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Britney Spears' Mom Lynne Avoids Paparazzi's Questions About Her Daughter at LAX

Lynne Spears is keeping family matters private.

On Thursday (February 18), Britney Spears‘ mom was spotted at LAX airport and followed by paparazzi. When asked how her daughter was doing, Lynne stayed quiet and kept walking.

A source told E! News that Lynne was in town to visit her daughter.

“She comes out every few months and spends a good amount of time with Britney,” the source shared. “When she isn’t here, they talk all the time. Lynne wants to help Britney and make sure she has the freedom that she deserves.”

In July, Lynne requested to be a part of her daughter’s financial planning, filing documents to be included in any “special notice” of “all matters” having to do with Britney‘s trust.

Britney‘s convservatoriship has come under intense scrutiny following the release of Framing Britney, a documentary from the New York Times that examines the course of her career and the Free Britney social-media campaign.

Find out which celebrity recently came out in support of the Free Britney movement after previously criticizing the pop-star.

Howard Stern Says He Supports 'Free Britney' Movement After Years of Criticism of Britney Spears

Howard Stern has joined the Free Britney movement.

The iconic radio talk show host opened up about the documentary and Britney Spears on his SiriusXM show this week and revealed that he does think Britney should be in charge of her own life.

“I think I’m Free Britney now, I think I’m full on Free Britney,” he stated while in conversation with co-host Robin Quivers.

Howard added that he doesn’t think she’s fully capable, however, he did compare her situation to other notable male celebrity examples where there was not any court intervention.

“Ozzy [Osbourne] bit the head off of a bat in a business meeting. He’s in charge of his own finances,” he said.

The comments come after he viewed the Framing Britney Spears documentary, which premiered earlier this month.

In the past, Howard has been a fierce critic of Britney, and notably called out her judging position on The X Factor back in 2012.

At the time he joked that the addition of Britney to the show was “a wonderful decision” because she “still thinks the earth is flat.”

“I think we’re going to tune in to see her, to see if she can function through the thing,” Howard said at the time. “As far as any real criticism, I think Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid will do that. . .I think Britney will sit there and eat a lollipop and wear a sexy outfit. I’ll tune in to see what kind of train wreck she is, absolutely.”

Years before that, Howard hosted Fred Durst on the show, who claimed he had a fling with Britney.

Howard isn’t the worst critic of Britney, but still pretty notable.

Fans have also been calling out other people of note to apologize to the singer after the interviews she had with them over their treatment of her.

Sam Asghari Pens Sweet Valentine's Day Message to Girlfriend Britney Spears

Sam Asghari is gushing over girlfriend Britney Spears!

The 27-year-old personal trainer and fitness model took to Instagram on Sunday (February 14) to share a sweet message to the 39-year-old pop star.

“After chocolate 🍫 I’m her favorite 😂 happy chocolate Day lioness ❤️ #myvalentine,” Sam wrote along with a photo of he and Britney out on a hike.

Britney and Sam started dating after he appeared in the music video for her 2016 song “Slumber Party.”

Britney has been in the headlines a lot lately following the release of the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, which examines Britney‘s career and offers “a new assessment of the movement rallying against her court-mandated conservatorship.”

After the release, Sam first shared a message about his future with Britney, before sharing another message, slamming her dad Jamie Spears while calling him a “total dick.”

Britney Spears Isn't Working on Her Own Documentary, Despite Reports

Britney Spears is not currently working on a documentary.

The 39-year-old Glory pop icon, who is at the center of many headlines this week following the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary, is not working on one of her own, despite early reports suggesting otherwise, People reported Sunday (February 14).

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The rumor was that she was working with a female filmmaker to tell her story.

“However, a source with firsthand knowledge of all who come to, enter or leave Spears‘ home tells People exclusively that it ‘isn’t happening,’” the outlet reported.

“Something like this would have to be vetted and authorized by Britney and her conservators,” the source added.

