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These celebrity baby portraits are spot on and unbelievably hilarious. Can you identify all of them?  Some of them are dead giveaways but some are a little harder to guess.  I'll post the answers later if you can't get them all.

HINT :: They're all hip-hop/rock/pop stars.
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Disgusting. Kids should not look like this. What is happening to our world?

HAHA. I see a Kanye West (white outfit), Gwen Stefani, Diddy and Lil John... ooh and Beyonce and Jay-Z?? Not sure about the two other girls though.

Beyonce & JayZ, Kanye West, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani, P-Diddy, Kelis (I cheated on that one- saw the answer somewhere else), and Lil' John.

hahaha. i love these. all of the kids look so cute!!!! especially the kelis one. cute!!!!!!!

kimora lee and russell simons

Anyone that's upset with these photos - need to lighten up! These are kids and they are adorable. The other two girls have to be Kelis & Missy!

I saw these @ http://www.concreteloop.com yesterday. I love them.

I think the little girl in the pink and the little girl in the hat are sooo adorable.

I think the little girl in the pink looks more like kelly rowland than kelis...

Isn't that Missy Elliot in the grey?

I say going clockwise:

1. Kelis 2. Gwen Stefani 3. Lil John 4. Jay-Z and Beyonce 5. Missy Elliot? and the two below, Puffy and his one-time protege Loon? I dunno but they are too cute!

the girl in pink is more kelly rowland than kelis to me.....they're really cool pictures...

I don't like the Bratz dolls and I don't like little girls with tons of make up on dressed up to look like sexy women. Just my opinion so don't jump all over my shit please.

The little girl in purple is in a very suggestive pose. I think this is disturbing. really. I do. Call me a prude. Am I am not. I am one of the most liberal minded people but this borders on the disturbing for me.

Do I want my little girl vamping it up for the camera with purple polish on her toes and nails in a short miniskirt.

There are some sickos who thrive on pixx like these. Sorry. I think it sucks.

Am I the only one that feels somewhat uncomfortable by some of the little girls' pics?? I wouldn't let my daughter take a pic like that knowing the animals that are probably salivating lookin at these pics. Sorry.

its a real thin line they are skirting here (between taste and distaste) All these kids look like they have their hair dyed.

As a matter of fact, I think is disgusting to use kids in this manner, And it's not CUTE !!!
There are Too Many Freaks and Weirdos who get off on this kind of stuff... That is an element that doesn't need anymore catering to at all.
NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY someone was willing to pay me for it , i would never let any kid do this junk !!!!!
I guess alot of these parents or so-called parents become retarded in trying to chase FAME and FORTUNE through their children.
I'm sorry to kill the moment for anyone BUT I really take exception to exploiting kids in this manner.

I think the one in purple is Tyra, but that doesn't fit the theme.... to disgusted, are these any different than those pics of kids getting married? I normally have a pretty thin skin with stuff like this, but this is cute, none of them look suggestive and it isn't just kids looking like they styled them to look like 'perfect' women (or men) or anything. I could even go so far as to say this is sort of artistic.

I don't know what the point exactly was of these pictures. But I think it works as a razorsharp pop-cultural satire. Because it clearly shows that today's biggest music stars are hardly more than their image in general and their cloths / makeup in particular. They're just products.

It's not our fault you're seeing these pics in a sexual way. Didn't you ever dress up as your favorite pop/rock star when you were younger? The little girl in purple looks like she's in more of a Spider Man pose than a suggestive pose, but whatever. People will see what they want...sickos.

Children are not dolls, you sick, sick f***s.

the girl in the pink is lauryn hill

Sick? anyone who thinks sick by looking at these is 'sick'. They are cute, its what kids do, they imitate and they love it !! Were you never a kid yourself?

No photographer or model studio should not do this to children.. Adults are bad enough..

I'd say it's Vanessa Williams and her man

Kelly Rowlands, Gwen Stefani, Lil Jon, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and lastly Missy Elliot

the remaining 2 boys are kanye and the other is either notorious BIG or diddy

I just have to comment on Bob's comment. It's so true that stars are only as good as the products they can afford to buy. What else sets them apart from you or me?

i think these are hilarious! and cute! the girl who is gwen stefani is really pretty
as for their looks, these pictures shouldn't be taken that seriously. im sure these pics were just out of fun

So good!
From top left=>
-Kelly Rowland
-Gwen Stefani
-Jay Z & Beyonce
-Missy Elliott

Am I right???????????

Lauryn Hill, Gwen stefani, Lil John, Beyonce & Jay Z, Lisa "Left eye" Lopez(TLC).....

