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Maddox's Face Painting Fun

Paris, France :: Pregnant Angelina Jolie, 30, took her son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, to toy store Au Nain Bleu (The Blue Dwarf) yesterday, which is located at 408 rue St-Honoré, 8e.  Au Nain Bleu is known to be "a high-priced wonderland of elaborate dollhouses, miniature sports cars, and enchanting hand-carved rocking horses."  More pictures in the gallery!


angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store01
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store02
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store03
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store04
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store05
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store06
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store07
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store09
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store10
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store13
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store14
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store15
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store16
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store17
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store19
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store20
angelina maddox toy store paris angelina-jolie-maddox-toy-store22

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Thanks JJ! Maddox looks adorable! It's his Mommy & Me time. Luv the BAMZ crew!

Thanks Jared for my daily BAMZ photos.
Mad looks adorable and Ange...she's just gorgeous.

She looks tired but gorgeous.

Angie looks great and maddox is just soooo adorable...

So sweet.

Cute pictures,Angie does look great.

whow, great.
new pictures for you guys to send extra long post of blabla my life and my feelings, blabla.

following discusions sure wil be boring to read.
no room for self help groups, c'com guys, chat.

they're just SO SO ADORABLE!....BAMZ+1 all the way!

Angelina is a good mother. She adores those children. It is so evident every time we see them.
She and Brad make fine parents. I am so excited
about the new baby.

Do you think Brad is taking a quick trip somewhere with that bag? Maybe going coming back to USA to take care of some business...I know he ain't moving out...


I wish we could get the scoop on that one. The photos says, B/A/M at the toy store, but all the pics I've seen doesn't show them together. It's either Angie with Mad or Brad with Mad...just wondering

Seems brad went to NYC alone yesterday. Here are the pics.

Thanks Raqchel for the pix.

That would explain their look of depression in pix...5,6,8,10,11,14,15

AWW, thanks for the pictures, JJ.

this kid needs to be left alone. way too many pictures of him everyday. maybe he should just start a modelling career now.

They're probably missing Brad already that's why Angelina's so sad and Maddox is clingy. He probably cried up a storm when Daddy left.

there are pics of angie and brad in the airport ,angie is taking leave of brad.


Anonymous | February 23, 2006 01:28 PM

Can't see NOTHING!

yep!!! anonymous, can't see nothing on that link u give. please redirect us again...thanks much!!

Angelina is so pretty she doesnt even have to try!

this is the link http://www.goffinf.com/ go to brad and angelina in paris 22/02/2006,you must be registered

She looks stunning.

se looks very very sad....

That kid looks EVIL!! what are they doing to that boy??!!

she looks tired bcoz she's trying to do too much! pls angie...don't over stressed ur self...ur pregnant and not supermom...take care coz i and lots of others care about u and the bamz+1 family!! bamz+1 4evah!!! :) :)

That kid looks EVIL!! what are they doing to that boy??!!in the store they disguise to the children

megan, d r trying to scare u coz u'r a chicken!! can't u see that he's face is painted?? girl...u need a magnifying glass to see better!!

angelina does not take care of the baby,carrying maddox, flying...bad mother

awww. they both look so tired. I love the toy stores in paris. Everything is so unique and beautiful. And really not even that expensive.

I wonder if Aniston would be presenting at the Oscars if the Brad situation had not occured? I mean.......most Presenters are Oscar material or at least movie-star quality and have contributed in some meaningful way to the art. It is a shame that she is being used as a freak show for everyone to gawk at - the Academy must be praying Jolie-Pitt show up so the camers can pan on them to see how well they handle the world's prying eyes.
Just a comment.....

Angie, we already know you're rambo.. You don't need to prove us anything.. Relax for the sake of ur unborn.. No need to go crazy and take maddox places every single day... The kid is worn out.

this kid is growing fast and must be quite heavy already especially for a pregnant woman. She may be freaking Lara Croft but for the love of God make the little Cambodian use his legs already. He's gonna give her a hernia soon.

exactly, she tries too hard to look tough & strong. but she obviously looks very tired, & probably depressed that B left. so now she's gotta take care of both the kids by herself. if the kid can't walk that far, maybe it's good to invest in some stroller that can fit a big kid like that. my nephew (who's also huge & heavy & even older) uses a stroller sometimes while travelling cuz no one wants to break their back carrying that 60-lb kid (or his brother). Maybe they might be smart to invest in one or have one custom made, or hire someone to carry him. if she's not careful, especially now moving into the 3rd trimester & the extra load, she's gonna feel the consequences permanently.

