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Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood Briefly Broke Up Last Year

In a surprising turn of events, Colton Underwood revealed that he and longtime girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, actually broke up last year.

“To put it very frank, after the show, we realized we weren’t communicating as well as we once did,” the 28-year-old Bachelor star shares in his new memoir, “The First Time”.

Colton says that “nobody was forcing us to talk about real things going on, so we let a lot of things build up…in a weird way, I kind of broke up with myself.”

He adds, “I was like, I feel like we need to figure this out and in order to do that, we need space. She agreed. So it was a mutual thing.”

However, their break up didn’t last long – in fact, it was only a few days apart when Colton and Cassie were missing each other.

“It was a very real and very emotional breakup, but it was also very good to be real and emotional because it forced us to have conversations and move on,” he says. “Now, we know the flags to look for. When issues start to creep up, it’s like, let’s go have a conversation. We’re trying to be more transparent and honest and really trust each other.”

An engagement is something that could be soon in the future, too.

“If she were here, she’d nudge me for saying this, but I think an engagement is something we’d both like to see this year,” Colton said. “No matter what, I don’t want my life without her. Our relationship hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been worth it.”

See how Cassie has been taking care of Colton during his coronavirus diagnosis.

The Bachelor's Colton Underwood Questioned His Sexuality Because of Childhood Bullying

Former star of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood, revealed he questioned his sexuality growing up due to bullying and other kids calling him gay.

The 28-year-old reality star and former NFL player wrote about this topic in his book, “The First Time,” which is out on March 31.

“I was called fatso, four eyes and four lips, because I used to lick my lips, so I would constantly have a red ring around them,” Colton wrote in his book (via People). “I was a little heavy, and that, combined with being socially awkward, led to a really hard time. I didn’t believe in myself. And I was super insecure.”

“It was one of those things where you hear something so often, you start believing it,” he continued. “I thought, maybe I am gay. The captain of the football team should be having sex and drinking, right? But I wasn’t.”

“I didn’t know who I was/ And I come from an athletic family, so it was always, ‘Move on, you’re good.’ So that threw me off. In high school, when I was struggling with my sexuality, I’m not going to talk to my parents about it. So I internalized it,” he added.

“Even while my season [of The Bachelor] was airing, I battled the gay [rumors],” he added. “They’d say, ‘he’s gay, he’s hiding it.’ No. But I’ve been there, done that now.”

Colton is now in a relationship with the winner of his season, Cassie Randolph. Colton revealed just last week that he has Coronavirus and revealed how he is doing battling the illness.

Colton Underwood Reveals What Coronavirus Medicine He's Taking & How He's Actually Quarantining

Colton Underwood is revealing more about his Coronavirus diagnosis and answering some fan questions along the way.

The 28-year-old former Bachelor revealed what medicine he has been prescribed and how he has been quarantined his girlfriend Cassie Randolph‘s parents home.

“The last few days were rougher than I expected. The most prominent symptoms are my cough, night sweats and shortness of breathe. Breathing is challenging, the best way to describe it is feeling like I only have access to 20% of my lungs. I can only imagine how people with pre-existing health conditions feel with this. I’ve been journaling throughout this and I’ll share some of those soon,” Colton posted on Instagram.

He added, “I’m currently on hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak and last night the doctor prescribed an inhaler, also. I’m hopeful that they are starting to work! This morning was the first time that I’ve felt any real type of improvement since the beginning of this. Im hopeful that I’ve turned the corner and will be back to 100% soon.”

“We are very lucky that all of this was manageable at home after getting the proper medicine. I’m on the third story of the Randolph’s home, isolated from the rest of the family (The Health Department called and spoke to both Cassie’s mom and me to make sure we understood timing and what to do). When they make food they make an extra plate and drop it off and have been checking on me regularly to make sure I am comfortable and breathing! They have been amazing and have been taking great care of me,” he added.

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Colton Underwood Thanks Cassie Randolph & Her Family For Taking Care of Him While He's Ill

Colton Underwood shared his praises for girlfriend Cassie Randolph and her family while he’s battling coronavirus in a new interview.

During Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima‘s “Group Date” Instagram Live series, the 28-year-old former Bachelor star opened up about his diagnosis, how he’s doing now and the support he’s getting from the Randolph‘s during this time.

“They’ve been amazing,” he shared. “I mean I haven’t seen them in a few days because I’ve been up top, but every once in a while they obviously make my meals and send my coffee up, and it’s been really nice.”

Although he and Cassie did do a “stretching session from opposite ends of a balcony. I’m trying my hardest to recover.”

“If I wouldn’t be here with the Randolphs, Cassie and her family, I wouldn’t be good,” Colton said. “Even here at times it gets challenging and thus feels sort of lonely. They’ve been amazing and supporting, we’re all in this together. Not just us as a family, us a nation and as a world. My family back in Denver and Illinois both really appreciate [the Randolphs], they’ve been great.”

Later on, Colton emphasized the importance of social distancing and staying at home, too, and that everyone needs to take this seriously.

“We need to stick together through this, and try not to make people feel guilty or bad that they have this,” he says.

“I’m lucky enough to have it under control for the most part,” Colton added. “For me, the most frustrating part is that there’s been so much information that it’s almost overwhelming for people to figure out how to combat this thing, and it can affect people differently.”

If you didn’t see, Cassie also opened up about Colton‘s diagnosis and how they were getting along with him being quarantined on the top floor of her parents’ home.

Cassie Randolph Updates Fans On Living Situation With Colton Underwood After His Positive Test For Coronavirus

Cassie Randolph is opening up about quarantine and social distancing after boyfriend Colton Underwood tested positive for coronavirus.

The 24-year-old former Bachelor star took to her Instagram Story to update fans on the situation, as they’re staying at Cassie‘s parents home.

“We’re here with my family,” she shared. “We’ve been quarantining ourselves for the past week now. We’re all making sure to take very good care of ourselves and staying healthy. We’re trying to one, stay positive, two, take a lot of vitamins, and get a lot of sleep.”

Cassie added that they’ve all been practicing social distancing and urged her fans to do the same.

“Please, please practice that [social distancing] because a lot of other people out there have it, they just haven’t been tested for it.”

She continued later on in her Story that she has no idea where Colton may have gotten it from.

“At this point, it could have been anywhere that he was in the past 2 weeks. Whether it be from a stranger that he touched the same door handle as, or from a friend, someone in my family…,” she wrote.

See what else Cassie told fans about Colton‘s diagnosis in the gallery below!

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The Bachelor's Colton Underwood Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Reveals How Tough the Illness Is For Him

Colton Underwood, one of the former stars of The Bachelor, has revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus.

The 28-year-old reality star and former football player said he started to feel symptoms a few days ago and he just received his test results.

“I want to let you guys know: I’m 28, I consider myself pretty healthy, I work out regularly, I eat healthy, and I became symptomatic a few days ago, got my test results back today, and they are positive,” Colton said in a video on Instagram.

Colton came forward with his diagnosis to make sure his younger fans take the virus seriously.

“It’s been kicking my ass, just to put it pretty bluntly,” Colton said. “The main thing is I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath or go to the bathroom without having to sit down because I’m exhausted.”

“I’m doing okay, I’m at Cassie’s family’s house in Huntington [Beach, California], so I’m fortunate to have them. Unfortunately that means we’re all in this together, at this point. So we’ll keep you posted, but we’re in good spirits,” Colton said in the video.

Colton ended the video by encouraging fans to stay at home to do their part in stopping the spread of the virus.

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'Bachelor' Alum Colton Underwood Pokes Fun at Peter Weber's Dramatic Finale

The Bachelor‘s Colton Underwood is getting in some digs at Pilot Pete!

Following the finale of Peter Weber‘s mostly disastrous season of the hit show, Colton posted a series of updates poking fun at the messy ending – with extra confirmation that he’s still very much in love with Cassie Randolph.

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“I just wanna know if Pete still lives at home,” Colton hilariously wrote on Twitter, indirectly referencing Pete‘s family – especially mother Barb, who took issue with Pete‘s finale choice.

“In other news I still love Cassie,” he added.

“love wins,” he then captioned a selfie of the two together on his Instagram.

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