The Other two on the Bottom are Kenya west & Diddy

well the first two are obviously jay-z and beyonce, the second is kanye west, the third is missy elliott, the fourth is gwen steffani, the nest sean puffy combs or p-diddy whatever you prefer, in purple is lil kim, and last but not least little john. these are really easy. and i dont think they are gross at all. these kids are cute, and atleast they are doing this instead of drugs and street violence. i give a 100 to these kids for effort.!!!!1

I agree that these pics are a little off. And for all you ignorants who think they are "cute" have another think about it... All the stars they are portraying here do strike sexy poses and to imitate them the kids ARE trying sexy looks.... other kids & parents look at these photo's and go awww how cute, it is so ok to dress my kids up like mini adults striking sexy poses when they are only 5, they'll look just like those cute mini celebs, awww... and then it all starts from there, soon we have little Jonbenet Ramsey's paraded in full make-up & mini dresses/skirts practising sexy pouts & looks, teaching toddlers to act sexy & cute for the amusement of adults whether the amusement is sexual or not is weird and it can lead places you just dont want it to go... that's the whole point of peoples objections. I think all rock stars suck for their sexy images they portray to impressionable young kids out there... makes kids try & imitate that image without even being mature enough to handle that image, its all yuk... no wonder there are so many peadophiles out there - society has forced children out there to try and be sexual, so of course retarded peodophiles will get confused & believe the hype...

1) Beyounce and Jay-z,2)Diddy,3)Indie Arie,4)Gwen,5)Mase,6)Lauren Hill&7) Lil Jon..are my guesses.. so cute!

Holy Sh*t! You people need to chill. These pictures are just that pictures. None of them are sexually provacative. And your worried about weirdos getting off on these pictures, f*ck wierdos can get off on pictures of shoes for god sakes. Just take them for what they are entertainment.

"Not our fault your're seeing these pictures in a sexual way"???????Are you a pedophile? Why would you dress up a little girl in this way? Children learn from what they are exposed to. So these little girls just got quite a lesson in what gets attention didn't they? It could have been done in a way that was funny. This is tasteless and borderline disturbing.

#33 Ash - you just dont get it... Being so relaxed about it is irresponsible. but there's no point in telling you this cause you'll never get it and so you & people like you will just continue to perpetuate the problems and continue to encourage peaodophiles... just cause you dont see it that way, doesn't mean thousands out there dont.

I find this a little unsettling, but that's just me. They are children and they should be outside wearing jeans and a t-shirt playing and getting their knees skinned on the pavement - not wearing miniskirts and makeup.

Those children didn't do that to themselves. That's the point. An adult did it for adult enjoyment and it's depraved. This isn't the same as kids dressing up like Pilgrims and Native Americans for their Thanksgiving Day pageant at school. If you can't see the qualitative difference, your moral development is stunted. Again, they're children, not dolls.

ooohhhh, how cute -- dress up the little muppets as pimps and whores. sooooo cute.

The Gwen one is cute, but they all look creepy.

I think what sets it apart from both regular child's play, and from pedophilia is the artistic element -- these children aren't being posed by unscrupulous parents or menacing adults; they're being posed by photographers, to convey a specific message through image. The children aren't imitating their idols; I doubt most of them even know who Lil Jon, Kanye, and the like are. I really doubt it's being done for "adult enjoyment" in the sense of smuttiness; I think it's a statement on image and the underlying emotional immaturity of these stars. It's art people, and it's representation through film. And having someone look at your photograph and getting differents sorts of reactions from it, no matter how sexual, does not harm you directly. That's right up there with the idea that cameras "steal your soul."

Ya'll overreact just calm the fuck down. They are just pictures. Don't doesn't seem like Kelis to me, I don't see any Kelis tendencies...

Kelly Rowland, Kanye West, Lil John, Gwen Stefani, Diddy and Ciara.....what did I win? I really think it is Ciara not Missy Elliott

Anyone who thinks these pictures are "fine" or just "art" should NEVER have children. You don't understand the power adults have. No one has the right to make a child provocative. These pictures were for the enjoyment and profit of the photographer, NOT the kids.

Excuse me. I think the pics are just fine and I'm a damn good parent. they're are no provocative poses and it was meant to be cute and funny.

kids are models too.. its just a modeling shoot. kids dont usually get into modelling on their own, parents help/push them into it.. that being said, this is harmless

Lol... I think there cute...

But the celebs are

Beyonce and Jay-z
Lil John

The little girl in the pinkish purple dress sort of remind me of Zahara Jolie-Pitt

the one in the hat is janet jackson.