If you didn’t know, one of Britney‘s exes just publicly apologized to her after gaining a lot of attention in the documentary. Find out what happened…

'Framing Britney Spears' Directors Reveal The Meaning Of All The Roses in Documentary

After streaming the Britney Spears documentary, Framing Britney Spears, many fans noticed the significance of the walls of roses.

On the same day it debuted, Twitter users were sharing their thoughts about the connection between the doc and linking it back to her Instagram, and secret project “Project Rose”, which Britney has referenced for a while on her feed.

“I’m shook at project rose Rose Britney Spears literally tied in to Framing Britney Spears without really being a part of it. I have chills,” one fan noted.

Another added, “I get it now!!! Project Rose IS Framing Britney Spears! Britney Spears said that Project Rose was a PICTURE PROJECT! What are pictures associated with? FRAMES! #FreeBritney #BritneySpears #FramingBritneySpears.”

However, the directors behind the documentary are putting the conspiracy theories to rest.

“I’ll tell you what happened,” Sam Stark noted to Glamour. “We filmed this entire thing during COVID; in order to be COVID-safe, we had to film outside. If these interviews are going to be outside, I wanted that to be a motivated, stylistic decision. I didn’t want people randomly outside.”

She added that they both “had been looking at Britney’s Instagram a lot, and I noticed Britney loves roses. There are so many posts with pictures of roses and also so many posts of her holding flowers. There’s also this greenery, backyard feel to a lot of her posts. I really wanted the documentary to live in the world of that.”

“I had this rose wall built for the fans, because I was trying to make the amount of roses reflect their relationship to Britney. We did some interviews, and then Britney posted about Project Rose. That is the order of events. That’s what happened.”

Liz Day also noted that it was the only “connection to Britney. I don’t know that we know much more about Project Rose, but are excited to see what Britney wants to reveal about it.”

There have been a few updates since the premiere of Framing Britney Spears. Here’s the latest…

Pitbull Weighs In On Britney Spears' Conservatorship: 'Free Britney'

Pitbull is on Britney Spears‘ side.

The 40-year-old rapper opened up in a new interview and revealed himself to be on the Free Britney team, saying that he wants the 39-year-old singer to have a chance to control her own life.

“Britney gave me an amazing opportunity to be able to go on tour with her in Europe. I’m very good friends with the manager Larry Rudolph,” Pitbull recalled of their relationship. “You know, I’m all about freedom, I’m all about independence. As far as what’s going on with Britney, that’s been going on for many many years. Hopefully, they can break the cycle.”

He went on, adding that he hopes she “gets the chance to control her own destiny.”

“To control your own destiny in life doesn’t mean you have to have to get it absolutely right the first time. It’s never about that. They’re not called mistakes they are called ‘must-takes’ and mistakes don’t make you…you know, you don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you. Therefore she has to get a chance to be herself.”

Pitbull continued, “She has to get a chance to live her life. She has to get a chance to control her own destiny and create her own future. Free Britney!”

Britney has been the subject of a lot of talk after the documentary Framing Britney Spears bowed.

As a result of it, her ex, Justin Timberlake, made a formal apology and something major happened in court. See what it was here…

Jessica Biel Reacts to Husband Justin Timberlake's Apology to Britney & Janet

Jessica Biel has reacted to the apology that her husband Justin Timberlake just gave to his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears and his former Super Bowl Halftime Show collaborator Janet Jackson.

Justin‘s actions from the past were put under more scrutiny than ever this past week following the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary and the 17th anniversary of that infamous Super Bowl.

“I specifically want to apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson both individually, because I care for and respect these women and I know I failed. I also feel compelled to respond, in part, because everyone involved deserves better and most importantly, because this is a larger conversation that I wholeheartedly want to be part of and grow from,” Justin said in the statement. You can read his full comments here.

Jessica took to the comment section of Justin‘s Instagram post to leave her reaction.

Click inside to find out what she said… More Here! »