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Hugh Grant Jokingly Offers Ex-Girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley a Role in 'Paddington 3'

Elizabeth Hurley may have just scored a role in the next Paddington movie!

The 55-year old actress and model posted a photo on Sunday (January 17) of her holding up two homemade jars of marmalade.

Elizabeth captioned the pic, “Lockdown has turned me into a demented housewife: 47 jars of marmalade are nestling in my larder and another sack of Seville oranges await me.”

Her ex Hugh Grant retweeted the post with his own caption, “Paddington 3,” in reference to the character’s love of marmalade. Hugh starred in 2017′s Paddington 2 as villain Phoenix Buchanan.

Elizabeth and Hugh dated in the 1990s and have remained close after their breakup in 2000.

She told The Times, “I have certain friends and family who make me howl with mirth: my sister, my son and my ex, Hugh, being the chief culprits.”

Elizabeth revealed her best and worst on-screen kisses in an interview last year – click here to see who she picked!

Hugh Grant Admits He Doesn't Remember What Happened in 'Love Actually'

Hugh Grant is recognized a lot for his role as British prime minister, David, in Love Actually, but doesn’t seem to remember what the movie is actually about.

In a recent interview, the 60-year-old Undoing actor confessed that it’s been so long since he’s seen it that he doesn’t recall the plot at all.

“I can’t even remember what happens in the film. It’s so long since I’ve seen it,” Hugh told DigitalSpy. “You’d have to remind me! How do I end up?”

Hugh has opened up many times before this about the movie which is very popular around the holidays and has dished about his iconic dancing scene that he wasn’t really a fan of.

“I thought, ‘That’s going to be excruciating,’ and it has the power to be the most excruciating scene ever committed to celluloid,” he shared in 2019. “Imagine you’re a grumpy 40-year-old Englishman, it’s 7 o’clock in the morning and you’re stone-cold sober…it was absolute hell.”

He has also spoke about the scene in another interview and called it confusing.

“I kept saying to [director] Richard [Curtis], ‘OK, look. I’ve got the radio on in my room, my bedroom. And I’m dancing, fine,” he said in 2018. “But then I start to dance through the whole of 10 Downing Street. Where’s the music coming from? And how does it cut off at the end?’”

Hugh did take part in the 2017 reunion of the film’s cast for Red Nose Day.

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Hugh Grant Admits He Didn't Initially Didn't Think Renee Zellweger Was Right Fit for 'Bridget Jones's Diary'

Hugh Grant is looking back on Bridget Jones’s Diary 19 years later!

The 60-year-old actor took part in the new BBC Two documentary Being Bridget Jones where he chatted about Renee Zellweger being cast as the British lovesick thirtysomething, admitting that he wasn’t entirely convinced she was the right choice at first.

“There was a whole scandal about why isn’t this a British actress?” Hugh said, according to The Independent. “I didn’t know Renée Zellweger, and a Texan playing a British character, it did seem like a stretch.”

Hugh then went on to talk about the 51-year-old actress’ audition, saying it was “good” and that he found it “startling” because her accent sounded very familiar to Queen Elizabeth‘s sister Princess Margaret’s voice.

“She was told to kind of, well she thought she better loosen it up a bit,’” Hugh said, adding that a week later Renee‘s accent “was bang on.”

Earlier this month in another interview, Hugh said Renee is one of the few co-stars he still keeps in touch with.

Netflix's 'Death To 2020' Mockumentary With Hugh Grant Adds Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Jones, Lisa Kudrow & More

Hugh Grant has been joined by a ton of amazing actors in Netflix’s upcoming comedy special from the creators of Black Mirror, called Death to 2020.

The 60-year-old Undoing star, who opened up about his own character in the show just recently, will star alongside Lisa Kudrow, Samuel L. Jackson and Leslie Jones.

Joe Keery, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman, Cristin Milioti, and Samson Kayo will be part of the upcoming special as well, Deadline reports.

While details of their characters have not been released, Hugh shared that he plays “a historian who’s being interviewed about the year. I’m pretty repellent, actually! And you’ll like my wig.”

Here’s the summary for Death to 2020: “2020: A year so [insert adjective of choice here], even the creators of Black Mirror couldn’t make it up…but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a little something to add. Death To 2020 is a comedy event that tells the story of the dreadful year that was — and perhaps still is? This landmark documentary-style special weaves together some of the world’s most (fictitious) renowned voices with real-life archival footage spanning the past 12 months.”

Hugh is also pictured below, shopping for a Christmas Tree with his family in London over the weekend.

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'Black Mirror' Creator Charlie Brooker Releases Mysterious 'Death to 2020' Teaser

Is something 2020-related coming to Black Mirror?

Series creator Charlie Brooker just released a teaser on Thursday (December 3) that has fans all riled up about a potential return of the hit show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Black Mirror

The creator of the show released a mystery mockumentary about the year of 2020, which might be called “Death to 2020.”

In November, Hugh Grant revealed he was working on something with the creator of the show, calling it a “mockumentary about 2020,” and that he’d be playing a historian being interviewed about the year.

“I’m doing a thing tomorrow, actually. Charlie Brooker [the creator of Black Mirror] has written a mockumentary about 2020. It’s for Netflix, and I am a historian who’s being interviewed about the year. I’m pretty repellent, actually! And you’ll like my wig,” he said.

“2020: even the creators of Black Mirror couldn’t make this year up. But, they do have something to add. Death to 2020,” the teaser hints. It’s also “coming soon” to Netflix.

Hugh Grant Still Talks to 'Bridget Jones' Co-Star Renee Zellweger: 'She's One of the Few Actresses I Haven't Fallen Out With'

Hugh Grant still stays in touch with his Bridget Jones co-star Renee Zellweger and says she’s one of the only female co-stars he still keeps in touch with regularly!

“I love Renée. Uh, she’s one of the few actresses I haven’t fallen out with,” Hugh said on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show. “And, we, we got on very well together and, we still exchange long emails.”

“Hers in particular, at least 70 pages each, interesting stuff, but quite hard to decipher and, she’s a properly good egg and a genius,” Hugh continued. “Did you see her Judy Garland? About as good as acting gets.”

The pair co-starred in Bridget Jones’ Diary back in 200 as well as the sequel, The Edge of Reason, in 2004. Renee starred in the third movie, Bridget Jones’ Baby back in 2016, but Hugh did not personally film additional scenes (though his character is involved!)

Find out which actor recently called Renee the love of his life.

Hugh Grant Gives Insight Into the Final Moments of 'The Undoing' Series Finale

Hugh Grant is breaking down the final moments in the series finale of The Undoing, which aired last night.

The show was a “whodunnit” series that followed the investigation into the murder of Elena Alves, the mother of a child at the school attended by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant‘s characters.

We’re not going to give away the spoilers right away in this post, just in case some readers haven’t caught up on the show yet. Beware of reading any further though!

Click inside for spoilers and to read Hugh Grant’s thoughts on the finale… More Here! »

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