#18 and #21 and all of those who dare says if we see these pixx as sexual then we are the sickos sexualizing them: for your information i am a 30 year old woman who was sexualized as a child. i was molested and both my molestors saw me as a "woman/child" . they got off on the fact that i was an extremely pretty girl and this turned them on. i wan no older than 9.

I do not sexualize kids. you ass holes. as a matter of fact, i am the one who always votes in any election to put the psychos where they belong.

I am just saying images of children assuming adult poses, dress, adult mannerisms (that pic of jay-z and beyonece looks like they are a couple) i am saying images like these perpetuate an image kids don't need the burden of assuming.

we could have this same satire if we chose adults to mimic these stars. we are talking about stars who are all very sexual in their image - why have kids mimic that? i know you get temporary enjoyment looking at the pictures - but is the enjoyment worth it? maybe you are the sicko for not seeing anything wrong with a little girl in her pink miniskirt, lipstick and nail polish. what is the ultimate point? what do we gain from that?

#40 I..H: What kinf of directions you think the photographer gave these kids? If you say it is a safe envirnonment for them. To get the kids to appear as sexy as kelis and Beyonce - what do you think the photographer says to them? And how manipulative do you think it has to be to get kids to pose like this? Pretend you want candy? Pretend you're playing with your friends? Is that what the photographer says to them?

Also, why have artistic expression at this expense of a child? Isn't that what kid's films are for? Aren't there ways to have artistic expression on a child's terms ? Meaning in a childlike way that does not require assuming an adult role artistically?

I wouldn't say that these photos are sexual in and of themselves, but they are representing several artists who, if they don't use sex to sell records, certainly use their perfect image to do so. Someone before me said that these kids should be outside scraping their knees on pavement, and I agree. I'm not disturbed about these in a sexual way, but I do think it's disturbing to dress up little kids like this. They look like little adults, but not in a cute way. Kelis is wearing a shirt, and just a shirt. Gwen is wearing a belly shirt. Beyonce is wearing a low-cut top. These are not articles of clothing that children should be wearing. End of story.

Yes and notice it is the little girls who are sexualized not the boys. The boys above are all covered up and the girls are dressed up scantily. Except for the Missy Elliot girl who is sort of androgynous anyway.

1.Jay-z and Beyonce 2.Kanye West 3.Missy Elliot 4.Gwen Stefani 5.Diddy 6.Kelly Rowland 7.Lil John

ok give us all a break and get off your damn high horses. how old are you people 100? if these pictures were soooo sexually provocative would the parents really consent to it? i highly doubt it. you people are sooooo annoying, i bet you you're the same people who ring up to complain about all the ads on television. these are pictures of young children dressed as todays stars... its meant to be somewhat satirical... at least for those of us who are smart enough to see that... 'todays children are tomorrows hip hip/pop stars'. understand? still to complex and too sexual for you? ok let me put it simply... its children playing dress up.... now stop trying to preach to us.

Hey, the parents of those children must have been alright with them posing for these photos, so WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM HERE? Unless you have a filthy mind, I don't understand how one can view these pictures as being 'sexual.' It's all in good fun. Get your dirty head out of the gutter.

#55 and #54, If a neighbor asked to have your kids pose like this would you allow them? Because it is a famous photographer it is better? Fine, let's hide behind artistic expression then. Why is the little girl in pink wearing a shirt and no pants? I am a woman and I detest that this is what is being asked of this little girl. Why are the little boys all covered up then?

I hope you people don't procreate. Children are to be children. Image is everything in this society. And these images above are fucked up. it is people like you whose kids end up on crack and fucked up because you gave them all the freedoms in the world but never bothered to protect them. Let's hear it for freedom.

And why is it that the people who are out there doing the most to protect kids are seen as the problem. One kid was abducted in my neighborhood. One suspect is possibly a sex offender. We don't need images of kids like, thank you very much.

It is hard enough getting kids to and from school without someone harming them. What is the point of shit like this?

Y'all need to get off your sorry asses and get involved for kids instead of accusing people of being sexual minded because they care how kids are portrayed.

You're all so weak!

And Keka #55, the parents of Michael Jackson's little friends consented to them hanging out with Michael - was it ok because the parents consented?

A lot of parents are completely fucked up and are the last people who should be making decisions on behalf of their kids. Some parents will do anything for a buck.