I'm gonna have to agree with noth the haters and those who truly like BAMZ...angie needs to stop carrying Maddox. i guess i feel that needs to be said when she looks so tired in these pics. Mad is a big boy now, Angie. still love bamz

Angelina probably thinks, that because Maddox is light as feather, and she feels no discomfort in picking him up like that everywhere she goes, that it is okay. It is not. She probably feels secure holding him. You're just putting more energy in bending and picking up that kid rather than on the expecting baby. The baby must be on a rollercoaster ride in her womb. Simply because the amniotic fluid is surrounding the baby, doesn't mean the baby's not moving around, getting bumped around or it's not bending or being pushed around as the mother is bending down and pressing things against her womb. If you're going to move around like that, you have to do it slowly and carefully. Alot of women do what Angelina do, picking up their kid the wrong way like this. It's not right. Although, I have not seen pregnant women picking up kids as tall as Maddox.

I see how pregnant women pick up their SMALLER children, and they hold them AWAY from the tummy.

Nice pics she looks tired and a litte sad there don't worry brad will be back soon get some rest angie

Nice pics she looks tired and a litte sad there don't worry brad will be back soon get some rest angie

Thanks Jared.
Aww, Madd looks too cute w/ that face paint.
I can't beliebe Angie's still able to carry him. What a trooper!!
She looks lovely btw, I like her hair too.

Awwww. They are absolutely amazing! Everyday I check this site just to see if there are new BAMZ pictures! And you never let me down.

the reason she carries him everywhere is because there is always a swarm of photographers following them around, and he would be trampled

Calm down ladies, Angie knows what she is doing. I am a Labor & Delivery nurse and women pick up their toddlers on a daily basis even when they are in early labor. Women all over
the world carry heavy bags, baskets, are on their feet long hours .... doing laundry, cooking, shopping.....dancing, horsebackriding...it's only here in
America women think they are to frail to even pick up their own
child. We as women are so much more than the frail stereotype
we want to keep pasted to our heads.

Angelina knows her limits and she would never endanger her pregnancy. Preterm labor is not caused by picking up children.
We'd all be in trouble if that was true.

She looks great and Maddox is tired from so much fun.....if all kids could be so happy!!

Thank you horsewrangler for clearing up that subject.I have 3 kids and when I was pregnant with my 2nd kid I lugged my 3 year old around all the time and my son is a big boy and I was fine.I couldn't do it after the 8th month,but prior to that I had no problem.I also feel Angelina wouldn't do anything to harm her baby.I have a friend who's a nurse she worked up until she went into labor and she went into labor at work and was able to finish her shift.We still laugh about that today,she's like hey I was a hospial what could happen.Women are strong creatures.

Maddox looks really cute.

for those of you who dont have any children toddlers have a lot of energy and have a need to be entertained every minute of the day until nap time and after nap time they get a surge of energy for more entertainment. that is why having children is so draining and time consuming and can be very rewarding if you are up for the job.

Lou...funny you said that cuz I did the same thing with my 2nd baby. Went to work.. then did a photo shoot for a hospital labor class brochure with different postions to labor in and went back that night and delivered my son. I have 3 kids too !
We are an enduring, strong and nuturing species.....

Did anyone notice that she's wearing make-up here? She hasn't worn it in a long time. Maybe she was so tired-looking that she thought it could make her look better? I love these pictures, I think they're so cute.

Angelina is probably picking Maddox up a lot because she's surrounded by tons of photographers, and it's safer than to let him walk. The last few . . . perhaps because he's tired.

Horsewrangler, thank you for setting it straight with those overly critical (one might have been truly concerned but the others are just Angie haters) about the durability and strength of a pregnant woman. By their harpings you'd think Angie should be bed-ridden with Brad waiting on her hand and feet.

Angie has always been a fit person with raising Maddox on her own (notwithstanding the need for babysitters that even regular folks have to rely on). She reminds me of my aunt who can lift anything without a struggle, while I feel as if I'm going to break my back with +50-lb items.

Angie knows her limits. It's quite obvious she loves her children and wouldn't jeopardize their health.

So chill out haters.

wat can i say??!! i just love angelina and brad..they are both beautfiul esp. angie who kas a deep kindness from within =) cant wait to see their baby! =)

luv bamz+1 family!! does anyone know the name brand of angie's new bag...i like big bags coz can put a lot of stuff??

I think she's wearing make-up because these pics were taken the same day as the pic with her in the long grey coat holding the magazine (with her belly showing a lot more than it does in that baggy black coat she usually wears). You'll notice that while she's back in the black coat, she's wearing the same grey pants here, has the same fancy hairdo (well, not fancy, but it's obviously been blow-dried and styled, unlike all the other pictures in Paris) and is wearing the same style of make-up as in the earlier pic in the grey coat.

