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'Scream 5' Official Title & Release Date Revealed!

Scream 5 is officially titled Scream – which is also the title of the very first film in the franchise!

The movie has officially wrapped filming, and will be released on January 14, 2022.

The film stars Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Sonia Ammar, and Jasmin Savoy Brown. Original stars Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell are also starring!

Executive producer Kevin Williamson announced, “That’s a wrap on Scream, which I’m excited to announce is the official title of the next film! Nearly 25 years ago, when I wrote Scream and Wes Craven brought it to life, I could not have imagined the lasting impact it would have on you, the fans. I’m excited for you to return to Woodsboro and get really scared again. I believe Wes would’ve been so proud of the film that Matt and Tyler are making. I’m thrilled to be reunited with Neve, Courteney, David and Marley, and to be working alongside a new filmmaking team and incredible cast of newcomers that have come together to continue Wes’s legacy with the upcoming relaunch of the franchise that I hold so dear to my heart. See you in theatres January 2022. #ScreamMovie @ScreamMovies.”

We can’t wait to see it!

Marley Shelton to Reprise Role in 'Scream 5,' Five More Actors Join Cast Too!

Marley Shelton is joining the cast of the upcoming horror movie Scream 5!

The 46-year-old actress previously played Deputy Judy Hicks in the fourth installment, which was released back in 2011.

Other returning cast members from previous installments include Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette.

Deadline also just announced that a bunch of rising stars will be featured in the new film. Thirteen Reasons Why‘s Dylan Minnette, Love Victor‘s Mason Gooding, Veronica MarsKyle Gallner, The LeftoversJasmine Savoy Brown, and Better ThingsMikey Madison have all joined the cast.

Other new cast members to the franchise, who were previously announced, include Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, and Jack Quaid.

Scream 5 will begin shooting soon in Wilmington, North Carolina. The movie is being directed by two of the guys from Radio Silence, the directing team behind the horror-comedy Ready or Not.

Mason Gooding Opens Up About 'Love, Victor' Season 2 Hopes

Mason Gooding is talking Love, Victor!

The 23-year-old actor, who plays Andrew in the series, spoke out about his experience filming the series and his hopes for Season 2 in an interview with Schon Magazine.

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“Crossing my fingers, toes, and even nose for a season two. The characters have a ton of room to grow as people and I feel as if ending the show now would be premature, to say the least. The shift in platforms as well excites me a great deal; the opportunity to explore more adult themes on the Hulu platform should allow the show to find a broader audience and thus, hopefully, speak to and entertain a larger group of people, which is always the goal with something like this,” he said of whether he was hoping for another season of the show.

Mason also opened up about the experience since the premiere of the hit series.

“Something I’m looking forward to is actually sort of an ongoing affair, was since the release of Love, Victor, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages and DMs regarding the shows themes and the showcase of the LGBTQ+ experience that maybe hasn’t been present in their lives, that is now working to retroactively provide for them some sort of validation and thus, hopefully, offering to them the notion that they are seen, and that their stories matter on a global scale; because at the end of the day, to make people feel seen, heard, and represented, that’s the whole reason I feel I create art.”

Here’s who inspired co-star Michael Cimino to star in the show…

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'Annabelle Comes Home' Star Michael Cimino To Star in Disney Plus's 'Love Simon' Series

Michael Cimino has signed on to star in the lead role of Disney Plus’s Love, Simon series.

The Annabelle Comes Home actor will play Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation.

When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school, Variety reports.

Michael joins Ana Ortiz, who will play Victor’s mother Isabel, and original movie star Nick Robinson, who will narrate the half-hour series in addition to serving as producer.

Other young stars joining the series include: James Martinez as Armando, Victor’s regular blue collar “guy’s guy” father who loves his family deeply and works hard for his family; Isabella Ferreira as Pilar, Victor’s sullen younger sister in the throws of teenage angst, and Mateo Fernandez will make his acting debut as Adrian, Victor’s adorable, good-natured little brother.

Johnny Sequoyah as Mia, Victor’s whip-smart friend with a quick wit and easy laugh; Bebe Wood as Lake, Mia’s quirky and social media-obsessed best friend; George Sear as Benji, Victor’s confident and charming classmate; Anthony Turpel as Felix, Victor’s lanky, awkward new neighbor; and Mason Gooding as Andrew, Creekwood’s cocky and popular basketball-loving jock have also joined the series.

The series is set to begin production this month in Los Angeles.