As is clear above.

ummm sorry to burst your bubble but i really dont have time for people to preach to me considering the fact that i RUN A F'N CHARITY FOR KIDS MYSELF. i am blessed to have the means to be able to run my own foundation in australia to help underprivilaged children. and its dumbass preachers that we have to deal with everyday that pretend to be 'for the children' but are really just running their mouths so everyone would think they are the saviours of the the godamn free world. i hate people who think its their right to judge everyone and anyone. seriously keep your mouth shut coz you have NO idea what protecting children is really about. how about you go and preach about the real child issues like children born in third world countries who don't get the same right to life as your own children. i've had enough of this bull. im out of here. catch you later oh self righteous ones

I just wanted to add.. I understand the point of the ones against the picture, but honestly these pictures are of actual celebrities so it had to look realistic to guess who may be the celebrity they were tryen to impersonate, dont u think it would have looked a little off if they would have the picture of the mini beyonce with jeans and a shirt.. thats not the type of clothes that she wears, just like the one of missy, obviously we know which mini star is which due to the way they are posed and dressed.. I actually think that the poses and the way they are situated is realistic poses of the stars like they actually took a picture like that and thats whats being imitated

K.C. #58: I love when you Australians or non-Americans attack us thinking we don't care about 3rd World countries. You think if we complain about kids how removed of us because we don't know what it's like to see kids suffer.
For your information, our country sends international aid to yours and to other countries to have you in turn criticize us for not caring enough.

You work with kids? Great. So do I. I work in Policy. And deal directly with people who are doing something to change laws for children, laws to protect children. I know plenty of kids who have been harmed, left in Foster Care for too long, or have had their childhood stolen. Screw you to think otherwise of me and of my country.

My opinion does not change. The little boys are covered up. And the little girls are vixens. I don't care in what sentiment you do this or what the intentions - I find it wrong. Period. If I am the only one who thinks this - then so be it.

Also, given that these kids are African-American, why not have them emulate Louis Gates, the college professor or a Senator or an athlete? Because these images are comfortable for everybody. Thye don't betray your sense of what these kids are supposed to be. You are protecting your comfort level. Look in the mirror.

Enjoy your Australia and how "progressive" you all are over us.

#60 - Bravo.

Just so you know... America doesn't give Australia aid...

Australia per capita gives more in international aid than the US.

BUT that being said, I think that the US is so vast that there are alot of cracks that children fall through. Yes, I've lived in the US so I do think that I'm making an informed opinion. I think that as a whole, the US has as much care to the underprivileged as we do, they just have so many more because they have a larger population.

To #35- just because ash has a different veiw towards these pictures doesnt mean that she is encouraging peaodophiles. I also have the same veiw as Ash. Although i have my own opinion i have been opened minded about this and taken on board all the comments and opinions of other people. So how about you do that too instead of only thinking about your own opinion. So whoever it may be out there that thinks Ash is ignorant..... TAKE A CHILL PILL!!!!!


kelis, gwen stefani, lil bowow, beyonce/jayZ, missy elliot. diddy and usher.

How'd I do?

To "Woman":
geez "Woman". How did "K.C."'s comment suddenly became a political issue of who give more aid?
Besides, I figured you would've made the same criticism if these kids were posed as senators or people in academia based on what you said before. You completely twisted K.C.'s words into ones that clearly show your own bias and disdain for other countries.

And how do you know the little girl isn't wearing any pants? You are becoming too paranoid about these pictures. These kids wouldn't have without parental consent. You aren't their parent(s) therefore you can't make statements and judgments. The pictures are completely innocent. Its not like they are doing some provocative gesture or position.

1. Beyonce and Jay 2. Kanye 3. Lil John 4. Gwen 5. Mase 6. Kelis (girl in purple)

Oops..i forgot Missy... I don't even think I did this in order but watever...lol.

#65 Alexandra: Let me get this straight: Jared posts these pixx and everyone in unison is supposed to go "hee hee how cute" and no one is to have a differing opinion on them right? Is that what you are suggesting?

For your information here is what K.C. said:
"seriously keep your mouth shut coz you have NO idea what protecting children is really about. how about you go and preach about the real child issues like children born in third world countries who don't get the same right to life as your own children."

As an American who is involved in child rights policies, I do care about kids in 3rd World countries. She brought up th international issue, I did not.

So Alexandra, why don't you check yourself first before you take sides. Anyway, I don't care what any of you say, I stand my ground. The boys above are covered up and the girls are in skimpy clothing. As an American, I exercise my right to claim that these images perpetuate inappropriate ideas about girls and ultimately about women.

Why do people feel it is a valid argument to say the parents consented to this so it's ok? Like mentioned before, Michael Jackson's alleged child abuse victims were given parental consent to spend the night with him and have unsupervised sleepovers. Because the parents consent, it makes the activity that the child is engaging in valid? Give me a break.

