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Spotify Announces Top 10 Most Streamed Female Artists of 2020!

Spotify is continuing to reveal the streaming stats of the year.

The streaming platform revealed the Top 10 female artists with the most streams on Spotify in 2020 on Tuesday (December 1).

“Nothing but respect for our queens. These female artists had the most streams across Spotify in 2020 #2020Wrapped,” the company announced.

Fun fact: the artist on top of this year’s charts did not put out an album this year. And one of the artists has not released an album since 2016!

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Spotify Privately Defends Alex Jones Appearance on 'The Joe Rogan Experience' Podcast Amid Controversy

Spotify is internally defending the appearance of conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, despite banning his own podcast two years before for “hate content.”

In an internal email, obtained by Buzzfeed News on Wednesday (October 28), Horacio Gutierrez, the company’s chief legal officer and head of global affairs, wrote to team managers about the episode without explicitly naming Joe Rogan or Alex Jones.

“If a team member has concerns about any piece of content on our platform, you should encourage them to report it to Trust & Safety because they are the experts on our team charged with reviewing content. However, it’s important that they aren’t simply flagging a piece of content just because of something they’ve read online. It’s all too common that things are taken out of context,” he wrote.

The email outlined “talking points” that top management should recite if asked about the interview.

“We are not going to ban specific individuals from being guests on other people’s shows, as the episode/show complies with our content policies,” he wrote.

“Spotify has always been a place for creative expressions. It’s important to have diverse voices and points of view on our platform. We are not going to ban specific individuals from being guests on other people’s shows, as the episode/show complies with our content policies,” the talking points went on to say.

“In closing, we appreciate that not all of you will agree with every piece of content on our platform. However, we do expect you to help your teams understand our role as a platform and the care we take in making decisions.”

Back in 2018, Spotify was one of a few companies including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, that kicked Alex Jones off their platforms based on their own policies against hate content.

During his appearance on the podcast this week, Alex Jones controversially made several claims, including conspiracy theories about the pandemic and vaccines, and falsely stated that a polio vaccine caused recipients to get sick, via Buzzfeed.

Last month, a transgender celebrity called out Joe Rogan for anti-trans comments.

Spotify, Tinder & More iOS Apps Are Not Working, Reportedly Due to Facebook

Several popular apps, like Spotify, Tinder and Pinterest, are currently broken on iOS devices.

The bug occurred sometime on Friday (July 10), with early analysts suggesting that Facebook is the reason, according to The Verge.

“There are widespread reports on social media of apps crashing whenever they’re launched on iPhones and iPads, and corresponding outage spikes on The apps can be launched if the device is offline, which is useful in some cases (if you have lots of music saved on Spotify, for example) but will completely break their functionality in others. Although the exact cause of the outages isn’t yet confirmed, early reports suggest the problem is caused by Facebook’s software development kit, or SDK, which many apps use to manage user logins. Users don’t have to be using Facebook to log into an app for this to affect their software, and there are no reports of the same apps crashing on Android,” the outlet reports.

Facebook also acknowledged that it was causing issues in a statement.

“We are aware and investigating an increase in errors on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash,” they said.

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Spotify Introduces A New Feature To Hide Songs on Public Playlists

Spotify just introduced a new feature for its’ premium members – hiding a song that you don’t to listen to on public playlists.

The feature will enable users to automatically skip certain tracks they don’t want to hear on public playlists.

Here’s how to enable it for your account: click on the three-dot icon located next to any song and click on the “hide song” option in the drop down menu. You can un-hide them the same way.

The Verge is reporting that the feature is exclusive for premium members, but other users who just have a standard, free account, have also been able to access it.

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Spotify Announces First-Ever Spotify Awards - Watch the Announcement!

Spotify is launching its own awards show!

The music streaming service will launch the first-ever Spotify Awards with an inaugural ceremony on March 5, 2020 in Mexico City, Mexico.

“Thanks to streaming and the true audience size of Mexico, users are in the front seat like never before. We decided to celebrate this by recognizing what users love based entirely on their listening. The Spotify Awards is all about this, giving everyone an opportunity to be part of the show,“ said Spotify exec Mia Nygren.

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Spotify's Most-Streamed Songs of the Summer Revealed!

Spotify has announced their top streamed songs of the summer!

The music-streaming site has revealed the list of 20 songs that were most streamed this summer globally and the top 20 songs that were most streamed in the United States.

The list was compiled of streams from June 1st to August 20th.

The global top song of the summer had an astonishing 565 million (and counting!) streams this summer.

You can stream Spotify’s Top 20 Streamed Songs of the summer here!

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Spotify Announces 20 Most Streamed Female Artists in the World of 2019 So Far!

It’s officially International Women’s Day (March 8), and Spotify is celebrating the holiday by announcing the biggest streaming female artists of this year in the world so far!

The streaming service revealed their list of the Top 20 most streamed female artists in the world based on streams from January 1 to March 1, 2019 on Friday (March 8).

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