram Story, mocking his choice of photo.

“Next time I’m shaving you bald, Baldwin. I’ll leave you with that.”

She recently showed off her growing baby bump.

Watch the haircut…

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Alec Baldwin Plays Trump 'One Last Time' in 'Saturday Night Live' Finale Cold Open - Watch!

Alec Baldwin is back as President Trump on Saturday Night Live!

The actor once again impersonated the president on the sketch show’s season finale on Saturday (May 9).

Alec as Trump made an appearance during the cold open, which featured a virtual graduation for college students.

“I’m so honored to be your vale-dictator,” Alec as Trump said. “But today’s not about me. It’s about you. Although I should spend a little time on me first, because I’ve been treated very poorly, even worse than they treated Lincoln.”

“You’re actually lucky to be graduating right now there are so many exciting new jobs out there, like grocery store bouncer, cam-girl, porch pirate, amateur nurse and coal,” he continued. “Don’t forget about coal. It’s in the ground, and you just dig down and grab it.”

At the end of the cold open, Alec broke character, suggesting that this is his last time playing Trump.

“And taped from my home, one last time,” Alec said, “it’s Saturday night.”

Alec has been playing Trump for the past four years since the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Names Joe Exotic as His 2020 Running Mate on 'SNL' - Watch! (Video)

Saturday Night Live is back, and Alec Baldwin is reprising his role as President Donald Trump!

The 62-year-old actor called into the “Weekend Update” segment to chat with co-hosts Colin Jost and Michel Che about the pandemic on Saturday night (April 11).

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“Well, I’m happy to report, Colin, that America is now number one in the world for coronavirus. Number one, while I was president! #Americanumberone. #Notimportantwhy,” he said during the call.

“I’ve always said it was a giant hoax that we should take very seriously, even though it was invented by the Democrats…so, everyone needs to wash their hands, or not.”

Later on, he made a reference to the wildly popular Netflix series, Tiger King.

“Well, in times like this, we need to come together as one nation. Because no matter our differences, all Americans can agree on one thing — Carole Baskin definitely fed her husband to those tigers,” he said.

“I am proud to announce, Trump/Exotic 2020…I’m sorry Mike Pence had to find out this way. But, I have a feeling Pence is going to be pretty into Joe Exotic.”

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Alec Baldwin's Wife Hilaria Is Pregnant with Fifth Child After Suffering Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin has announced that she and her husband Alec are expecting their fifth child together!

“I’ll let the baby do the talking because I don’t have the words to express how this sound makes us feel 🤍. Just got the great news that all is well and all is healthy with this little munchkin. I wanted to share this with you🤍 Here we go again 💫,” Hilaria posted on her Instagram.

Hilaria suffered a miscarriage back in November and was very open about what they went through.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

The couple have four children together: Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 15 months.

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Avoid Talking About Coronavirus In Front of Their Kids

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, have revealed that they don’t talk about the coronavirus with their children.

During their interview on The Howard Stern Show, the couple opened up about their decision to do so, and how they’re dealing with the health crisis as a family.

“My wife and I, we adjourn to another room,” Alec says, if they do need to talk about the pandemic. “We don’t talk about the nuts and bolts in front of the kids.”

He adds that there’s “no point in contaminating them with fear and so forth. We want them to be kids and enjoy their lives and enjoy their day.”

“But at the same time, kids are smart. They pick up more than you think they are,” Hilaria, shared, before admitting that their kids have been asking about it. “It’s interesting because they’re not stressed about it as long as … we don’t show that we’re stressed out about it.”

Hilaria and Alec did address the conversation they would have if there were a lot of questions: “You say, ‘Yeah, there’s a virus right now and mommy and daddy are doing absolutely everything to make sure that we’re okay, and that’s why we’re living differently. That’s why we’re not having playdates, we’re not going out, we’re not doing this, we’re not doing that. It’s going to be like this for a while, but it’s because we know that we’re going to be okay.’”

However, the children are loving all the family time they are spending together.

“They are loving that, so it’s interesting to try to get into their eyes,” she shared.

Alec and Hilaria have four children together, Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo and Romeo.