Ok, seriously people. These are just pics. Do you guys honestly think that these kids DON'T go outside and play just because they're modeling?!? Kids can do both. I have pics of my kid playing baseball....does that mean it's all she does? Come On! Get a grip! They are cute pics, and the girl in purple could be wearing a t-shirt dress, duh! I just don't get how people freak out on this. Sexual predators are gonna find things to look at. So are you saying there should NEVER be a picture of a child,?!? Children enjoy dressing up, so I'm sure they had a blast getting to emulate their favorite singers. Then they put on their jeans and had an popsicle.

WOW. I am really quite amazed at how upset people are getting over these pictures. Maybe I'm naive and ignorant - but I don't assume the worst of everything I see. I saw these and thought they were cute and that's it. I guess I've lived a charmed and lucky life??!

Americans - quit taking yourselves so seriously.

On the one hand, the children are attractive kids, and using them to demonstrate the whole "brand" quality to celebrity is kinda funny.

On the other hand, pedopilia is a VERY REAL and VERY SERIOUS problem. I don't know if these pictures contribute to the problems or not. But I am uncomfortable with children being shown at a very young age that being "sexy" or "attractive" is a way to get adult attention.

I just don't know.

everyone already said the names.. so i will just leave it at that.

1] if you don't like these pictures... don't look.
2] if you like these pictures... cool.
3] if you spend your time fighting on the net.. grow the fuck up.
4] if this is sexual.. than HOLY SHIT!
5] my daughter wears high heels, because I BUY THEM FOR HER... she is a straight A student, and we are very respectable family... say something now.

ciao bello. ♥

Lo, u'r the best. Ciao bella!

There isn't anything remotely sexual about these pics, the poses the clothes, nothing. All little girls love to play dress up and wear makeup. I know I did. I think they look adorable. I didn't even think to look for anything sexual until I read all of the comments here, and frankly, I still don't see it!

I agree with #73. Little girls play dress-up and this is just a photographer's extension of it.

Pedophiles are pedophiles and they believe things to be sexual that are very clearly not. For example, Anne Geddes does baby portraits wherein babies are dressed as flowers and stuff. Many people look at them and say, "oh how CUTE!" (Honestly, I think they're creepy because many of the babies in the pictures are sleeping). In a pedophile's case, the attraction may be a mental problem wherein any otherwise inocuous thing a child does (i.e., playing with Legos) can be seen as a "come on."

A 2-year-old sucking its thumb in a picture is more provocative than those pictures above. Little girls run around in shirts alone or short skirts all the time! If you've got a particularly clothing-hating child, you're lucky if she keeps her diaper on.

That said, I can see how the Gwen-type kid can appear to be a little suggestive. But how are the other kids and posing them so different from your kids up in cute little outfits (frilly dresses, frilly socks, white tights, white shoes) to take pictures with the Easter bunny or taking pictures of them when they get into their mother's/grandmother's makeup, clothing and jewelry? I digress. The point is that pedophiles find children to be of interest because of the mere fact that they are children. Even a "typical" Easter outfit can be seen as an attempt to look sexy to a pedophile.

Exploiting children and making them look sexy (as defined by social/cultural norms) or look as though they are performing sexual acts is quite another matter that is very different from the above pictures. Kiddie porn is an extremely serious matter. There is a line between kiddie porn and children modeling, but this set of pictures is nowhere near that line.

i think the little girl in the pinkishpurple is rihanna

i say the first two ones are j lo with ll cool j, then its usher, missy elliot, gwen stefani, p diddy, kelly(from destinyes child) and lil john! fo sho!

I wonder how "cute" these pictures will look to people if they hear that a pedophile raped one of them....or worse - they did this and got killed....

Oh - I orgot; Jon Benet Ramsey....

My bad....

I wonder how "cute" these pictures will look to people if they hear that a pedophile raped one of them....or worse - they did this and got killed....

Oh - I forgot; Jon Benet Ramsey....

My bad....


1.Beyonce & Jayz
2.Kanye West
3.Ciara or Missy Eliott
4.Gwen Stefani
6.Ashanti or Alicia Keys
7.Lil Jon

1.Beyonce and Jay-z
7.Lil Jon

the 1st 1 is beyonce and jay z.the other 1 looks like gwen stafan.but i think they are all cute!

the 1st 1 is beyonce and jay z.the other 1 looks like gwen stafan.but i think they are all cute!

the 1st 1 is beyonce and jay z.the other 1 looks like gwen stafan.but i think they are all cute!


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