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Keke Palmer to Host MTV VMAs 2020

The 2020 MTV VMAs are shaping up to be a big celeb event, our first in months since the Coronavirus pandemic started! Keke Palmer has just been announced as the host of the awards show.

In addition, the first three performers for the show have also been announced: BTS will take the stage in their VMAs debut with their song “Dynamite,” Doja Cat, and J Balvin will all perform.

The MTV VMAs will be the first awards show to air live and in person since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Be sure to tune in later this month!

Be sure to see the full list of nominees for the 2020 MTV VMAs if you haven’t already seen.

Stay tuned with Just Jared on Sunday, August 30 at 8 p.m. ET.

Keke Palmer Expected Her ABC Show 'Strahan, Sara & Keke' Would Get Cancelled - Here's Why

When the pandemic began in the United States, Keke Palmer‘s ABC morning show, Strahan, Sara & Keke, was taken off the air and temporarily replaced by GMA 3: What You Need to Know.

Andy Cohen asked Keke her reaction to her show’s eventual cancellation and she responded, “Expected.”

“Here’s the thing, when the pandemic hit, that became all that was on our minds — the pandemic, corona, understanding COVID,” Keke said. “So I kind of knew that, if our show did come back, it would have to be much, much, much later [in the year].”

“Because our show is really about an audience. When you think about it, that’s what we do. We do a little bit of news, but it’s entertainment news. It’s really fun conversations and lightheartedness,” she added. “So it’s a different time now, and some of the conversation has changed, and I think it [pushed] us out.”

Find out what Keke said about her relationship with ABC after they cancelled the program.

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Keke Palmer Defends Her Relationship with ABC After They Canceled Her Show

Keke Palmer is sticking up for herself.

The 26-year-old actress took to Instagram to address speculation that ABC canceled her talk show Strahan, Sara and Keke because she spoke up against racism at a Black Lives Matter protest.

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“I want to speak on this simply because I hate the narrative that if you speak your mind as a black person that you will in some way be punished,” Keke wrote. “I have seen this going around and at first I ignored but in this climate I realized this is a dangerous message to send to our generation and the generation coming up. If anything my speaking out showed the corporations I work with how important my voice is and anyone that has a POV. The reality is I was never signed to ‘SSK’ as one would a seasonal show. This business is dynamic and instead of thinking of me as a ‘series regular’ see me see me as a brand that works with the corporation Disney/ABC News and this particular show I was on is no longer.”

Keke shared a meme with the message “Aint it weird how Keke Palmer was seen protesting and preaching about Racism in our country then ABC decides to cancel her show.”

“That does not mean the relationship I have with them dies, that means it evolves,” Keke continued. “I hate talking about business because it can seem a bit weird and gets quite technical lol. But when I see such fear mongering comments I want to speak out so that no one ever feels or thinks that speaking out will cost them their job! I’m sure it can and has before, but let’s also recognize when it has not. That way more of us with our own minds speak out against any injustices we see. Trust me, walking in my truth has always made my blessings OVERFLOW and connect to those that are like minded and not with those that are not. Do not believe this lie. Stay courageous and stay true because GOD HAS YOU ALWAYS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Keke recently called out this public figure for “inciting a race war.”

Keke Palmer Reacts to August Alsina Slamming Her on Twitter

Keke Palmer is trying to rise above the drama.

The 26-year-old Hustlers actress is reacting after being slammed by August Alsina on Twitter.

It all started on Friday night (July 10) when Keke responded to a fan asking to confirm rumors that she once dated the 27-year-old rapper.

“August was never my man,” Keke responded. “That’s why you’re still reaching to this day to figure out nothing.”

August then got wind of Keke‘s response and took the opportunity to speak out.

“U absolutely right. I was NEVER ur man. You could possibly never shortie. It seems u mad u got curved, but ur ‘friends’ r the reason 4 that,” August tweeted. “Dey showed me an endless thread of txt/pics of me dat u sent, wrry’d abt who i date & BEGGED me 2 not further disturb ur mental instability.”

August went on to write, “Imagine not knowing how to mind the business that pay you. I catch all the subliminals. (Not just about today) & you can call me whatever you like, Mess is constantly inserting yourself in topics you have nun to do w/. Go play w/ ya MAMMY! Not me!”