Someone said re: the grey coat/magazine pic that she had just finished a photo shoot for St. John, the clothing line, so presumably that would be why she'd be all made-up and have her hair styled. Maybe after she got done with the photo shoot Maddox wanted to go to the toy store. If Dad's out of town and Mom's working most of the day, he probably wasn't too thrilled. Maybe they went out later the same day so he could get some one-on-one time with her. Z's a little young to enjoy face-painting and toystores. But before they went out, she changed into her regular black coat.

I think she must like wearing a coat that conceals her belly. It's so flared that when she's got it on it's impossible to tell how far along she is. Plus, it looks warm,a nd Paris in February is generally kind of chilly. But I think she must look so tired there because she's probably had a really long day with the photo shoot and then going home to the kids, and then taking Maddox out shopping (given that she's in the same pants as before, and still has full make-up on and the fancy hairdo, it's safe to assume she didn't get a chance for a shower). Plus, with the pregnancy, her stamina's probably not what it usually is.

It's sad actually. In all the Paris pictures before this set and the grey coat one, she's been wearing no make-up, hair every which way, and she STILL always looked gorgeous. I actually think she looks better in the carnival pictures. Less glamorous, sure, but more natural. She's so naturally beautiful that it isn't until I see pictures of her with makeup on that I realize in previous pictures she wasn't wearing any. Just goes to show. Hollywood make-up artists can do a lot to make a pretty woman look beautiful, but a woman who's already beautiful doesn't need the make-up artists. I guess AJ lucked out in her bone structure.

I think she's wearing make-up because these pics were taken the same day as the pic with her in the long grey coat holding the magazine (with her belly showing a lot more than it does in that baggy black coat she usually wears). You'll notice that while she's back in the black coat, she's wearing the same grey pants here, has the same fancy hairdo (well, not fancy, but it's obviously been blow-dried and styled, unlike all the other pictures in Paris) and is wearing the same style of make-up as in the earlier pic in the grey coat. ...............................no no no no no no no no........... with her in the long grey coat :02/21..........pica with maddox paintes:02/22

I think Angie and Brad do let Maddox walks on his own most of the time. From my experience kid that age do get tired and want to be carry once in a while. And when I am in the hurry, I carry my four year old as well.

I think Angie and Brad do let Maddox walks on his own most of the time. From my experience kid that age do get tired and want to be carry once in a while. And when I am in the hurry, I carry my four year old as well.

Didn't someone say that there are photos of Angelina /Brad at the airport. Maybe she went to the airport as well to say goodbye to him.

I think Angie was having her 2nd day photoshoot in a hotel early in the morning on 2/22/06. Then, Brad brought Maddox with him to see her before he flies to New York. We see Brad pics with Mad leaving their apartment and then we see his pics carrying a sleeping Maddox, they were going to the hotel not back to their apartment. I read from other boards that he hang out for a while. He must have left Maddox with Angie, and when she finished her photoshoot, Angie and Mad went to the toy shop and headed home as the pics suggest. On the other hand, Brad went to the airport alone, there is a pic of him at the Paris airport and pics when he arrived at JFK.

People should remember that there has been a lot of changes for mddox this year, new sister, new daddy and now a new sibbling on the way. Maybe Ange is doing a little bit more to reassure him of how much he is loved. I am also suspecting it might be a boy and they are both trying to show him that he is just as important and loved today as he was before the pregnancy and hopefully make him feel very secure knowing his parents love him. This is a very tricky period for them and I think they are handling it very well by putting the needs of the children first. Angie might look fragile but she is one tough mama and one heck of a good mother. I think she is only trying to strengthen her bond with her children before the new baby arrives.

OH my god , why don't you write us a soap opera Mary? And just how do you know any of this? Please, these kids get too much exposure! You all act like you know them personally.

bamz+1 haters! don't u have anything more to criticize or making nasty comments about the kids and ange and brad and now ur all focusing on their appearances and clothes or whatever?? rn't u tired of being a losers and whiners coz brad is no more the other golden couple??? to show ur support to jen, why don't u go to thread that is all about jen if u lov her so much!!! it seems that u really don't love, like, admire her coz all those trash, nasty comments spouting from all of ur mouth..maybe ur attitude about all of ds r really a reflection of the real jen, loser, manipulative, jealous, envious...etc...dats why bradley left her...i believe!!

brad went back to the airport yesterday night.He's going back to paris? Chek out http://simplybrad.com/sbf/viewtopic.php.?t=1033&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

Anonymous(5:35am) All I found when I clicked on as you suggested was advertising! And Poppy, you just don't realize that we feel we DO know them! That's exactly why so many people are drawn to Just Jared, because we want to talk about these people we have grown to love! You kind of spoil the mood for people like us who stay up late to connect about BAMZ, cuz we just love to love them, Baby!

I swear, I am a hugh BAMZ.1 fan, but Angie is going to have to stop carrying that boy around, He will be like 16 and she will still be carring him around,, Still GO BAMZ.1



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