August then clapped back at a Twitter user who called him out for fighting with “any female who tries him.”

“Nah, I’m literally not. I actually f–ked w/ KeKe. So to see her covertly speaking subliminal shade around my name over the past week Is deeply perplex,” August wrote. “I don’t and never have had a problem w/ the girl. It’s always been Virgo love! So to see that is a mind f–k to me.”

After seeing August‘s tweets, Keke took to Instagram to address the situation, but didn’t specifically name August.

“I wanna be mean, but I can’t. I want to post screenshots, but I won’t,” Keke wrote. “I feel attacked, but It’s not about me. It’s about so much more than that and as much as I want to defend myself against the disrespect I have received(cause I mean I’m not nice all the time 😜) this is about something so much bigger.”

Keke continued: “I wouldn’t feel good kicking someone when they are down because it’s so easy to attack when you’re in a corner, I get it. People be hurting y’all and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. I can’t f–k up my karma worried about my ego, though I’m human and I have one. Just know I am that bitch despite what my humility may make one believe. I don’t have to beg or be thirsty for a damn thing because my talent speaks louder than my looks. Let the cheek be turned pooh’s, my character is too strong.”

If you missed it, this married actress admitted she was in a relationship with August while separated from her husband.

Keke Palmer Thinks Donald Trump Is 'Inciting a Race War'

Keke Palmer is speaking out about the protests that have erupted across the country protesting police brutality and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Of course no one wanted the coronavirus pandemic to happen, but I think quarantine allowed us to be more reflective. Maybe before, we’d be able to gloss over it because of work. It’s also been a buildup: There have been so many names turned into hashtags, so much pain. It blows me away because our language has progressed—I don’t mean specifically Black people. I mean young people, millennials. Naming white supremacy, saying that out loud. When I heard ‘defund the police,’ I’m like, Oh, sh*t. We actually could do that,” Keke told Cosmopolitan about the protests.

She added, “I think President Trump plays into it too. He’s inciting a race war. His craziness is inspiring us to just really get him the f*ck out! It’s like we needed somebody who riled us up so much for us to be activated to the point of saying, ‘Oh, hell no. I can’t let this guy continue. I have to do something. I have to find a way to let my voice be heard and to let people know that I’m not with this,’” she added.

If you missed this news, Keke got some upsetting news during the pandemic.

ABC Is Cancelling ‘Strahan, Sara and Keke’ (Report)

Strahan, Sara and Keke will soon be cancelled, according to a new report.

ABC is set to give the show the ax, according to Page Six on Thursday (July 2).

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The show, which is hosted by Michael Strahan, Sara Haines and Keke Palmer, is reportedly being replaced with GMA 3: What You Need to Know.

The show was originally taken off the air back in March and replaced with Pandemic: What You Need to Know, a daily coronavirus report that was “initially supposed to be a two-week experiment,” but ended up doing “really well,” according to a source.

“We’re proud of our teams at SSK and GMA3 and how quickly they transitioned to producing a daily show to give people the news and information they need during an unprecedented pandemic, and conversations continue about how the show will evolve in the months ahead,” a spokesperson said.

ABC has yet to announce that the show is officially over, however.

“It’s unfortunate, but the hope is that they’ll be a big part of [GMA 3] down the road. Everyone was feeling good about their show. It was nominated for three Daytime Emmys. It finally found its rhythm. Ratings were stabilized and were starting to tick up when they went off-air,” an insider told Page Six.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is also facing rumors that it may not return: here’s the latest update.

Keke Palmer Releases Her New Song 'Thick' - Listen Now!

Keke Palmer is back with new music!

The 26-year-old actress/singer just dropped her latest single “Thick.”

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“Thick” is the second single Keke has released in the past few weeks. Back in mid-May, Keke released her song “Sticky” along with the music video, which she filmed while under quarantine.

If you missed it, Keke recently went viral after a video of her asking the National Guard to march in the Black Lives Matter protest was shared.

You can download Keke Palmer‘s new song off of iTunes here – listen to “Thick” below!